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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12019IntroductionLahai, John Idriss ; Von Strokirch, Karin ; Brasted, Howard ; Ware, Helen 16-Dec-2020
22019Governance and Political Adaptation in Fragile StatesLahai, John Idriss ; Von Strokirch, Karin ; Brasted, Howard ; Ware, Helen 16-Dec-2020
32018Gender in Human Rights and Transitional Justice - An IntroductionLahai, John Idriss 22-Jul-2018
42018Gender in Human Rights and Transitional JusticeLahai, John I ; Moyo, Khanyisela20-Jul-2018
52018Human Rights Frameworks and Women's Rights in Post-transitional Justice Sierra LeoneLahai, John Idriss ; Lahai, Nenneh22-Jul-2018
62017The Ebola Pandemic in Sierra Leone: Representations, Actors, Interventions and the Path to RecoveryLahai, John I 20-Jul-2018
72016Understanding Postcolonial African Frontiers: History, Theory, Policy and PracticeLahai, John Idriss ; Lyons, Tanya27-Apr-2017
82016Gender in Practice: Culture, Politics and Society in Sierra LeoneLahai, John Idriss 19-May-2017
92015From Discontinuity to Continuity: Tertiary Education Institutions, Conflict and Peacebuilding in Sierra LeoneLahai, John Idriss 21-Apr-2017
102015African Frontiers: Insurgency, Governance and Peacebuilding in Postcolonial StatesLahai, John Idriss ; Lyons, Tanya23-Apr-2017
112015The International Responsibility to Protect and the Conflict in DarfurLahai, John Idriss 27-Apr-2017
122015From Insurgency to Governance and Peacebuilding: Africa's FutureLahai, John Idriss ; Lyons, Tanya27-Apr-2017
132015Gendering Conflict and Peace-Building in Sierra LeoneLahai, John Idriss 27-Apr-2017
142015The West African Warscapes: Rebel Factions, Insurgent Opportunism and State GovernanceLahai, John Idriss ; Lyons, Tanya27-Apr-2017
152014The Musicscapes of a Country in Transition: Cultural Identity, Youth Agency, the Emergent Hip Hop Culture, and the Quest for Socio-Political Change in Sierra LeoneLahai, John Idriss 27-Apr-2017
162014Contested Visions of and Routes to Gender Equality and Governance: Budgeting for the Gender Sector under International Tutelage in Post-Conflict Sierra LeoneLahai, John Idriss 18-Apr-2017
172014The War and Its Aftermath: Social (Dis)integration, Traditional Justice and the Quest for Social Healing and Community Transformation in Northern LiberiaLahai, John Idriss 23-Jun-2017
182014Fighting for the Rain Forest: The Gendering of Ethnicity, Ethno-Ritual Beliefs, and Wartime Relationships in the Warscapes of Northern LiberiaLahai, John Idriss 3-Jul-2017
192013Educating For Peace: The Sociocultural Dimensions of Grassroots Peace Education as a Tool for National Reconciliation and Social Forgetting in Sierra LeoneLahai, John Idriss ; Ware, Helen 11-Apr-2017
202012'Fused in combat': Unsettling Gendered Hierarchies and Women's Roles in the Fighting Forces in Sierra Leone's Civil WarLahai, John Idriss 3-May-2017
212012Youth Agency and Survival Strategies in Sierra Leone's Post War Informal EconomyLahai, John I 19-Jun-2017
222012Women and the Gendered Frontiers of Conflict and Post-Conflict Transformation in Sierra Leone and LiberiaLahai, John Idriss ; Ware, Helen ; Khan, Adeel11-Oct-2012
232010Sexing the State: The Gendered Origins of the Civil War in Sierra LeoneLahai, John Idriss 29-Jul-2011
242010Gendered Battlefields: A Contextual and Comparative Analysis of Women's Participation in Armed conflicts in AfricaLahai, John I 16-Jun-2010

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