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15-Apr-2022Nondual Consciousness and its Significance for Eco-Philosophy and Eco-Theology: Toward a Deepening Aesthetic Consciousness and EthicHawkins, Julie Ann; Boucher, Alexander Cameron ; McLean, Lesley ; Lynch, Anthony James 20-Nov-2023
27-Sep-2021Development and the environment: the appalling story statedLynch, Tony ; Khan, Mohammad Tanzimuddin9-May-2022
32-Mar-2021Aboriginal Burning in South Eastern Australia: Lessons from Brush TurkeyHooper, Shaun Boree; Beck, Wendy ; Lynch, Anthony ; Prior, Julian ; Ridges, Malcolm 13-Dec-2023
42021Wilderness triumphant: Beyond romantic nature, settlement and agricultureLynch, Anthony ; Norris, Stephen 19-Apr-2022
54-Nov-2020New Age Spirituality in Australia Cohesion, Motivations, Ideology and InfluencesHoo, Misha ; McLean, Lesley ; Lynch, Anthony 30-Jan-2024
614-Oct-2020To be Free from Suffering: Individual Consciousness, Societal Revolutions and the Power of BuddhismDahanayake, Nishanathe; Lynch, Anthony ; McLean, Lesley 3-Jan-2024
72020Understanding what sustainability is not - and what it isLynch, Anthony ; Khan, Tanzimuddin19-Apr-2022
8Dec-2019Understanding Neoliberal Agency: The British East India CompanyLynch, Tony 25-Mar-2022
9Apr-2019Shaftesbury's "SUBLIME and BEAUTIFUL" NaturalismLynch, Tony ; Norris, Stephen 25-Mar-2022
102019Plato on Justice in a World of Democracy, Inequality, and ClassLynch, Anthony 12-May-2022
112019Pauline Hanson's One Nation: Right-Populism in a Neoliberal WorldLynch, Tony 31-Mar-2022
122019The Old Order Is Dying, but a New One Cannot Be Born: Exploring new social and political terrains in trying timesdavis, danielle ; Lynch, Anthony 11-Jun-2019
138-Apr-2017Peace Infrastructures and State-Building at the Margins in a Philippine ProvinceKovacs, Balazs; Lynch, Anthony ; Jenkins, Bertram 15-Jan-2024
1420-Jan-2017Mattering: A Recreation of the Realism of Charles S. PeirceSophia, Dorothea; Forrest, Peter ; Lynch, Anthony 27-Apr-2020
152017Atheism and Morality, Guilt and Shame: Why the Moral Complacency of the New Atheism is a MistakeLynch, Anthony J ; Dahanayake, Nisha21-May-2017
16May-2016Now is the Turn of the Right: 'Ditch the base'Lynch, Anthony 25-Mar-2022
172016The Heretical Romantic Heroism of Beau BrummellLynch, Tony 22-Aug-2016
182016How to do Animal EthicsLynch, Anthony J ; McLean, Lesley 15-Aug-2016
192016On the Enduring Importance of Deep EcologyLynch, Anthony J ; Norris, Stephen 19-Aug-2016
202015The Cosmopolitan Dream: Withdrawal, Empire and the ChurchLynch, Anthony J 23-Aug-2016
212015Prolegomena to any future social science: strategic suggestionsMcDowell, Robert Alexander; Lynch, Anthony ; Blinov, Arcady 6-Jan-2016
222015Three Contemporary Australian/Australia-exposed Thinkers: Mudrooroo, Sally Morgan, and Epeli Hau'ofaForest, Reginald Carl; Ryan, John S ; Ware, Helen ; de Ferranti, Hugh ; Lynch, Anthony 10-Nov-2015
232014Being Honest about the Cosmopolitan Dream of Solidarity with StrangersLynch, Anthony J ; Utley, Fiona 19-Aug-2016
242014On Molinism and Manipulation: Does Molinism answer the problems about Providence, Foreknowledge and Free Will?Anderson, Robert Ian; Forrest, Peter ; Lynch, Anthony 8-Apr-2015
252014The Project in Bangladesh: Gas, Forests, and Livelihood!Khan, Mohammad Tanzimuddin; Lynch, Anthony ; Jenkins, Bertram 21-Apr-2015
262014Ecological Speculative Fiction: A Study of Futuristic Humans, their Technological 'Worlds', and their Relationship to Non-Human NatureHawkins, Julie ; Ryan, John S ; Bristow, Thomas ; Lynch, Anthony 28-Jan-2015
272014Two Kinds of Peace: Concluding Reflections on Peacemaking, Peacekeeping and PeacebuildingLynch, Anthony J ; Jenkins, Bert A 7-Apr-2016
282013The Great Solipsit: Reading the First EmperorLynch, Anthony J 19-Jan-2015
292013Environmental Values and the Ecological Crisis: A Drama-logueNorris, Stephen John; Lynch, Anthony ; Forrest, Peter ; McDonald, William 1-Oct-2013
302013The Genealogy of Contemporary Nature/Forest ConservationKhan, Mohammad Tanzim; Lynch, Anthony J 12-Feb-2014
312012Comment on Giuseppe A. Micheli/2Scott, Alan ; Lynch, Anthony J 31-Jul-2014
322012The moral narrative of social democracyLynch, Anthony J 25-Mar-2013
332012Two kinds of peace: reflections on peace-making, peace-keeping and peace-buildingLynch, Anthony J ; Jenkins, Bertram A 25-Mar-2013
342012Pure HypocrisyLynch, Anthony J ; Fisher, A R J3-Jun-2013
352011Understanding democracyLynch, Anthony J 25-Mar-2013
362011What Plato Can Teach Us About Politics and FreedomLynch, Anthony J 2-Feb-2015
372010Deliberating From One's VirtuesLynch, Anthony J 19-Jul-2013
382010Growing up in a surveillance society: The changing spaces of childhood experienceRooney, Tonya; Lynch, Anthony ; Gray, Frances; McDonald, William ; Walsh, Adrian 17-Jan-2012
392009Legitimating Market Egoism: The Availability ProblemLynch, Anthony J 11-Mar-2010
402008The Morality of Money: An Exploration in Analytic PhilosophyWalsh, Adrian John ; Lynch, Anthony James 12-Aug-2009
412008Madness and MysticismNorris, Stephen John; Gray, Frances; Lynch, Anthony 16-Oct-2009
422007Global warming, contemporary politics & the principle of least disruptionLynch, Anthony James ; Jenkins, Bertram A 14-Jul-2009
432007Autonomy at workJames, Paul Bradford; D'Agustino, Fred; Lynch, Anthony ; Walsh, Adrian 16-Sep-2009
442007Newman's Epistemology of Religious Belief: His Approach to the Justification of Belief in the Existence of GodHuang, Yawei; Forrest, Peter ; Lynch, Anthony 15-Sep-2010
452007A History of the Idea 'Moral Economy': Markets, Conventions and the Philosophy of Popular EntitlementOwen, John Robert; Lynch, Anthony ; Kent, David ; Walsh, Adrian 4-Jun-2014
462006Drug User Counseling, Remuneration and EthicsWalsh, Adrian John ; Lynch, Anthony James 8-Jul-2009
472006Iago's EvilLynch, AJ 6-Aug-2008
482006Beyond Left & Right: freedom and securityLynch, Anthony J 14-Oct-2010
492006An investigation of small state interventions: Toward a critical synthesis between realism and constructivismHinchcliffe, Mark Wayland; Lynch, Anthony ; Archer, Jeffrey13-Sep-2010
502005The Universal Value of DemocracyLynch, Anthony James ; Wells, David Alan30-Apr-2009

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