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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
115-Mar-2023Minimal effects of ultraviolet light supplementation on egg production, egg and bone quality, and health during early lay of laying hensRana, Md Sohel ; Clay, Jonathon ; Regmi, Prafulla; Campbell, Dana L M 11-May-2023
219-Jan-2023Vitamin D Metabolite Effects on Mineral Dynamics and Bone Physiology in Ruminants - DataClay, Jonathon ; Hegarty, Roger ; McNeill, David ; Charlesworth, Richard ; McGrath, Joseph 5-Oct-2023
38-Jul-2022Dietary 1α-hydroxyvitamin D3 increases the concentration of phosphorus in the plasma of ewesClay, J W ; McNeill, D M ; McGrath, J J ; Charlesworth, R P G ; Creevey, S C ; Sewell, V J ; Hegarty, R S 26-Oct-2023
4Jul-2022Efficacy of zeolite in reducing NH3 production in beef cattle manure in an in vitro systemCreevey, S ; Cowley, F ; Tait, A ; Clay, J ; Wilkes, J 26-Oct-2023
5Mar-2022Effects of l-arginine and l-citrulline supplementation in reduced protein diets on cecal fermentation metabolites of broilers under normal, cyclic warm temperature and necrotic enteritis challengeDao, Hiep Thi ; Clay, Jonathon W ; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Bradbury, Emma J; Swick, Robert A 13-May-2022
6Feb-2022Validation of automatic systems for monitoring the licking behaviour in Angus and Brahman cattleSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Clay, Jonathon ; Barwick, Jamie ; Cowley, Frances ; Dawson, Bradley ; Dobos, Robin ; Hegarty, Roger 16-Aug-2022
7Dec-2021Colour of floral styles in the Banksia spinulosa Sm complex (Proteaceae) relates to the anthocyanin and flavonol profile, not soil pHStimpson, Margaret L ; Whalley, Ralph D B (Wal) ; McLean, Lynette ; Sadgrove, Nicholas J ; Padilla-Gonzalez, Guillermo Federico; Van Wyk, Ben-Erik; Clay, Jonathon ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 20-Jan-2022
8Sep-2020Dietary nitrate and presence of protozoa increase nitrate and nitrite reduction in the rumen of sheepVillar, Maria Laura ; Hegarty, Roger Stephen ; Clay, Jonathon William ; Smith, Katherine Anne ; Godwin, Ian Robert ; Nolan, John Vivian 5-Aug-2020
9Nov-2019The effects of dietary nitrate on plasma glucose and insulin sensitivity in sheepVillar, Maria L ; Godwin, Ian R ; Hegarty, Roger S ; Dobos, Robin C ; Smith, Katherine A ; Clay, Jonathon W ; Nolan, John V 20-Aug-2019

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