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1Jun-2023Human enhancement drugs and Armed Forces: an overview of some key ethical considerations of creating 'Super-Soldiers'Walsh, Adrian ; van de Ven, Katinka 19-Mar-2024
2Mar-2023Reclaiming provincialismGosetti, Valentina ; Walsh, Adrian ; Finch-Race, Daniel A7-Dec-2022
312-Jul-2022Who's Watching? Surveillance, Big Data and Applied Ethics in the Digital AgeWalsh, Adrian ; Boucher, Sandy 18-Oct-2022
49-Jun-2022Imprisonment as Punishment and the Problem of Recidivism: The Intersection of Philosophy and LawHogan, Kayt Maree; Walsh, Adrian John ; Coady, David ; Boucher, Alexander Cameron 25-Jan-2024
52022'Who's Watching? Surveillance, Big Data and Applied Ethics in the Digital Age'Walsh, Adrian ; Boucher, Sandy 21-Jul-2023
6Sep-2021Distributive justice, equality and the enhancement of human cognition: A commentary on fairness and 'cognitive doping'Walsh, Adrian 15-Jan-2021
72-Mar-2021A Critique of Water Security in Australia, China and JapanCrawford, Peter John; Von Strokirch, Karin ; Walsh, Adrian 15-Apr-2021
82020On the necessarily non-empirical nature of political philosophy (or why political philosophy is not a sub-discipline of political science)Walsh, Adrian 30-Nov-2020
92020Should philosophy be a part of political science? Response to Dowding and OpreaWalsh, Adrian 1-Dec-2020
102020The Non-Identity Problem and the Admissibility of Outlandish Thought Experiments in Applied PhilosophyWalsh, Adrian 4-Dec-2020
11Sep-2019Meaningful Work Is Indeed a Matter of Distributive JusticeWalsh, Adrian 17-Dec-2020
122019On the Morality of Banking, the Exploitation Tradition and the New Challenges of the Global Financial CrisisWalsh, Adrian 6-May-2022
1327-Oct-2018Experiencing Change in A Globalising Agricultural Economy: A Case StudyBaker, Claire Janet ; Scott, Alan ; Argent, Neil ; Walsh, Adrian 21-Jan-2024
1427-Oct-2018Virtue and Video Games: False Pleasure in the Digital AgeHumphreys, Declan James; Walsh, Adrian ; McLean, Lesley 8-Oct-2019
15Oct-2018Veltman, Andrea. Meaningful Work. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016. Pp. 248. $90.00 (cloth)Walsh, Adrian 27-Nov-2020
162018'Like Manna from Heaven?': Just Water, History and the Philosophical Justification of Water Property RightsWalsh, A J 26-Nov-2020
172018A Neo-Aristotelian Theory of Social JusticeWalsh, Adrian J 19-Apr-2024
182018Scientific imperialism, folk morality and the proper boundaries of disciplinesWalsh, Adrian ; Boucher, Sandy C 9-Jul-2020
192017Climate change policy, economic analysis and price-independent conceptions of ultimate valueWalsh, Adrian J 18-Apr-2017
202017IntroductionWalsh, Adrian J ; Hormio, Sade; Purves, Duncan18-Apr-2017
212017Nordic Plenty: Review of 'Trillion Dollar Baby: How Norway Beat the Oil Giants and Won a Lasting Fortune' by Paul Cleary Black Inc. $27.99 pb, 235 pp, 9781863958961Walsh, Adrian J 16-May-2017
222016The Ethical Underpinnings of Climate EconomicsWalsh, Adrian J ; Hormio, Sade; Purves, Duncan18-Apr-2017
232016Review of 'How Propaganda Works' by Jason Stanley: Princeton University Press (Footprint), $56.95 hb, 373 pp, 9780691164427Walsh, Adrian J 16-May-2017
242016Review of 'Intuition, Theory and Anti-Theory in Ethics', Sophie Grace Chappell (ed.), 2015: Oxford, Oxford University Press ix + 230 pp, £40.00 (hb)Walsh, Adrian J 16-May-2017
252015Sport, Commerce and the MarketWalsh, Adrian J 29-Jan-2016
262015Compensation for Blood Plasma Donation as a Distinctive Ethical Hazard: Reformulating the Commodification ObjectionWalsh, Adrian J 7-Jan-2016
272015Lost in Transition: A district perspective on rapid modernisation in Timor-LesteTobias, Paddy William Jack; Spence, Rebecca ; Walsh, Adrian ; Phan, Huy 17-Nov-2015
282015Review of 'Hard Times: The Divisive Toll of the Economic Slump' by Tom Clark and Anthony Heath: Yale University Press (Footprint), $30 hb, 310 pp, 9780300203776Walsh, Adrian J 24-Dec-2015
292015Attitudes: Review 'Consciousness and Moral Responsibility' by Neil Levy. Oxford University Press, $117 hb, 176 pp, 978019870638Walsh, Adrian J 24-Dec-2015
302014Against Virtue Parsimony: Markets, Good Intentions, and Political LifeWalsh, Adrian J 11-Jan-2016
312014Review of Spencer J. Pack, 'Aristotle, Adam Smith and Karl Marx: On Some Fundamental Issues in 21st Century Political Economy' Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2010, xv+260pp. ISBN-10: 1848-44763-9; ISBN-13: 978-1848-44763-9Walsh, Adrian J 31-Mar-2014
322014Review of Cappelen, Herman, 'Philosophy Without Intuitions', Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012, pp. xii + 242, £30.00 (hardback)Walsh, Adrian J 31-Mar-2014
332014Kansalaisten oikeuksien ja vakaan julkisen talouden yhteensovittaminen: Pohjoismaiden tapausWalsh, Adrian J 24-Feb-2016
342014Commentary on Simon Rippon, 'Imposing options on people in poverty: the harm of a live donor organ market'Walsh, Adrian J 5-Mar-2014
352014Review of 'Austerity: the History of a Dangerous Idea' by Mark Blyth: Oxford University Press, $29.95 hb, 288 pp, 9780199828302Walsh, Adrian J 24-Dec-2015
362014Review of 'Worldly Philosopher: The Odyssey of Albert O. Hirschman' by Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University Press (Footprint Books), $74 hb, 754 pp, 9780691155678, and: 'The Essential Hirschman' edited by Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University Press (Footprint Books), $47.95 hb, 401 pp, 9780691159904Walsh, Adrian J 24-Dec-2015
372013Ethics of Competitive SportWalsh, Adrian J 12-Feb-2014
382013Thought Experiments in EthicsWalsh, Adrian J 12-Feb-2014
392013CommodificationWalsh, Adrian J 12-Feb-2014
402013Review of Nine, Cara, 'Global Justice and Territory', Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012, pp. x + 192, £54.00 (hardback).Walsh, Adrian J 24-Dec-2015
412013Imperialism, Progress, Developmental Teleology and Interdisciplinary UnificationClarke, Steve; Walsh, Adrian J 10-Apr-2014
422012St. Thomas on Usury and Interest: Some Lessons for the Modern WorldWalsh, Adrian J ; Mews, Constant4-Jan-2013
432012A Noneistic Metaphysics of ContentGawthorne, David; Forrest, Peter ; Gray, Frances; Walsh, Adrian 3-Aug-2012
442011Review of 'Why some things should not be for sale: the moral limits of markets', by Debra Satz, New York: Oxford University Press, 2010, xi+252 pp., US$35.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-0-19-531159-4Walsh, Adrian J 29-Nov-2011
452011A Moderate Defence of the Use of Thought Experiments in Applied EthicsWalsh, Adrian J 31-Aug-2011
462011Review of 'A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand' edited by Graham Oppy et al.: Monash University Publishing, $59.95 pb, 734 pp, 9780980651201Walsh, Adrian J 28-Apr-2014
472011Usury and its critics: from the Middle Ages to modernityMews, Constant; Walsh, Adrian J 8-Jun-2011
482011The role of virtue in natural resource managementWalsh, Adrian J ; Shepheard, Mark 2-Feb-2012
492011The Commodification of the Public Service of Water: A Normative PerspectiveWalsh, Adrian J 12-Feb-2014
502010Review of Glock, Hans-Johann, 'What is Analytic Philosophy?', Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008, pp. xii+292, A$47.95 (paper)Walsh, Adrian J 11-Oct-2011

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