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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
14-Sep-2023Utilisation of Leucaena leucocephala foliage, toxicity risk and management in ruminant breeding production systemsIrawan, Fahrul; Cowley, Frances ; Hegarty, Roger ; Halliday, Michael 10-Aug-2023
25-May-2023Vitamin D Metabolite Effects on Mineral Dynamics and Bone Physiology in RuminantsJonathon William Clay; Hegarty, Roger ; Charlesworth, Richard ; McGrath, Joseph ; McNeill, David 5-Oct-2023
319-Jan-2023Vitamin D Metabolite Effects on Mineral Dynamics and Bone Physiology in Ruminants - DataClay, Jonathon ; Hegarty, Roger ; McNeill, David ; Charlesworth, Richard ; McGrath, Joseph 5-Oct-2023
43-Nov-2022Multi-modifier Strategies to Improve Rumen Health, Growth and Carcass Attributes of Grain-fed CattleNortrup, Abigail ; Hegarty, Roger ; McGrath, Joseph ; Cowley, Frances 16-Nov-2023
57-Sep-2022On the Deployment of Sensor-Based Technologies for Monitoring Supplement Intake Behaviours in Grazing CattleSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Hegarty, Roger ; Barwick, Jamie ; Cowley, Frances 16-Nov-2023
6Aug-2022Multi-modifier strategies to improve rumen health, growth and carcass attributes of grain-fed cattle - DatasetNdun, Marlin; Cowley, Frances ; Hegarty, Roger ; Robertson-Dean, Melanie ; McGrath, Joseph ; Nortrup, Abigail 16-Nov-2023
78-Jul-2022Dietary 1α-hydroxyvitamin D3 increases the concentration of phosphorus in the plasma of ewesClay, J W ; McNeill, D M ; McGrath, J J ; Charlesworth, R P G ; Creevey, S C ; Sewell, V J ; Hegarty, R S 26-Oct-2023
818-Feb-2022On the Deployment of Sensor-Based Technologies for Monitoring Supplement Intake Behaviours in Grazing Cattle-datasetSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Hegarty, Roger 16-Nov-2023
9Feb-2022Validation of automatic systems for monitoring the licking behaviour in Angus and Brahman cattleSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Clay, Jonathon ; Barwick, Jamie ; Cowley, Frances ; Dawson, Bradley ; Dobos, Robin ; Hegarty, Roger 16-Aug-2022
10Dec-2021Meta-analysis quantifying the potential of dietary additives and rumen modifiers for methane mitigation in ruminant production systemsAlmeida, Amelia K ; Hegarty, Roger S ; Cowie, Annette 20-Apr-2022
11Nov-2021Use of an ear-tag accelerometer and a radio-frequency identification (RFID) system for monitoring the licking behaviour in grazing cattleSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Barwick, Jamie ; Cowley, Frances ; Dawson, Bradley ; Dobos, Robin ; Hegarty, Roger 13-Jul-2022
12Jul-2021Nitrate and nitrite absorption, recycling and retention in tissues of sheepVillar, M L ; Godwin, I R ; Hegarty, R S ; Erler, D V; Farid, H T; Nolan, J V 25-Feb-2022
13Jun-2021Automatic Supplement Weighing Units for Monitoring the Time of Accessing Mineral Block Supplements by Rangeland Cattle in Northern Queensland, AustraliaSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Bremner, Graeme ; Cowley, Frances ; Barwick, Jamie ; Dawson, Bradley ; Dobos, Robin ; Hegarty, Roger 9-Jul-2021
1412-May-2021Beef cattle methane emissions measured with tracer-ratio and inverse dispersion modelling techniquesBai, Mei; Velazco, José I; Coates, Trevor W; Phillips, Frances A; Flesch, Thomas K; Hill, Julian; Mayer, David G; Tomkins, Nigel W; Hegarty, Roger S ; Chen, Deli 6-Apr-2022
1517-Apr-2021A Pilot Study Using Accelerometers to Characterise the Licking Behaviour of Penned Cattle at a Mineral Block SupplementSimanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Barwick, Jamie ; Cowley, Frances ; Dobos, Robin ; Hegarty, Roger 9-Jul-2021
162021Effect of rumen modifier management on feedlot performance and carcass attributes of steersNortrup, A J ; Hegarty, R S ; Cowley, F C 8-Jul-2021
172021Timing and variation of supplement intake by breeding cows in the extensive rangelands of northern AustraliaSimanungkalit, G ; Bremner, G J ; Cowley, F C ; Hegarty, R S 8-Jul-2021
182021An investigation into the interaction of bedding application rates and air flows on positional behaviour of beef cattleHanafi, I N; Tait, L A ; Wilkes, J ; Hegarty, R S ; Jenkins, S ; Cowley, F C 8-Jul-2021
19Sep-2020Dietary nitrate and presence of protozoa increase nitrate and nitrite reduction in the rumen of sheepVillar, Maria Laura ; Hegarty, Roger Stephen ; Clay, Jonathon William ; Smith, Katherine Anne ; Godwin, Ian Robert ; Nolan, John Vivian 5-Aug-2020
20Aug-2020Evaluation of remote monitoring units for estimating body weight and supplement intake of grazing cattleSimanungkalit, G ; Hegarty, R S ; Cowley, F C ; McPhee, M J 7-Oct-2020
212020Dietary nitrate metabolism and enteric methane mitigation in sheep consuming a protein-deficient dietVillar, L; Hegarty, Roger ; Van Tol, M; Godwin, I ; Nolan, J 5-Aug-2022
222020Crude protein-content of fat-free muscle and viscera in sheepDougherty, Holland ; Evered, Mark ; Oltjen, James; Oddy, Hutton ; Hegarty, Roger 20-Aug-2020
23Nov-2019The effects of dietary nitrate on plasma glucose and insulin sensitivity in sheepVillar, Maria L ; Godwin, Ian R ; Hegarty, Roger S ; Dobos, Robin C ; Smith, Katherine A ; Clay, Jonathon W ; Nolan, John V 20-Aug-2019
248-Jul-2019Nitrate and Nitrite Metabolism in Ruminant LivestockVillar, Maria Laura ; Hegarty, Roger ; Godwin, Ian 11-Jan-2024
257-Jul-2019B.FLT.1005: Survey of Australian feedlot drinking water qualityWilkes, Janelle ; Cowley, Fran ; Hegarty, Roger ; Jewell, Margaret28-Jul-2020
2630-May-2019B.FLT.0244: Graded levels of woodchip during wet feedlot conditionsCowley, Frances ; Tait, Amy; Wilkes, Janelle ; Taylor, Peta ; Hegarty, Roger ; McGilchrist, Peter 28-Jul-2020
27Mar-2019Beef production simulation of nitrate and lipid supplements for pasture and rangeland fed enterprisesMcPhee, Malcolm J ; Evered, Mark ; Andrews, Todd; Pacheco, David; Dougherty, Holland C ; Ingham, Aaron B; Harden, Steven; Crean, Jason; Roche, Leslie; Eastburn, Danny J; Oltjen, James W; Oddy, V Hutton ; Kebreab, Ermias; Nolan, John V ; Hegarty, Roger S 17-Aug-2020
282019Nitrate is safe to feed ad libitum in molasses roller drums as a source of non-protein nitrogenGoopy, J P; Hegarty, R S 27-Apr-2022
292018Review: Biological determinants of between-animal variation in feed efficiency of growing beef cattleCantalapiedra-Hijar, G; Abo-Ismail, M; Carstens, G E; Guan, L L; Hegarty, R ; Kenny, D A; McGee, M; Plastow, G; Relling, A; Ortigues-Marty, I28-Apr-2022
302018Effect of measurement duration in respiration chambers on methane traits of beef cattleArthur, P F; Donoghue, K A; Bird-Gardiner, T; Herd, Robert M ; Hegarty, Roger 23-May-2018
31Nov-2017The AusBeef model for beef production: I. Description and evaluationDougherty, H C ; Kebreab, E; Evered, M ; Little, B A; Ingham, A B; Hegarty, R S ; Pacheco, D; McPhee, M J 17-Aug-2020
32Nov-2017The AusBeef model for beef production: II. sensitivity analysisDougherty, H C ; Kebreab, E; Evered, M ; Little, B A; Ingham, A B; Nolan, J V ; Hegarty, R S ; Pacheco, D; McPhee, M J 17-Aug-2020
3327-Oct-2017Metabolism of Dietary Nitrate and its Safe Use for Mitigating Methane Emissions from Sheepde Raphelis-Soissan, Victoire ; Hegarty, Roger ; Li, Li ; Godwin, Ian 18-Jan-2024
3427-Oct-2017Responses of Growing Beef Cattle to Liquid Molasses-Based Supplements in a Temperate Grazing SystemDoak, Tobias; Hegarty, Roger ; Cowley, Frances 24-Jan-2024
35Oct-2017The effect of cysteamine hydrochloride and nitrate supplementation on in-vitro and in-vivo methane production and productivity of cattleSun, Y K; Yan, X G; Ban, Z B; Yang, H M; Hegarty, R S ; Zhao, Y M27-Apr-2022
36Oct-2017Effects of defaunation and dietary coconut oil distillate on fermentation, digesta kinetics and methane production of Brahman heifersNguyen, S H; Hegarty, R S 29-Apr-2022
3731-Mar-2017Methane Production and Productivity Changes Associated with Defaunation in RuminantsNguyen, Son Hung; Hegarty, Roger ; Li, Lily 14-Oct-2019
382017Description and evaluation of the AusBeef model of beef productionDougherty, H C ; Kebreab, E; Evered, M ; Little, B A; Ingham, A B; Hegarty, R S ; Pacheco, D; McPhee, M J 17-Aug-2020
392017Paraffin-wax-coated nitrate salt inhibits short-term methane production in sheep and reduces the risk of nitrite toxicityde Raphelis-Soissan, Victoire ; Nolan, John V ; Godwin, Ian ; Newbold, John R; Perdok, Hink B; Hegarty, Roger 15-Jun-2018
402017Production of N2 and N2O from nitrate ingested by sheepde Raphelis-Soissan, V; Nolan, John V ; Godwin, Ian R ; Newbold, J R; Eyre, B D; Erler, D V; Hegarty, Roger 15-Jun-2018
412017Daily methane emissions and emission intensity of grazing beef cattle genetically divergent for residual feed intakeVelazco, J I; Herd, Robert M ; Cottle, David ; Hegarty, Roger 18-May-2017
4216-Sep-2016Local and global sensitivity analysis of methane production relevant parameters in the AusBeef rumen model of beef productionDougherty, H C ; Kebreab, E; Evered, M ; Little, B A; Ingham, A B; Nolan, J V ; Hegarty, R S ; Pacheco, D; McPhee, M J 17-Aug-2020
432016Use of dietary nitrate to increase productivity and reduce methane production of defaunated and faunated lambs consuming protein-deficient chaffNguyen, S H; Barnett, M C ; Hegarty, R S 27-Apr-2022
442016Quantifying daily methane production of beef cattle from multiple short-term measures using the GreenFeed systemVelazco, Jose Ignacio; Hegarty, Roger ; Cottle, David ; Li, Lily 21-Aug-2018
452016Cysteamine: a human health dietary additive with potential to improve livestock growth rate and efficiencyBarnett, M C ; Hegarty, R S 11-May-2022
462016The GreenFeed system for measurement of enteric methane emission from cattleHammond, K J; Waghorn, G C; Hegarty, R S 28-Apr-2022
472016Using portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) to determine fecal concentrations of non-absorbable digesta kinetic and digestibility markers in sheep and cattleBarnett, Mark ; Forster, Nicola; Ray, G A; Li, L; Guppy, Christopher ; Hegarty, Roger 24-Nov-2016
482016A universal equation to predict methane production of forage-fed cattle in AustraliaCharmley, E; Williams, S R O; Moate, P J; Hegarty, Roger ; Herd, Robert M ; Oddy, Hutton ; Reyenga, P; Staunton, K M; Anderson, A; Hannah, M C13-Jan-2017
492016Effects of Rumen Protozoa of Brahman Heifers and Nitrate on Fermentation and In vitro Methane ProductionNguyen, S H; Li, Lily ; Hegarty, Roger 15-Mar-2017
502016Associations among methane emission traits measured in the feedlot and in respiration chambers in Angus cattle bred to vary in feed efficiencyHerd, Robert M ; Velazco, J I; Arthur, P F; Hegarty, Roger 15-Mar-2017

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