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126-Oct-2023Kempsey, New South Wales : How social and political divisions in Kempsey’s early history impacted the town’s economic and environmental development to 1865, and its ongoing susceptibility to disasterGartshore, Heather ; Bartel, Robyn ; Piper, Andrew Kenneth ; Roberts, David Andrew ; Wise, Nathan Craig 7-Nov-2023
223-Apr-2021Handbook on Space, Place and LawBartel, Robyn ; Carter, Jennifer26-May-2021
32021Human engagement in place-care: Back from the wildernessBartel, Robyn ; Hine, Donald W ; Morgan, Methuen 25-Nov-2020
42021IntroductionBartel, Robyn ; Branagan, Marty 27-Nov-2020
52021Rethinking Wilderness and the Wild: Conflict, Conservation and Co-existenceBartel, Robyn ; Branagan, Marty ; Utley, Fiona ; Harris, Stephen 23-Nov-2020
62021Reimagining wilderness and the wild in Australia in the wake of bushfiresBartel, Robyn ; Branagan, Marty 25-Nov-2020
72021Apples and oranges? Exchanging offsets for a place agency-based approachBeck, Wendy ; Bartel, Robyn 24-Jun-2021
82021Where to from here? From law to place and back againBartel, Robyn ; Carter, Jennifer23-Jun-2021
92021Introduction to the Handbook on Space, Place and LawBartel, Robyn ; Carter, Jennifer24-Jun-2021
102021Making there like here: is the impossible possible?Bartel, Robyn ; Stone, Christopher 23-Jun-2021
1120-Sep-2020Australian Academy of Science 2020 Fenner Conference on the environment - Managing wild and weedy Australia across boundaries and disciplinesGraham, Sonia; Bartel, Robyn 10-Jun-2021
129-Jul-2020Work Climate: Implications for Pro-Environmental Behavior, Workplace Engagement, and RecruitmentHicklenton, Carol; Loi, Natasha ; Bartel, Robyn ; Hine, Donald 15-Jan-2021
132020The other is us: Conservation, categories and the lawBartel, Robyn 23-Sep-2020
14Aug-2019Academic freedom and an invitation to promote its advancementBartel, Robyn 5-Aug-2020
152019Achieving organisational learning in natural resource managementDickson, Katrina ; Bartel, Robyn ; Roux, Dirk; Alter, Theodore R21-May-2020
162019Ecological reconciliation on private agricultural land: Moving beyond the human-nature binary in property-environment contestsBartel, Robyn ; Graham, Nicole18-Jun-2021
172018Place-speaking: attending to the relational, material and governance messages of Silent SpringBartel, Robyn 21-Mar-2018
182018Introduction: Water Policy and the AnthropoceneHarris, Stephen ; Bartel, Robyn ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Noble, Louise 1-Dec-2017
192018Heterotic water policy futures using place agency, vernacular knowledge, transformative learning and syncretic governanceBartel, Robyn ; Noble, Louise ; Beck, Wendy Elizabeth 1-Dec-2017
202018Quixotic water policy and the prudence of place-based voicesBartel, Robyn ; Noble, Louise ; Beck, Wendy Elizabeth 1-Dec-2017
212018Water Policy, Imagination and Innovation: Interdisciplinary ApproachesBartel, Robyn ; Noble, Louise ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Harris, Stephen 1-Dec-2017
222017Place-thinking: the hidden geography of environmental lawBartel, Robyn 29-Jun-2018
232017Environmental regulation, enforcement and policing: An international analysis of existing and developing agency practicesPink, Grant ; Bartel, Robyn ; Martin, Paul 6-Jun-2018
242017Farmscapes: property, ecological restoration and the reconciliation of human and nature in Australian agricultureGraham, Nicole; Bartel, Robyn 8-Jan-2018
252016Property and place attachment: a legal geographical analysis of biodiversity law reform in New South WalesBartel, Robyn ; Graham, Nicole15-Mar-2017
262016Legal geography, geography and the research-policy nexusBartel, Robyn 15-Mar-2017
272016Researchers and Practitioners: Building Collaboration for Evidence-Based Policy-MakingBartel, Robyn ; Bricknell, Samantha9-Feb-2016
282015Using past episodes of sea-level rise to predict future marine inundations with climate changeMcGowan, Sarah Ann; Baker, Robert ; Wood, Stephen ; Bartel, Robyn 30-Mar-2015
292015Regulators networks: collaborative agency approaches to the implementation and enforcement of environmental lawPink, Grant ; Bartel, Robyn 28-Jan-2016
302015Defining environmental crime: The perspective of farmersBarclay, Elaine ; Bartel, Robyn 14-Jan-2016
312014Vernacular knowledge and environmental law: cause and cure for regulatory failureBartel, Robyn 18-Aug-2014
322014Taking a de-binarised envirosocial approach to reconciling the environment vs economy debate: lessons from climate change litigation for planning in NSW, AustraliaBartel, Robyn ; McFarland, Paul ; Hearfield, Colin 28-Apr-2014
332013A case study of staff perceptions of sustainability in an Australian regional universityHardy, Joy ; Smith, Susen; Bartel, Robyn ; Littledyke, Michael ; Ryder, Darren 8-Aug-2013
342013Legal Geography: An Australian PerspectiveBartel, Robyn ; Graham, Nicole; Jackson, Sue; Prior, Jason Hugh; Robinson, Daniel; Sherval, Meg; Williams, Stewart8-Jan-2014
352012Satisfactory performance by whose measure? The challenges of delivering a professional planning degree in a post-modern world at the University of New England, ArmidaleMcFarland, Paul ; Bartel, Robyn 19-Feb-2013
362012An Appraisal-based analysis of staff perceptions of recycling in an Australian regional universityHardy, Joy ; Smith, Susen; Bartel, Robyn ; Littledyke, Michael ; Ryder, Darren 20-Feb-2013
372012Innovations in institutions to improve weed funding, strategy and outcomes: Proposals for a national weed institutions research agendaMartin, Paul ; Verbeek, Miriam ; Riley, Sophie; Bartel, Robyn ; Le Gal, Elodie12-Dec-2014
382011Planning for Better ESD in Queensland: Definition and Scale IssuesFitzgibbon, Tarnya; Bartel, Robyn ; McFarland, Paul ; Auster, Martin12-Sep-2012
392011Harmonising Australia's Environmental Laws: Scoping of Harmonisation of Environmental Regulation and Regulatory Practice across Jurisdictions in AustraliaBartel, Robyn ; Martin, Paul ; Stone, Christopher D ; White, Rob; Hackenberg, Diane18-Aug-2014
402011Motivational postures and compliance with environmental law in Australian agricultureBartel, Robyn ; Barclay, Elaine 26-Jul-2011
412011Submission on future regulatory reform, with a focus on the rural sectorMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Bartel, Robyn 30-Mar-2012
422011Harmonising Australia's Environmental Laws: Scoping of Harmonisation of Environmental Regulation and Regulatory Practice across Jurisdictions in AustraliaBartel, Robyn ; Martin, Paul ; Stone, Christopher; White, Rob; Hackenberg, Diane15-Dec-2014
432011Lessons for Environmental Harmonization: A Rising Tide That Lifts All Boats?Bartel, Robyn ; Stone, Christopher D 4-May-2012
442010Order with and without the lawBarclay, Elaine ; Bartel, Robyn 18-Jun-2013
452009Achieving sustainability in agriculture: lessons from AustraliaBartel, Robyn ; Barclay, Elaine 8-Jul-2011
462009When the heavenly gaze criminalizes: satellite surveillance, land clearance regulation and the human-nature relationshipBartel, Robyn 14-Nov-2014
472008The Formal and Informal Orders in Land Clearance Regulation in AustraliaBartel, Robyn 31-Mar-2010
482007Developing a Good Regulatory Practice Model for Environmental Regulations Impacting on FarmersMartin, Paul Vincent ; Bartel, Robyn ; Sinden, Jack Alfred ; Gunningham, N; Hannam, Ian 18-Aug-2009
492005When the Heavenly Gaze Criminalises: Satellite Surveillance, Land Clearance Regulation and the Human-Nature RelationshipBartel, R 2-May-2008
502005Tertiary teaching: The Ungovernable Profession?Bartel, Robyn 1-Mar-2010

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