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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Aug-2023Crime Experiences at Dark or ‘Gothic’ Tourism Sites: Edutainment and Storytelling at the Melbourne Watch House (Australia)Wise, Jenny ; McLean, Lesley 3-Oct-2023
214-Mar-2023The Clothes Maketh the CultNolan, Huw ; Wise, Jenny ; McLean, Lesley 28-Jun-2023
3Dec-2022Charles Manson and his Family: 'Human monsters, human mutants'McLean, Lesley ; Wise, Jenny 22-Mar-2023
4May-202219 Crimes and Mugshot Branding: Reappropriating Convict Narratives to Sell Crime, Criminals and ExperiencesWise, Jenny ; McLean, Lesley 3-Jun-2022
55-Apr-2022Nondual Consciousness and its Significance for Eco-Philosophy and Eco-Theology: Toward a Deepening Aesthetic Consciousness and EthicHawkins, Julie Ann; Boucher, Alexander Cameron ; McLean, Lesley ; Lynch, Anthony James 20-Nov-2023
62022The Separate Prison at Port Arthur: Transforming a Convict Site into a Memorial Museum with Digital TechnologyWise, Jenny ; McLean, Lesley 5-Jan-2023
72021Making Light of Convicts Branding 'Bubbly' with Offender ImagesWise, Jenny ; McLean, Lesley 26-Mar-2021
84-Nov-2020New Age Spirituality in Australia Cohesion, Motivations, Ideology and InfluencesHoo, Misha ; McLean, Lesley ; Lynch, Anthony 30-Jan-2024
914-Oct-2020To be Free from Suffering: Individual Consciousness, Societal Revolutions and the Power of BuddhismDahanayake, Nishanathe; Lynch, Anthony ; McLean, Lesley 3-Jan-2024
102020"Pack of Thieves?": The Visual Representation of Prisoners and Convicts in Dark Tourist SitesWise, Jenny ; McLean, Lesley 30-Jul-2020
1115-Oct-2019Historicising Islamisation in Pakistan: Constitutions, Contentions and ContradictionsAhmed, Imran ; Brasted, Howard Vining ; Zafarullah, Habib ; McLean, Lesley 11-Jan-2024
1227-Oct-2018Virtue and Video Games: False Pleasure in the Digital AgeHumphreys, Declan James; Walsh, Adrian ; McLean, Lesley 8-Oct-2019
132016How to do Animal EthicsLynch, Anthony J ; McLean, Lesley 15-Aug-2016
142016The Gospel of Truth: Christology, Deification and the Kingdom of GodJohnson, Peter Charles; Dillon, Matthew ; McLean, Lesley ; Garland, Lynda; Franzmann, Majella16-Nov-2017
152013Animals, Place, People and Story: Relational Identities in Sacred Australian CountryMcLean, Lesley 23-Jan-2015
162010Ethics About Animals: An Examination of Three Philosophical Approaches to the Animal QuestionMcLean, Lesley 30-Nov-2010
172009How Ought We To Live With Nonhuman Animals? Peter Singer's Answer: Animal Liberation Part IIMcLean, Lesley 2-Mar-2010
182009How Ought We To Live With Nonhuman Animals? Peter Singer's Answer: Animal Liberation Part IMcLean, Lesley 2-Mar-2010
192008Animals in Moral SpaceFox, Michael Allen ; McLean, Lesley 16-Aug-2009
202007On Responsible Knowledge Making and the Moral Standing of Animals: Questioning What Matters and Why about Animal MindsMcLean, Lesley 10-Aug-2009
212007How Should One Live With Other Animals?: An exploration of the ways three philosophers have answered this questionMcLean, Lesley ; Gray, Frances15-Sep-2009

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Lesley McLean
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McLean, Lesley
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Lecturer in Philosophy and Studies in Religion
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