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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12019Bold Riparian Schemes: Imagining Water and the Hydrosocial Cycle across Time and SpaceNoble, Louise 6-May-2022
22018Quixotic water policy and the prudence of place-based voicesBartel, Robyn ; Noble, Louise ; Beck, Wendy Elizabeth 1-Dec-2017
32018Blue Sky Thinking in water governance: Understanding the Role of the Imagination in Australian Water PolicyNoble, Louise ; Harris, Stephen ; Marshall, Graham 1-Dec-2017
42018Introduction: Water Policy and the AnthropoceneHarris, Stephen ; Bartel, Robyn ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Noble, Louise 1-Dec-2017
52018Heterotic water policy futures using place agency, vernacular knowledge, transformative learning and syncretic governanceBartel, Robyn ; Noble, Louise ; Beck, Wendy Elizabeth 1-Dec-2017
62018Water Policy, Imagination and Innovation: Interdisciplinary ApproachesBartel, Robyn ; Noble, Louise ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Harris, Stephen 1-Dec-2017
72017A Mythography of Water: Hydraulic Engineering and the ImaginationNoble, Louise 4-Jul-2017
82015Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' in Ballet: A Neoclassical and Postmodern Contemporary ApproachSecak, Svebor; Kiernander, Adrian; Noble, Louise ; Shearer, Julie 15-Dec-2015
92015"Bare and desolate now": Cultural Ecology and "The Description of Cookham"Noble, Louise 20-Aug-2015
102015Wilton House and the art of floating meadowsNoble, Louise 5-Jul-2016
1129-Jun-2012Exploring Our Landscape: How Can I Show You Why I Love This Place?Van Hemert, Robin Rachael; Pfennigwerth, Fiona Mary; Shaw, Jennifer ; Noble, Louise ; Hale, Elizabeth ; Brien, Donna Lee ; Harris, Steve; Williamson, Dugald ; Gibson, Suzanne ; Adams, Paul; McDonell, Jennifer 23-Jan-2024
122012"I Made You Eat Your Parents!" South Park and Literary HistoryNoble, Louise 30-Jul-2012
132011Medicinal Cannibalism in Early Modern English Literature and CultureNoble, Louise 8-Sep-2011
142010Crafting the Creative Life: The Rhetorical Dimensions of Selected Australian Quilters' Magazines 1988 - 2005Williamson, Rosemary Ann; Sharkey, Michael; Noble, Louise 23-Dec-2010
152010Staging Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' in the Language of Classical BalletSecak, Svebor; Kiernander, Adrian; Noble, Louise 17-Dec-2010
162008The Dumb Show of Life: Rough Justice and Silent Speech in 'The Spanish Tragedy'Noble, Louise 13-Apr-2010
172007"Is There No Meat Above?": The Story of Starvation, Cannibalism, Corpse Drugs and Divine Matter in 'The Sea Voyage'Noble, Louise 23-Jul-2009
182004"I made you eat your parents!": Historicizing Revenge Cannibalism from Ovid to South ParkNoble, Louise 4-Mar-2010
192004The Fille Vierge as Pharmakon: The Therapeutic Value of Desdemona's CorpseNoble, L 27-May-2008
202003Are the Protestants Starving?: Residual Appetites in Paradise LostNoble, Louise 4-Mar-2010
212003'Wherefore sweetheart? What's your metaphor?': Figurative Language and the Historical Work of the Literary TextNoble, Louise 4-Mar-2010
222003"And make two pasties of your shameful heads": Medicinal Cannibalism and Healing the Body Politic in 'Titus Andronicus'Noble, L 30-Jun-2008

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Noble, Louise
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