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12014Divergent responses to long-term grazing exclusion among three plant communities in a flood pulsing wetland in eastern AustraliaBerney, Peter ; Wilson, Glenn ; Ryder, Darren ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Duggin, John A ; McCosker, Robert O1-Apr-2015
22012Nitrate-nitrogen reduction by established tree and pasture buffer strips associated with a cattle feedlot effluent disposal area near Armidale, NSW AustraliaWang, Liangmin; Duggin, John A ; Nie, Daoping29-May-2012
32012Flood-induced recruitment of the invasive perennial herb 'Phyla canescens' (lippia)Macdonald, Matthew J; Whalley, Ralph D ; Julien, Mic H; Sindel, Brian M ; Duggin, John A 31-Mar-2014
42011Periodic rest from grazing provided no control of an invasive perennial forbPrice, Jodi N ; Whalley, Ralph D ; van Klinken, R D; Duggin, John A ; Gross, Caroline L 16-Sep-2011
52008A Simulation Experiment on the Effectiveness of Tree and Pasture Filter Strips to Remove NO₃-N in Lateral Soil Water FlowWang, Liangmin; Duggin, John Alexander 29-Nov-2010
62008Phyla canescens: multiple introductions into Australia as revealed by ISSR markers and nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacers (ITS)Fatemi, Mohammad ; Gross, Caroline Lucie ; Julien, M; Duggin, John Alexander 25-Oct-2012
72006Germination response to temperature of 'Phyla canescens' (lippia)MacDonald, Matthew Scott; Whalley, Ralph D ; Sindel, Brian M ; Julien, Mic H; Duggin, John A 12-Jan-2012
82006Estimating the Unknown Components of Nutrient Mass Balances for Forestry Plantations in Mine Rehabilitation, Upper Hunter Valley, New South Wales, AustraliaMercuri, Amanda; Duggin, John Alexander ; Daniel, Heiko ; Lockwood, Peter Vincent ; Grant, Carl9-Dec-2009
92005The use of saline mine water and municipal wastes to establish plantations on rehabilitated open-cut coal mines, Upper Hunter Valley NSW, AustraliaMercuri, Amanda; Duggin, John Alexander ; Grant, Carl21-Sep-2011
102005Riparian Vegetation Assessment along the Estuary-River Transition Zone: Hastings River, NSW. November 2002 - January 2004Duggin, John Alexander 16-Mar-2012
112003Germination and early survival of 'Eucalyptus blakelyi' in grasslands of the New England Tablelands, NSW, AustraliaLi, Jin; Duggin, John Alexander ; Grant, Carl; Loneragan, WA9-Aug-2010
121998An Economic Assessment of Management Programs for Land Degradation on a Regional, Farm and Paddock BasisWalpole, Sandra Christine; Sinden, John ; Duggin, John 7-Dec-2010

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