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1Dec-2023Utilising locally based energy supplements in leucaena and corn stover diets to increase the average daily gain of male Bali cattle and the income of smallholder farmersHidayat, Julian; Panjaitan, Tanda ; Dahlanuddin ; Harper, Karen; Poppi, Dennis17-May-2024
2Mar-2023Mixed Leucaena and molasses can increase the nutritional quality and rumen degradation of corn stover silageSutaryono, Yusuf Akhyar; Putra, Ryan Aryadin; Mardiansyah, Mardiansyah; Yuliani, Enny; Harjono, Harjono; Mastur, Mastur; Sukarne, Sukarne; Enawat, Luh Sri; Dahlanuddin, Dahlanuddin 16-May-2024
32023A successful smallholder cattle fattening project based on leucaena diets in eastern IndonesiaShelton, H M; Panjaitan, T ; Dahlanuddin ; Nulik, J; Hau, D K; Hilmiati, N; Halliday, M J16-May-2024
4Dec-2022Analysis of the agricultural innovation system in Indonesia: A case study of the beef sector in Nusa Tenggara BaratValerio, Erika ; Hilmiati, Nurul; Prior, Julian ; Dahlanuddin, Dahlan 14-Feb-2024
52022Marbling score, cholesterol, and physical–chemical content of male Bali beef fed fermented pineapple peelBulkaini, Bulkaini; Dahlanuddin, Dahlanuddin ; Ariana, Tirta; Kisworo, Djoko; Maskur, Maskur; Mastur, Mastur15-May-2024
62022Adoption of a Leucaena-based Cattle Fattening System in the Dompu District of Nusa Tenggara Barat, IndonesiaA, Muktasam; Dahlanuddin, Dahlan ; Putra, Ryan A; Sriasih, Made; Fauzi, M Taufik; Tanaya, I G L Parta; Back, Penny J; Hickson, Rebecca; Pomroy, William E; Reid, Janet I; Anderson, Christopher W N; Morris, Stephen T9-Apr-2024
72022Effects of acid drinking water on nutrient utilization, water balance, and growth of goats under hot-humid tropical environmentAli, A I M ; Sandi, S; Sahara, E; Rofiq, M N; Dahlanuddin, Dahlan 9-Apr-2024
82022Adoption as adaptation: Household decision making and changing rural livelihoods in Lombok, IndonesiaWilliams, Liana J; Wensveen, Monica van; Dahlanuddin, Dahlan ; Grünbühel, Clemens M; Puspadi, Ketut11-Apr-2024
91-Sep-2021Increasing the level of cassava chips or cassava pulp in leucaena based diets increases feed intake and live weight gain of Bali bullsKariyani, Luh Ade; Dahlanuddin ; Panjaitan, Tanda ; Putra, Ryan Aryadin; Harper, Karen; Poppi, Dennis6-Oct-2021
102021Communal grazing area is as a potential source of calves in dry Sumbawa Island, Indonesia: The improvement of opportunities and challengesHilmiati, N; Dahlanuddin ; Panjaitan, T 19-Apr-2024
112021Investigation of causes of neonatal mortality in Bali cattle on Sumbawa IslandSriasih, M; Back, P J; Pomroy, W E; Morris, S T; Hickson, R E; Dahlanuddin ; Zaenuri, L A; Soebari, R; Kurniawan, M; Qamar, S13-May-2024
121-Sep-2019Feed intake, rumen fermentation, digestibility and live weight gain of male Bali cattle (Bos javanicus) fed different mixtures of Gliricidia sepium and Leucaena leucocephalaDahlanuddin ; Yanuarianto, O; Fauzi, Taufik; Back, Penny J; Hickson, Rebecca; Morris, S T; Pomroy, W E; Reid, Janet I; Anderson, C W N6-Oct-2021
13Sep-2019Adoption of leucaena-based feeding systems in Sumbawa, eastern Indonesia and its impact on cattle productivity and farm profitabilityDahlanuddin ; Panjaitan, Tanda ; Waldron, Scott; Halliday, Michael J; Ash, Andrew; Morris, Steve T; Shelton, H Max6-Oct-2021
14Sep-2019Economic analysis of cattle fattening systems based on forage tree legume diets in eastern IndonesiaWaldron, Scott; Ngongo, Johanis; Utami, Silvia Kusuma Putri; Halliday, Michael J; Panjaitan, Tanda ; Yuliana, Baik Tutik; Dahlanuddin ; Nulik, Jacob; Hau, Debora Kana; Shelton, H Max7-Oct-2021
15May-2019Energy supplements for LeucaenaHarper, Karen; Quigley, Simon P; Antari, Risa; Dahlanuddin ; Panjaitan, Tanda Sahat ; Marsetyo; Poppi, Dennis P7-Oct-2021
163-Jul-2018Feed intake, feed digestibility and live weight gain of male Bali cattle fed different combinations of Leucaena leucocephala and maize stover under farm conditions in Timor LesteSoares, Walter Oliveira; Gunartha, I Gde Ekaputra; Mullik, Marthen L; Sutaryono, Yusuf A; Dahlanuddin 6-Oct-2021
1717-Aug-2017Assessing the sustainable development and intensification potential of beef cattle production in Sumbawa, Indonesia, using a system dynamics approachDahlanuddin ; Henderson, Benjamin; Dizyee, Kanar; Hermansyah; Ash, Andrew6-Oct-2021
181-May-2016Scaling out integrated village management systems to improve Bali cattle productivity under small scale production systems in Lombok, IndonesiaDahlanuddin ; Zaenuri, L A; Sutaryono, Y A; Hermansyah; Puspadi, K; McDonald, C; Williams, L J; Corfield, J P; van Wensveen, M6-Oct-2021
191999The Role of Bypass Protein in Improving the Intake and Utilisation of Dietary Nutrients by Ruminants in the TropicsDahlanuddin ; Thwaites, Christopher J; Nolan, John22-Dec-2010

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