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14-Sep-2015Heroism in the Fiction of Leslie CharterisBeardow, Edward A; McDonell, Jennifer ; Gibson, Suzanne 24-Jan-2023
22015Heroism in the Fiction of Leslie CharterisBeardow, Edward Ashton; McDonell, Jennifer ; Gibson, Suzanne 17-Nov-2015
32012Missing the Remains of Ned KellyGibson, Suzanne 29-May-2013
42010The Quest for Love and Identity in Marcus Clarke's 'His Natural Life'Gibson, Suzanne 22-Aug-2011
52009Towards an Ethics of Sensation in J.M Coetzee's 'Disgrace'Gibson, Suzanne 5-Mar-2012
62009Being Irresponsible in J.M. Coetzee's Novel 'Disgrace'Gibson, Suzanne 12-May-2010
72009The gift of faith: rethinking the ethics of sacrifice and decision in 'Fear and Trembling' and 'The Gift of Death'Gibson, Suzanne 29-Mar-2010
82009Urban Dreams: Review of Jeff Apter 'Fortunate Son: The Unlikely Rise Of Keith Urban' Bantam, $34.95 ph, 310 pp, 9781741668087Gibson, Suzanne 12-May-2010
92008Book Review: 'The Wow Climax: Tracing The Emotional Impact of Popular Culture', Henry Jenkins: New York: New York University Press, 2007, 284 pp. $39.95 (paperback)Gibson, Suzanne 12-May-2010
102006Bond and Phenomenology: Shaken, Not StirredGibson, S 30-Sep-2008
112004The Work, The Neutral and The UnnamableGibson, S 30-Jun-2008
121998The Terror of Representation: The Difficulty of Filming the Novels of Henry JamesGibson, Suzanne 3-Aug-2010

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