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110-May-2021AfterwordMcDonell, Jennifer 1-Aug-2021
213-Feb-2021Cry of the Children (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)McDonell, Jennifer 2-Aug-2021
32020"Filth and Fat and Blood and Foam": Animal Capital, Commodified Meat, and the "Human" in Great ExpectationsMcDonell, Jennifer 2-Aug-2021
4Jan-2019Animal fables after Darwin: Literature, speciesism, and metaphorMcDonell, Jennifer 2-Aug-2021
5Sep-2018Dickens and Animal StudiesMcDonell, Jennifer 2-Aug-2021
62018Representing animals in the literature of Victorian BritainMcDonell, Jennifer 2-Aug-2021
72018Thomas Hardy and Animals by Anna West, and: Victorian Dogs, Victorian Men: Affect and Animals in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture by Keridiana W. ChezMcDonell, Jennifer 2-Aug-2021
82017The Animal Turn, Literary Studies, and the AcademyMcDonell, Jennifer 2-Aug-2021
92017Bull's-eye, Agency, and the Species Divide in 'Oliver Twist': a Cur's-Eye ViewMcDonell, Jennifer 10-May-2017
104-Sep-2015Heroism in the Fiction of Leslie CharterisBeardow, Edward A; McDonell, Jennifer ; Gibson, Suzanne 24-Jan-2023
112015Heroism in the Fiction of Leslie CharterisBeardow, Edward Ashton; McDonell, Jennifer ; Gibson, Suzanne 17-Nov-2015
122015Henry James, Literary Fame, and the Problem of Robert BrowningMcDonell, Jennifer 11-May-2017
132015AnimalsMcDonell, Jennifer 13-Jun-2017
142014Lessons from the Past?Dale, Leigh; McDonell, Jennifer 22-Mar-2017
152014"The Fascination of What's Difficult": Browning and MacCallum's ClassroomMcDonell, Jennifer 28-Jul-2015
16Dec-2013Literary Studies, the Animal Turn, and the AcademyMcDonell, Jennifer 6-Aug-2021
172013'This You'll Call Sentimental, Perhaps': Animal Death and the Propriety of MourningMcDonell, Jennifer 7-Mar-2014
182013English Studies at the University of New England: A Report from the FieldMcDonell, Jennifer 7-Mar-2014
192013Browning's Curiosities: 'The Ring and the Book' and the 'Democracy of Things'McDonell, Jennifer 2-Aug-2013
202012Critical IntroductionMcDonell, Jennifer 3-Aug-2021
212012A la lisière de l'Humanité: Chiens, affect et division des espèces dans l'Angleterre du XIXe siècleMcDonell, Jennifer 2-May-2013
222010Ladies Pets and the Politics of Affect: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and FlushMcDonell, Jennifer 3-May-2011
232010Virtual tutor support using SMARTHINKING: Preliminary findingsMcDonell, Jennifer ; Parkes, Mitchell ; Tynan, Belinda19-Mar-2012
241993The Exhibit: Robert Browning's The Ring and The Book and Nineteenth-Century ArchaeologyMcDonell, Jennifer A 22-Jul-2021
25Mar-1986Sydney writers at Festival timeMcDonell, Jennifer 1-Aug-2021
26Dec-1984Christina Stead's The Man Who Loved ChildrenMcDonell, Jennifer 22-Jul-2021

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