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114-Sep-2023Triple Helix and Regional Innovation Systems: Knowledge Transfer in New South WalesLefley, Edward Robert John ; Dollery, Brian ; Argent, Neil ; Leu, Chen-Yu 15-Sep-2023
2Jun-2023The Staples Thesis, local models and competitiveness: the Western Australian economy over the 2001–2011 resource boomPaul Plummer; Argent, Neil 14-Aug-2023
3Jun-2023Do Co-Ethnic Neighbourhoods Affect the Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants? Longitudinal Evidence from AustraliaNguyen, Toan; Bernard, Aude; Lee, Rennie; Wilson, Tom; Argent, Neil 15-Aug-2023
427-Mar-2023Out-Migration, Agrarian Transition, and Gender Roles in MyanmarKyaw, Ei Mon Thida ; Villano, Renato ; Vo, Brenda ; Argent, Neil ; Prior, Julian 10-Aug-2023
5Mar-2023Be careful what you wish for: Resource boomtowns and disillusionment in the Surat BasinHaslam Mckenzie, Fiona M; Argent, Neil ; Markey, Sean; Halseth, Greg; Ryser, Laura15-Aug-2023
62023The socio-spatial politics of royalties and their distribution: A case study of the Surat Basin, QueenslandArgent, Neil ; Markey, Sean; Halseth, Greg; Ryser, Laura; Haslam-McKenzie, Fiona24-Sep-2021
7Nov-2022Wool and the relative resilience of Western Australian Wheatbelt economiesPlummer, Paul; Argent, Neil 9-Oct-2023
8Aug-2022Neither prepared nor transformed: Institutional responses to unconventional oil and gas development in Australian and Canadian communitiesMarkey, Sean; Halseth, Greg; Ryser, Laura; Argent, Neil ; Haslam-McKenzie, Fiona10-May-2022
9Jul-2022Cities, hinterlands and disconnected urban-rural development: Perspectives from sparsely populated areasCarson, Doris Anna; Carson, Dean Bradley; Argent, Neil 15-Aug-2023
102022Counter-urbanisation in pre-pandemic times: disentangling the influences of amenity and disamenityArgent, Neil ; Plummer, Paul16-Jun-2022
119-Sep-2021Reduction of Blast Fishing in Tanzania: Analysis of Outcomes and Deterrence MeasuresHampton-Smith, Melissa ; Mika, Sarah ; Bower, Deborah ; Argent, Neil 24-Sep-2021
1211-Aug-2021Adaptive capacities and social resilience on Kangaroo Island: Beyond the staples trapArgent, Neil 24-Sep-2021
1323-Dec-2020The Little Island That Did: Related Variety, Branding and Place-based Development In South AustraliaArgent, Neil 14-Oct-2021
1430-Oct-2020Reduction of Blast Fishing in Tanzania: Analysis of Outcomes and Deterrence MeasuresHampton-Smith, Melissa ; Mika, Sarah ; Bower, Deborah ; Argent, Neil 24-Sep-2021
152020Postproductivist and Multifunctional AgricultureArgent, Neil 26-Oct-2021
162020NatureArgent, Neil 15-Oct-2021
171-Aug-2019Rural geography III: Marketing, mobilities, measurement and metanarrativesArgent, Neil 24-Sep-2021
18Apr-2019Bending the arc of the staples trap: Negotiating rural resource revenues in an age of policy incoherenceMarkey, Sean; Halseth, Greg; Ryser, Laura; Argent, Neil ; Boron, Jonathan24-Sep-2021
191-Feb-2019Rural geography II: Scalar and social constructionist perspectives on climate change adaptation and rural resilienceArgent, Neil 24-Sep-2021
20Jan-2019Path dependency or investing in place: Understanding the changing conditions for rural resource regionsRyser, Laura; Halseth, Greg; Markey, Sean; Gunton, Cameron; Argent, Neil 24-Sep-2021
212019Regional Cities and City Regions in Rural Australia: A Long-Term Demographic PerspectiveSmailes, Peter John; Griffin,Trevor Louis Charles; Argent, Neil Michael 24-Sep-2021
22Nov-2018New Immigration Destinations (NID) unravelling the challenges and opportunities for migrants and for host communitiesMcAreavey, Ruth; Argent, Neil 24-Sep-2021
23Nov-2018Migrant integration in rural New Immigration Destinations: An institutional and triangular perspectiveMcAreavey, Ruth; Argent, Neil 24-Sep-2021
2427-Oct-2018Experiencing Change in A Globalising Agricultural Economy: A Case StudyBaker, Claire Janet ; Scott, Alan ; Argent, Neil ; Walsh, Adrian 21-Jan-2024
25Jan-2018Sustainable rural economies, evolutionary dynamics and regional policyPlummer, Paul; Tonts, Matthew; Argent, Neil 14-Feb-2018
262018Heading down to the local? Australian rural development and the evolving spatiality of the craft beer sectorArgent, Neil 17-Jul-2018
272018The redefined role of finance in Australian agricultureLarder, Nicolette ; Sippel, Sarah Ruth; Argent, Neil 5-Jun-2018
2827-Oct-2017Peri-Urban Planning in an Age of LimitsMcFarland, Paul ; Bartel, Robyn ; Argent, Neil 18-Jan-2024
296-Mar-2017Behavioral GeographyArgent, Neil 15-Oct-2021
302017Australia: Trap or Opportunity?: Natural Resource Dependence, Scale, and the Evolution of New Economies in the Space/Time of New South Wales' northern tablelandsArgent, Neil 18-Apr-2017
312017Mine Lifecycle Planning and Enduring Value for Remote CommunitiesRobertson, Stuart Andrew ; Blackwell, Boyd ; Haslam McKenzie, Fiona; Argent, Neil 18-Jun-2017
322017Rural geography I: Resource peripheries and the creation of new global commodity chainsArgent, Neil 22-Jan-2018
3325-May-2016The Impacts of Population Change on Rural Society and EconomyBrown, David L; Argent, Neil 12-Dec-2023
342016Rural transitions in the Nambucca Valley: Socio-demographic change in a disadvantaged rural localeHolmes, John; Argent, Neil 29-Mar-2017
352016Demographic Change: Beyond the Urban-Rural DivideArgent, Neil 18-Apr-2017
362016The Potential Value of Lifecycle Planning for Resource Communities and the Influence of Labour Force MobilityRobertson, Stuart ; Argent, Neil 18-Apr-2017
372016Migration and Ageing Processes in Non-metropolitan Australia: An Analysis of 30 Years of Dramatic ChangeArgent, Neil ; Griffin, Trevor; Smailes, Peter9-Aug-2016
382016Spatial Concentration in Australian Regional Development, Exogenous Shocks and Regional Demographic Outcomes: a South Australian case studySmailes, Peter; Griffin, Trevor; Argent, Neil 1-Aug-2017
392016Australia: Labor/capital relations and sustainable development in the new south wales' northern tablelandsArgent, Neil 22-Dec-2017
402015Wipeout? The Gold Coast and Tweed surfboard manufacturing cluster and local economic developmentLogue, David; Argent, Neil ; Warren, Andrew 1-Apr-2015
412015A Multicultural and Multifunctional Countryside? International Labour Migration and Australia's Productivist HeartlandsArgent, Neil ; Tonts, Matthew30-Apr-2015
422015The fall and rise of agricultural productivism? An Antipodean viewpointRoche, Michael; Argent, Neil 9-Oct-2015
432015Australasian Rural Geographies: At the Core, in the Antipodes?Argent, Neil 6-Nov-2015
442014Demographic Change, Differential Ageing, and Public Policy in Rural and Regional Australia: A Three-State Case StudySmailes, Peter J; Griffin, Trevor L C; Argent, Neil 12-Aug-2014
452014Rural Migration, Agrarian Change, and Institutional Dynamics: Perspectives from the Majority WorldArgent, Neil ; Tonts, Matthew; Stockdale, Aileen29-Aug-2014
462014The Amentity Principle, Internal Migration, and Rural Development in AustraliaArgent, Neil ; Tonts, Matthew; Jones, Roy; Holmes, John26-Aug-2014
472014New rural economies: Introduction to the special themed issueArgent, Neil ; Measham, Thomas24-Dec-2014
482014Path dependence, resilience and the evolution of new rural economies: Perspectives from rural Western AustraliaTonts, Matthew; Plummer, Paul; Argent, Neil 24-Dec-2014
492014The 'N' word: Australian particularism, taxonomies of development and epistemologyArgent, Neil 31-Jul-2014
502014The Role of Gender in the Migration Practices and Aspirations of Australian Rural YouthDufty-Jones, Rae; Argent, Neil ; Rolley, Frances ; Walmsley, Dennis 30-Apr-2015

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