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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
16-Jun-2023Constraints to Blady Grass (Imperata cylindrica (L.) P.Beauv.) Distribution on the New England Tablelands of New South WalesAl-Qaderi, Husham Abdulwahab Abdulkarem; Sindel, Brian ; Whalley, Ralph ; Kristiansen, Paul 4-Aug-2023
2Dec-2021Colour of floral styles in the Banksia spinulosa Sm complex (Proteaceae) relates to the anthocyanin and flavonol profile, not soil pHStimpson, Margaret L ; Whalley, Ralph D B (Wal) ; McLean, Lynette ; Sadgrove, Nicholas J ; Padilla-Gonzalez, Guillermo Federico; Van Wyk, Ben-Erik; Clay, Jonathon ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 20-Jan-2022
36-May-2020Ecological, biophysical and animal production responses to strategic-rest grazing in Australia and worldwideLawrence, Rachel ; Rader, Romina ; Reid, Nick ; Whalley, Wal 9-Mar-2021
42020The role of soil temperature and seed dormancy in the creation and maintenance of persistent seed banks of Nassella trichotoma (serrated tussock) on the Northern Tablelands of New South WalesRuttledge, Annemieke; Whalley, Ralph D B ; Falzon, Gregory ; Backhouse, David ; Sindel, Brian M 11-Mar-2022
5Dec-2019The role of seedbanks in invasions by Hyparrhenia hirta (L.) Stapf in AustraliaChejara, Vinod K; Kristiansen, Paul ; Whalley, R D B (Wal) ; Sindel, Brian M ; Nadolny, Christopher8-Apr-2020
630-Oct-2019Ecological, biophysical and animal production responses to strategic-rest grazing in Australia and worldwideLawrence, Rachel ; Rader, Romina ; Whalley, Ralph ; McDonald, Sarah ; Kendall, Liam K ; Reid, Nicholas 9-Mar-2021
71-Sep-2019Short-duration rotational grazing leads to improvements in landscape functionality and increased perennial herbaceous plant coverLawrence, Rachel ; Whalley, R D B ; Reid, Nick ; Rader, Romina 16-Jul-2020
830-Jan-2019Osmotic adjustment, stomata morphology and function show contrasting responses to water stress in mesic and hydric grasses under elevated CO2 concentrationMwendia, S W; Yunusa, I A M; Sindel, B M ; Whalley, R D B ; Bruhl, J J 8-Mar-2022
914-Apr-2018Can the native Rusty Fig, Ficus rubiginosa, beat climate change?Mackay, Keith David ; Ryder, Darren ; Rossetto, Maurizio ; Whalley, Ralph 23-Jan-2024
102018Effect of temperature and light on germination of 10 species of Eucalyptus from north-western NSWRuiz-Talonia, Lorena ; Carr, David ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Whalley, R D B ; Reid, Nicholas 18-Jul-2022
112017Assessment of Napier Grass Accessions in Lowland and Highland Tropical Environments in East Africa: Productivity and Forage QualityMwendia, S W; Yunusa, Isa ; Sindel, Brian M ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Kariuki, I W31-Jan-2017
122017Germination ecology of six species of 'Eucalyptus' in shrink-swell vertosols: moisture, seed depth and seed size limit seedling emergenceRuiz Talonia, Lorena ; Reid, Nick ; Gross, Caroline L ; Whalley, Ralph D 14-Mar-2017
132017Restore, regenerate, revegetate; restoring ecological processes, ecosystems and landscapes in a changing worldWhalley, R D B (Wal) ; Smith, Rhiannon 26-Jul-2022
142017The taxonomy, ecology and biology of the 'Banksia spinulosa' SM. complex (Proteaceae)Stimpson, Margaret Leith; Bruhl, Jeremy J; Weston, Peter H; Whalley, Ralph D 1-Feb-2018
152017Ecology of seed germination for broad-acre restoration of native vegetation on cracking clay vertosolsRuiz Talonia, Lorena Fabiola; Reid, Nick; Gross, Caroline L; Carr, David ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Whalley, Ralph D 27-Mar-2018
162017Topsoil removal and carbon addition for weed control and native grass recruitment in a temperate-derived grassland in northern New South WalesBrown, Sharon Louise; Reid, Nick ; Reid, Jacqueline ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Carr, David 18-May-2018
172016A morphometric analysis of the 'Banksia spinulosa' complex (Proteaceae) and its complex taxonomic implicationsStimpson, Margaret; Weston, Peter H; Whalley, Ralph D ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 24-Feb-2017
182015Preventing weed spread: a survey of lifestyle and commercial landholders about 'Nassella trichotoma' in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, AustraliaRuttledge, Annie; Whalley, Ralph D ; Reeve, Ian ; Backhouse, David ; Sindel, Brian M 9-Oct-2015
192015Use of functional traits to identify Australian forage grasses, legumes and shrubs for domestication and use in pastoral areas under a changing climateMitchell, M L; Norman, H C; Whalley, Ralph D 19-May-2015
202015The Biology of Australian Weeds 64. 'Hyparrhenia hirta' (L.) StapfChejara, Vinod K; Kristiansen, Paul ; Sindel, Brian M ; Johnson, Stephen B; Whalley, RD ; Nadolny, Christopher2-Jul-2015
212015Physiological and productivity evaluation of Napier grass ('Pennisetum purpureum' Schumach.) cultivars under variable water supply, temperature and carbon dioxide conditionsMwendia, Solomon Waweru; Yunusa, Isa ; Sindel, Brian ; Whalley, Ralph ; Kariuki, Innocent11-Jan-2016
222014Divergent responses to long-term grazing exclusion among three plant communities in a flood pulsing wetland in eastern AustraliaBerney, Peter ; Wilson, Glenn ; Ryder, Darren ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Duggin, John A ; McCosker, Robert O1-Apr-2015
232014Invasion of the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales by 'Nassella trichotoma' (Nees) Hack. Ex Arechav.: Landholder perceptions and seed ecologyvan der Meulen, Annemieke; Sindel, Brian ; Whalley, Ralph ; Backhouse, David ; King, Kathleen20-Apr-2015
242014Introduction to the Special issue of The Rangeland Journal on 'Social and ecological aspects of grassland use in northern China: implications for adaptation to climate change'Li, F Y; Whalley, Ralph D 7-May-2015
252014Reminiscences of Robb CollegeWhalley, Ralph D 2-Feb-2015
262013The use of functional traits to identify grasses and fodder shrubs for domestication to suit a changing climateMitchell, Meredith L; Whalley, Ralph D ; Norman, Hayley C9-Jan-2014
272013Revegetation with Australian native grasses - a reassessment of the importance of using local provenancesWhalley, Ralph D ; Chivers, Ian H; Waters, Cathy M24-Jun-2013
282013Using strategically applied grazing to manage invasive alien plants in novel grasslandsFirn, Jennifer; Price, Jodi N ; Whalley, Ralph D 16-Dec-2013
292013Seed bank dynamics of 'Acacia farnesiana' (L.) Willd. and its encroachment potential in sub-humid grasslands of eastern AustraliaErkovan, Halil I; Clarke, Peter J ; Whalley, Ralph D 17-Dec-2013
302013Use of plant water relations to assess forage quality and growth for two cultivars of Napier grass ('Pennisetum purpureum') subjected to different levels of soil water supply and temperature regimesMwendia, Solomon Waweru; Yunusa, Isa ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Sindel, Brian M ; Kenney, D; Kariuki, I31-Mar-2014
312012Seed-bank and seedling dynamics in 'Hyparrhenia hirta' are influenced by herbicide application and mowing managementChejara, Vinod K; Kristiansen, Paul ; Sindel, Brian M ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Nadolny, Christopher19-Feb-2013
322012Water relations in two cultivars of Napier grass under variable water supply and temperature conditionsMwendia, Solomon Waweru; Yunusa, Isa ; Sindel, Brian M ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Kariuki, Innocent31-Mar-2014
332012Flood-induced recruitment of the invasive perennial herb 'Phyla canescens' (lippia)Macdonald, Matthew J; Whalley, Ralph D ; Julien, Mic H; Sindel, Brian M ; Duggin, John A 31-Mar-2014
342011Vegetative reproduction facilitates early expansion of 'Phyla canescens' in a semi-arid floodplainPrice, Jodi N ; MacDonald, Matthew J; Gross, Caroline L ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Simpson, Ian 26-Jul-2011
352011Drivers of change in the Social-Ecological Systems of the Gwydir Wetlands and Macquarie Marshes in northern New South Wales, AustraliaWhalley, Ralph D ; Price, Jodi Nicole ; MacDonald, Matthew J; Berney, Peter24-Aug-2011
362011'Walwhalleya jacobsiana' (Poaceae, Paniceae), a new, rare species of grass from South AustraliaBruhl, Jeremy J ; Whalley, Ralph D 31-Aug-2011
372011Gwydir Wetlands: impacts of water regime and grazing on floodplain wetlandsBerney, Peter ; Wilson, Glenn ; Ryder, Darren ; Whalley, Ralph D 16-Jan-2012
382011Periodic rest from grazing provided no control of an invasive perennial forbPrice, Jodi N ; Whalley, Ralph D ; van Klinken, R D; Duggin, John A ; Gross, Caroline L 16-Sep-2011
392011Disturbance governs dominance of an invasive forb in a temporary wetlandPrice, Jodi N ; Berney, Peter; Ryder, Darren ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Gross, Caroline L 19-Oct-2011
402010Comparison of seedling emergence and seed extraction techniques for estimating the composition of soil seed banksPrice, Jodi Nicole ; Wright, Boyd ; Gross, Caroline L ; Whalley, Ralph D 30-Jul-2010
412010Prolonged summer flooding switched dominance from the invasive weed Lippia ('Phyla canescens') to native species in one small, ephemeral wetland.Price, Jodi Nicole ; Gross, Caroline L ; Whalley, Ralph D 31-Mar-2010
422010The current and future potential geographical distribution of 'Hyparrhenia hirta'Chejara, Vinod K; Kriticos, Darren; Kristiansen, Paul ; Sindel, Brian M ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Nadolny, Chris7-Oct-2010
432010Resilience of a high-conservation-value, semi-arid grassland on fertile clay soils to burning, mowing and ploughingLewis, Tom; Reid, Nicholas ; Clarke, Peter J ; Whalley, Ralph D 26-May-2011
442009Ecological studies of 'Hyparrhenia hirta' (L.) Stapf in northern New South WalesChejara, Vinod Kumar; Kristiansen, Paul ; Sindel, Brian ; Whalley, Ralph ; Nadolny, Christopher; Kriticos, Darren17-Sep-2009
452009Ecology of 'Phyla canescens' (Verbenaceae) in AustraliaMacDonald, Matthew; Whalley, Ralph ; Duggin, John; Sindel, Brian ; Julien, Mic23-Jun-2009
462008Perennial grassland dynamics on fertile plains: Is coexistence mediated by disturbance?Lewis, Tom; Clarke, Peter John ; Reid, Nicholas ; Whalley, Ralph D 2-Nov-2009
472008Factors Affecting Germination of Coolatai Grass ('Hyparrhenia hirta')Chejara, Vinod Kumar; Kristiansen, Paul ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Sindel, Brian M ; Nadolny, Christopher9-Dec-2009
482007Competitive abilities and divergence of 'Microlaena stipoides' populations with associated perennial grass species in New South Wales, AustraliaMagcale-Macandog, Damasa B; Whalley, Ralph D 31-Aug-2011
492007Allelopathic potential of 'Hyparrhenia hirta' (L.) Stapf. on native grassChejara, Vinod Kumar; Kristiansen, Paul ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Nadolny, Christopher; Sindel, Brian Mark 12-Oct-2012
502006Grazing management and environmental determinants of the diversity and composition of ground-story vegetation on the Northern Tablelands, NSWReseigh, Jodie; Reid, Nicholas ; Nadolny, Christopher; Clarke, Peter; Whalley, Ralph ; McIntyre, Sue16-Oct-2009

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