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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
118-Feb-2024Interrogating Moderate Islam: A Case Study of Australia and TurkiyeAngin, Ozan; Brasted, Howard Vining ; Ware, Helen 30-May-2024
211-Dec-2023Issues and Challenges for Australian Muslims: What Are They, How Did They Arise, and Strategies for More Positive OutcomesHarris, Cynthia; Brasted, Howard Vining ; Ware, Helen 1-Jan-2024
326-Oct-2023Peacebuilding and the Timorese Diaspora: Opportunity or Opportunism?de Almeida, Ursula Amelia ; Garnett, Johanna ; Ware, Helen 6-Nov-2023
47-Sep-2022Regenerative Culture and the Potential of Social DefenceKennedy, Karen; Ware, Helen ; Glavac, Sonya 11-Aug-2023
53-Feb-2022Impact of Gender Quotas on Women’s Political Empowerment: A Comparative Study in India and BangladeshProdip, Md Mahbub Alam; Ware, Helen ; Garnett, Johanna Shane 21-Nov-2023
614-Oct-2020Disputed Destiny: The Future of Economic Community of West African States’ Peacekeeping OperationsEzendu, Ejike Chukwuemeka ; Ware, Helen ; Spence, Rebecca 3-Jan-2024
714-Oct-2020Youth, Political Violence and Community Security: A Critical Analysis of Youth-led Violence and its Effects on Social Cohesion in NepalShrestha, Ramesh; Jenkins, Bertram ; Ware, Helen 3-Jan-2024
88-Sep-2020Islamist Militancy in Bangladesh: An Examination of its Causes and Likely Trajectory (2009 to 2019)Mostofa, Shafi Md ; Brasted, Howard Vining ; Zafarullah, Habib ; Ware, Helen 3-Jan-2024
924-Jul-2020Dealing with Estranged Political Relationships: A Prerequisite for Sustainable Peace in South SudanOnapa, Sam Angulo ; Ware, Helen ; Spence, Rebecca 3-Jan-2024
10Apr-2020Dealing with Estranged Political Relationships: A Prerequisite for Sustainable Peace in South Sudan - DatasetOnapa, Sam Angulo ; Ware, Helen 3-Jan-2024
115-Sep-2019Global Trends in Transnational Higher EducationNoronha-Barrett, Joyce; Ware, Helen ; Denman, Brian 12-Jan-2020
125-Sep-2019Global Trends in Transnational Higher EducationNoronha-Barrett, Joyce; Ware, Helen 12-Jan-2020
138-Jul-2019The effects of regime changes – study of recent political history of Mongolia since the fall of CommunismMills, Paul; Ware, Helen ; Denman, Brian 16-Jan-2024
1411-Feb-2019Why Reconciliation Failed in ThailandSatidporn, Wichuda; Ware, Helen ; Spence, Rebecca 9-Oct-2019
152019Governance and Political Adaptation in Fragile StatesLahai, John Idriss ; Von Strokirch, Karin ; Brasted, Howard ; Ware, Helen 16-Dec-2020
162019IntroductionLahai, John Idriss ; Von Strokirch, Karin ; Brasted, Howard ; Ware, Helen 16-Dec-2020
17Dec-2018Africa and the Rhetoric of Good GovernanceWare, Helen 29-Apr-2022
1827-Oct-2018The Role of the Kenyan Constitution and Indigenous Communities in Natural Resource Management: The Case of Turkana Crude OilTwayigize, William; Ware, Helen ; Branagan, Martin 19-Aug-2019
19Jun-2018Africa 'Pretty Underdone': 2017 Submissions to the DFAT White Paper and Senate InquiryWare, Helen ; Lucas, David21-Apr-2022
202018Returned to danger: A study of the safety of asylum seekers returned to Sri LankaJayasinghe, Marappulige Chaminda Gajanayaka; Ware, Helen ; Gamage, Sirisena 24-Jun-2018
218-Apr-2017The Role of Spirituality in DevelopmentRohani Farid, Peyman; Jenkins, Bertram ; Ware, Helen 23-Jan-2024
222017The International Criminal Court and Conflict Transformation: An Assessment of the Impact of the International Criminal Court's Interventions on the Peace Processes in Côte d' Ivoire, Kenya, and UgandaMalu, Linus Nnabuike; Ware, Helen ; Branagan, Marty22-Mar-2018
23May-2016Abbott's Immigration Policy: Open for businessWare, Helen 10-May-2022
2422-Apr-2016Shooting the Breeze: Participatory Photo-Storytelling with Young Adults in Timor-LesteJones, Richard ; Ware, Helen ; Boughton, Robert 10-Oct-2019
252016Diasporas in Conflict: Peace Makers or Peace Wreckers?Ware, Helen 21-May-2024
262016The Engaged Identity: An approach to identity, complexity, and intravation for human adaptivity and transformationLynne, Jennifer K; Spence, Rebecca ; Ware, Helen 26-Mar-2018
272016Visions and Realities: Stories from the Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation CommissionVella, Louise Angelina; Spence, Rebecca ; Maebuta, Jack ; Ware, Helen 27-Nov-2016
282016Crude Oil Exploration and Youth Unrest in the Niger Delta: A Study of the Rise and Impacts of Insurgency in Nigeria, 1956-2014Madubuko, Christian Chukwuma; Ware, Helen ; Branagan, Marty23-Dec-2016
292016Playback Theatre as a Response to the Impact of Political Violence and Structural OppressionRivers, Benjamin; Spence, Rebecca ; Ware, Helen 27-Jan-2017
30Jan-2015Cosmopolitanism, National Interest, Selfishness and Australian AidWare, Helen 5-Apr-2024
312015Post-Conflict Recovery and Peacebuilding in Nepal: Exploration of Economic and Social Reintegration of Maoist Ex-CombatantsSubedi, Dambaru Ballav; Jenkins, Bertram ; Ware, Helen 30-Mar-2015
322015Songlines of Learning: The Establishment of Shearwater The Mullumbimby Steiner School as a Centre of Place Conscious EducationKorobacz, Konrad Frederick; Ware, Helen ; McConnell-Imbriotis, Alison3-Nov-2015
332015Three Contemporary Australian/Australia-exposed Thinkers: Mudrooroo, Sally Morgan, and Epeli Hau'ofaForest, Reginald Carl; Ryan, John S ; Ware, Helen ; de Ferranti, Hugh ; Lynch, Anthony 10-Nov-2015
342014Cultivating Peace: Contexts, Practices and Multidimensional ModelsWare, Helen ; Jenkins, Bertram A ; Branagan, Marty ; Subedi, Dambaru B 18-Nov-2014
352013The African Union's Role in Peacekeeping: Building on Lessons Learned from OperationsBadmus, Isiaka Alani; Jenkins, Bertram ; Ware, Helen 28-Nov-2013
362013Interface Between Involuntary Displacement and Human Rights: Critical Issues for the Indigenous People of Gujarat State, IndiaPandya, Hinal Dineshchandra; Ware, Helen ; Jenkins, Bertram 27-Nov-2013
372013Governance Issues Affecting Development in KiribatiUakeia, Takuia; Ware, Helen ; Riley, Daniel 23-Sep-2013
382013A Historical Study of Educational Policy, Methods, and Practice in English Teaching during the Meiji Period (1868-1912) in JapanNishihara, Masahiro; Denman, Brian ; Ware, Helen 23-Sep-2013
392013Social Enterprise as a Poverty Reduction ToolMcKinnon, John Edward; Rugendyke, Barbara; Gibson, Brian ; Ware, Helen 30-Sep-2013
402013Educating For Peace: The Sociocultural Dimensions of Grassroots Peace Education as a Tool for National Reconciliation and Social Forgetting in Sierra LeoneLahai, John Idriss ; Ware, Helen 11-Apr-2017
412012The Role of Education in Peacebuilding: Integrating Peace Education into Secondary School Social Studies Curriculum in the Solomon IslandsMaebuta, Jack ; Spence, Rebecca ; Ware, Helen 18-Apr-2012
422012The Slippery Slopes into Civil War: Comparing Explanations for the Intra-state Wars in Sierra Leone and Côte d'IvoireOgunmola, Oyedele Adesokan; Ware, Helen ; Jenkins, Bertram 10-Oct-2012
432012Member Participation in Tanzanian Savings and Credit Co-operative SocietiesMnette, Rashid Omar; Ware, Helen ; McCrea, Nadine3-Oct-2012
442012Women and the Gendered Frontiers of Conflict and Post-Conflict Transformation in Sierra Leone and LiberiaLahai, John Idriss ; Ware, Helen ; Khan, Adeel11-Oct-2012
452011Identifying essential characteristics and competencies of good multicultural team leaders: A pilot studyHibbert, Evelyn; Ware, Helen ; Gamage, Sirisena 13-Oct-2011
462010Probing the roles of governance and greed in civil strife in West AfricaWare, Helen ; Ogunmola, Oyedele A16-Sep-2010
472009Elusive peace: Interrogating the inter-ethnic conflicts in the Northern Region of Ghana (Konkombas and Dagombas)Adjapawn, Quassy; Spence, Rebecca Deidre; Ware, Helen 3-Jun-2009
482009Barriers to Girls' Accessing Primary Schooling in Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka: A Critical Ethnography of the Kalmunai Education ZoneZulfika, Sithy Fathima; Soliman, Izabel; Tamatea, Laurence; Ware, Helen 16-Jun-2009
492008The use of Wiki in teaching/learning peace studies: A platform for the disadvantagedWare, Helen ; Tynan, Belinda21-Aug-2009
502006The No-Nonsense Guide to Conflict and PeaceWare, H 5-Aug-2008

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