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12007Algal biofilms: developing biological indicators to assess river restorationRyder, Darren; Mascarenhas, Emilie
22007Allochthonous DOC in floodplain rivers: identifying sources using solid phase microextraction with gas chromatographyZander, Alek; Bishop, Andrea G; Prenzler, Paul D; Ryder, Darren
32011Analyzing aquatic fungal communities in Australia: impacts of sample incubation and geographic distance of streamsBaerlocher, Felix; Stewart, Morag; Ryder, Darren
42012An Appraisal-based analysis of staff perceptions of recycling in an Australian regional universityHardy, Joy; Smith, Susen; Bartel, Robyn; Littledyke, Michael; Ryder, Darren
52006Can flow velocity regulate epixylic biofilm structure in a regulated floodplain river?Ryder, Darren; Watts, RJ; Nye, E; Burns, Adrienne
62005A common parched future?: Research and management of Australian arid-zone floodplain wetlandsJenkins, Kim M; Boulton, Andrew; Ryder, Darren
72010Defining and using 'best available science': a policy conundrum for the management of aquatic ecosystemsRyder, Darren; Tomlinson, Moya; Gawne, Ben; Likens, Gene E
82015Developing best-practice Bayesian Belief Networks in Ecological Risk Assessments for freshwater and estuarine ecosystems: A quantitative reviewMcDonald, Karlie; Ryder, Darren; Tighe, Matthew
92001Developing biological indicators for the assessment of environmental flowsWatts, Robyn; Ryder, Darren
102009Developing Indicators for Floodplain Wetlands: Managing Water in Agricultural LandscapesJenkins, Kim M; Kingsford, Richard; Ryder, Darren
112011Disturbance governs dominance of an invasive forb in a temporary wetlandPrice, Jodi N; Berney, Peter; Ryder, Darren; Whalley, Ralph D; Gross, Caroline L
122014Divergent responses to long-term grazing exclusion among three plant communities in a flood pulsing wetland in eastern AustraliaBerney, Peter; Wilson, Glenn; Ryder, Darren; Whalley, Ralph D; Duggin, John A; McCosker, Robert O
132016An ecological risk assessment for managing and predicting trophic shifts in estuarine ecosystems using a Bayesian networkMcDonald, K S; Tighe, Matthew; Ryder, Darren
142012Effects of experimental environmental flow release on the diet of fish in a regulated coastal Australian riverRolls, Robert Jeremy; Boulton, Andrew J; Growns, Ivor; Maxwell, Sally E; Ryder, Darren; Westhorpe, Douglas P
152014Freshwater macroinvertebrates of Lord Howe IslandGrowns, Ivor; Ryder, Darren; Kobayashi, Tsuyoshi; Garcia, Adrianna
162013Gross primary productivity of phytoplankton and planktonic respiration in inland floodplain wetlands of southeast Australia: habitat-dependent patterns and regulating processesKobayashi, Tsuyoshi; Ralph, Timothy; Ryder, Darren; Hunter, Simon J
172017The Influence of Dams on Malaria Transmission in Sub-Saharan AfricaBirhanie, Solomon Kibret; Wilson, Glenn; Ryder, Darren; Tekie, Habte; Petros, Beyene
182010Inside the "Black Box" of River Restoration: Using Catchment History to Identify Disturbance and Response Mechanisms to Set Targets for Process-Based RestorationMika, Sarah; Hoyle, Joanna; Fryirs, Kirstie; Lieshman, Michelle; Sanders, Mark; Arthington, Angela; Creese, Robert; Dahm, Mark; Miller, Craig; Pusey, Brad; Spink, Alexandra; Kyle, Garreth; Howell, Timothy; Wolfenden, Benjamin; Ryder, Darren; Keating, Daniel; Boulton, Andrew; Brierley, Gary; Brooks, Andrew P
192010Integrating science, policy and management of rivers: Peter Cullen's legacyLake, P Sam; Likens, Gene E; Ryder, Darren
202011Longitudinal Spatial Variation in Ecological Conditions in an In-Channel Floodplain River System During Flow PulsesKobayashi, Yoshi; Ryder, Darren; Ralph, Timothy J; Mazumder, Debashish; Saintilin, Neil; Iles, Jordan; Knowles, Lisa; Thomas, Rachael; Hunter, Simon

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Darren Ryder
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Ryder, Darren
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Office of Faculty of Science, Ag, Business and Law
School of Environmental and Rural Science