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1Jul-2024Methane emissions from Angus and Brahman heifers fed forage-based dietsSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Barwick, Jamie ; Cowley, Fran ; Hegarty, Roger 17-Jul-2024
2Oct-2023Are alpacas especially protective of lambs? An insight into alpaca guardian behaviour towards sheep using an arena preference testMatthews, Paige; Doughty, Amanda K ; Morton, Christine L ; Barwick, Jamie ; Doyle, Emma ; Brown, Wendy Y 26-Jun-2024
327-Apr-2023Investigating the Market Value of Brumbies (Equus caballus) in the Australian Riding Horse MarketCondon, Victoria; Wilson, Bethany; Fleming, Peter J S ; Kennedy, Brooke P A ; Keeley, Tamara; Barwick, Jamie ; McGreevy, Paul 19-Mar-2024
47-Sep-2022On the Deployment of Sensor-Based Technologies for Monitoring Supplement Intake Behaviours in Grazing CattleSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Hegarty, Roger ; Barwick, Jamie ; Cowley, Frances 16-Nov-2023
5Apr-2022Grazier perceptions and management practices for liver fluke control in north eastern NSW, AustraliaLamb, Jane ; Kahn, Lewis ; Doyle, Emma ; Barwick, Jamie ; Chambers, Michael23-Jul-2024
61-Mar-2022Prevalence of Liver Fluke in Macropods and Cervids with Inferences for Livestock Transmission and ControlLamb, Jane Leah ; Doyle, Emma ; Kahn, Lewis Phillip ; Barwick, Jamie 20-Nov-2023
7Feb-2022Validation of automatic systems for monitoring the licking behaviour in Angus and Brahman cattleSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Clay, Jonathon ; Barwick, Jamie ; Cowley, Frances ; Dawson, Bradley ; Dobos, Robin ; Hegarty, Roger 16-Aug-2022
8Dec-2021Prevalence and gross pathology of liver fluke in macropods cohabiting livestock farms in north eastern NSW, Australia, and diagnosis using cELISALamb, Jane ; Doyle, Emma ; Barwick, Jamie ; Chambers, Michael; Kahn, Lewis 14-Jun-2024
9Dec-2021Kangaroos and liver fluke: The role played in cross-species transmission and drug resistanceLamb, Jane ; Doyle, Emma ; Barwick, Jamie ; Chambers, Michael; Kahn, Lewis 26-Mar-2024
10Nov-2021Use of an ear-tag accelerometer and a radio-frequency identification (RFID) system for monitoring the licking behaviour in grazing cattleSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Barwick, Jamie ; Cowley, Frances ; Dawson, Bradley ; Dobos, Robin ; Hegarty, Roger 13-Jul-2022
11Jun-2021Automatic Supplement Weighing Units for Monitoring the Time of Accessing Mineral Block Supplements by Rangeland Cattle in Northern Queensland, AustraliaSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Bremner, Graeme ; Cowley, Frances ; Barwick, Jamie ; Dawson, Bradley ; Dobos, Robin ; Hegarty, Roger 9-Jul-2021
12May-2021Prevalence and pathology of liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) in fallow deer (Dama dama)Lamb, Jane ; Doyle, Emma ; Barwick, Jamie ; Chambers, Michael; Kahn, Lewis 12-Jul-2023
1317-Apr-2021A Pilot Study Using Accelerometers to Characterise the Licking Behaviour of Penned Cattle at a Mineral Block SupplementSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Barwick, Jamie ; Cowley, Frances ; Dobos, Robin ; Hegarty, Roger 9-Jul-2021
14Jan-2021Technologies for the automated collection of heat stress data in sheepLewis Baida, Bobbie E; Swinbourne, Alyce M; Barwick, Jamie ; Leu, Stephan T; van Wettere, William H E J12-Jul-2023
1515-Feb-2020Identifying Sheep Activity from Tri-Axial Acceleration Signals Using a Moving Window Classification ModelBarwick, Jamie ; Lamb, David William ; Dobos, Robin ; Welch, Mitchell ; Schneider, Derek ; Trotter, Mark 30-Oct-2020
162020Alpaca Field Behaviour When Cohabitating with Lambing EwesMatthews, Paige T; Barwick, Jamie ; Doughty, Amanda K ; Doyle, Emma K ; Morton, Christine L ; Brown, Wendy Y 22-Apr-2022
17Apr-2019Using Movement Sensors to Assess Lying Time in Horses With and Without Angular Limb DeformitiesClothier, Jane ; Small, Alison; Hinch, Geoff ; Barwick, Jamie ; Brown, Wendy Y 13-May-2019
182019SMARTfarm Learning Hub: Next generation technologies for agricultural education: Final report 2018Gregory, Sue ; Whannell, Robert ; Flavel, Richard ; Barwick, Jamie ; Swain, David; Acuna, Tina; Rawnsley, Richard; Mohammed, Caroline; Hardie, Marcus; Cullen, Brendan; Nettle, Ruth; Ingram, Lachlan; Trotter, Mark; Cosby, Amy28-Oct-2019
192018Predicting Lameness in Sheep Activity Using Tri-Axial Acceleration SignalsBarwick, Jamie ; Lamb, David ; Dobos, Robin C ; Schneider, Derek ; Welch, Mitchell ; Trotter, Mark17-Apr-2018
202018Categorising sheep activity using a tri-axial accelerometerBarwick, Jamie ; Lamb, David ; Dobos, Robin ; Welch, Mitchell ; Trotter, Mark 3-May-2018
212017On-animal motion sensing using accelerometers as a tool for monitoring sheep behaviour and health statusBarwick, Jamie ; Lamb, David ; Trotter, Mark ; Dobos, Robin C21-Feb-2018

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