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1Feb-2024Steering the herd or missing the mark? Navigating the role of research for development projects as innovation intermediaries in the Indonesian cattle sectorValerio, Erika ; Nurul Hilmiati; Prior, Julian ; Panjaitan, Tanda 19-Mar-2024
2Feb-2024Innovation for whom? The case of women in cattle farming in Nusa Tenggara Barat, IndonesiaValerio, Erika ; Hilmiati, Nurul; Thei, Ruth Stella; Barraza, Alejandra Safa; Prior, Julian 19-Mar-2024
322-Aug-2023The Continuing Violence of Colonisation: Mining and Water Pollution from an Australian Aboriginal PerspectiveSpreadborough, Yvonne Therese; Prior, Julian Chisholm ; Williams, Jacquline10-Nov-2023
427-Mar-2023Out-Migration, Agrarian Transition, and Gender Roles in MyanmarKyaw, Ei Mon Thida ; Villano, Renato ; Vo, Brenda ; Argent, Neil ; Prior, Julian 10-Aug-2023
5Dec-2022Analysis of the agricultural innovation system in Indonesia: A case study of the beef sector in Nusa Tenggara BaratValerio, Erika ; Hilmiati, Nurul; Prior, Julian ; Dahlanuddin, Dahlan 14-Feb-2024
65-Oct-2022Analysis of Livestock Industry App Technology Development and Adoption for Farmer Extension and Decision-MakingSchulz, Penelope J ; Prior, Julian Chisholm ; Hinch, Geoffrey Norman ; Kahn, Lewis Phillip 11-Aug-2023
72022Exploring the role of smartphone apps for livestock farmers: data management, extension and informed decision makingSchulz, Penelope ; Prior, Julian ; Kahn, Lewis ; Hinch, Geoff 9-Apr-2024
82-Mar-2021Aboriginal Burning in South Eastern Australia: Lessons from Brush TurkeyHooper, Shaun Boree; Beck, Wendy ; Lynch, Anthony ; Prior, Julian ; Ridges, Malcolm 13-Dec-2023
92021Participatory versus traditional agricultural advisory models for training farmers in conservation agriculture: a comparative analysis from KenyaBourne, Mieke; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Prior, Julian 30-Nov-2020
1011-Feb-2019Assessing the Performance of Agricultural Advisory Models for Scaling-Out Conservation Agriculture with Trees in East Africa (Kenya)Bourne, Mieke; Prior, Julian ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa 24-Jan-2024
1114-Apr-2018Impacts of forage legumes on smallholder crop-livestock systems in West Timor, IndonesiaTraill, Skye Rowena; Guppy, Christopher ; Bell, Lindsay; Prior, Julian 13-Jan-2023
122018Assessing the performance of agricultural advisory models for scaling-out conservation agriculture with trees in East Africa (Kenya)Bourne, Mieke; Prior, Julian ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa 10-Dec-2019
132016Community participation and harvesting of non-timber forest products in benefit-sharing pilot scheme in Bach Ma National Park, Central VietnamHuynh, Ha; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Prior, Julian C ; Kristiansen, Paul 8-Jul-2016
142016Assessing collaborative, privately managed biodiversity conservation derived from an offsets program: Lessons from the Southern Mallee of New South Wales, AustraliaDrielsma, Michael ; Foster, Else; Ellis, Murray; Gill, Roderic A; Prior, Julian C ; Kumar, Lalit ; Saremi, Hanieh ; Ferrier, Simon26-Sep-2016
152015A Critical Analysis of Decentralisation and Community-Based Irrigation Water Resource Governance in GhanaNanedo, Nukunu Awuku; Prior, Julian ; Lobry de Bruyn, Lisa; Marshall, Graham 25-Mar-2015
162014Weaving a Stronger Fabric for Improved OutcomesLobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Prior, Julian C ; Lenehan, Joanne R 5-Mar-2014
172014Capacities for irrigation water resource governance at the local level: Case study from the Upper East Region of GhanaNanedo, Nukunu Awuku; Prior, Julian C ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Marshall, Graham R 14-Jan-2015
182013Participation and Social Capital in Sustainable Land Management: Lessons Learned from International LandcarePrior, Julian Chisholm 10-Jul-2013
192013Dairy Extension Strategies in Australia: Application to the Pakistan Dairy IndustryAhmad, Sheeraz; Prior, Julian ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Thomas, Philip 23-Sep-2013
202013Community engagement to resolve climate adaptation conflicts: utilising consensus-building, joint fact-finding strategies and cognitive frames analysisPrior, Julian 21-Nov-2013
212012A Study of Australian Dairy Extension Strategies and their Application to Pakistani Dairy Farming SectorAhmad, Sheeraz; Prior, Julian C ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Thomas, Philip20-May-2013
222012The Role of Extension in Changing the Dairy Industry in Pakistan: A ReviewAhmad, Sheeraz; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Prior, Julian C ; Thomas, Philip; Burrell, D3-Jun-2013
232011Designing training and education activities for the Border Rivers-Gwydir Catchment Management Authority to improve on-ground activities by landholdersLobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Lenehan, Joanne Rachel ; Prior, Julian C 18-Mar-2013
242011Weaving a Stronger Fabric: designing educational and extension activities for regional NRM organisations that can lead to demonstrable practice changePrior, Julian C ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Lenehan, Joanne R 14-Mar-2013
252011Regional-scale Collaborative Biodiversity Modelling in a Complex WorldDrielsma, Michael ; Prior, Julian ; Kumar, Lalit ; Ferrier, Simon16-Jan-2012
262011Linking science and management of invasive native macrophytes: 'Typha' within the River Murray, South AustraliaTurner, Brooke; Boulton, Andrew ; Ryder, Darren ; Prior, Julian 16-Jan-2012
272011Extension Professionals' and Dairy Farmers': Perceptions of Desired Outcomes of Extension Strategies used in NSW & VictoriaAhmad, Sheeraz; Thomas, Philip; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Prior, Julian C 3-Apr-2014
282010Volunteerism and Inclusiveness and the Future of LandcarePrior, Julian C 29-Sep-2010
292010Stakeholder Engagement and Communication in Regional Land-Use PlanningPrior, Julian C 22-Sep-2010
302010Reading the land: influences of property management planning courses on landholders' soil management activities in border rivers-Gwydir catchment management authorityLobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Prior, Julian C ; Mascord, Lisa7-Oct-2010
312010Keeping it Real: Valuing oral communication training and learning in the discipline of environmental scienceLobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Prior, Julian Chisholm ; Reid, Nicholas 7-Jun-2011
322009Smallholder sheep owners' views on the value and management of Deccani crossbred 'FecB'-carrier ewes with a higher twinning percentage: implications for a future introgression extension programPrior, Julian Chisholm ; Ghalsasi, P M; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Chavan, K M; Kulkarni, S R; Nimbkar, Chanda11-Jan-2010
332009Extending Complex Agricultural Research in Australia: The case of integrated parasite management in sheepThompson, Lyndal-Joy; Reeve, Ian ; Marshall, Graham ; Prior, Julian 5-Feb-2010
342005Explicit knowledge structures as a tool for overcoming obstacles to interdisciplinary researchBoulton, AJ ; Panizzon, DL ; Prior, JC 13-May-2008
352003Biotechnology (GMO) issues and research priorities in natural resource managementStanley, John ; Hutchinson, Keith; Godwin, Ian Robert ; Gregg, Peter ; Jessop, Robin Stephen ; Katz, Margaret Ethel ; King, Kathleen Lora ; Prior, Julian Chisholm ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Thompson, D12-Nov-2009
362003Environmental Dispute Resolution in Public Policy: Strategies for Reducing Costs and Improving OutcomesPrior, Julian Chisholm 24-Nov-2009
372001Changing student learning focus in natural resource management education - Problems (and some solutions) with using problem based learningLobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Prior, Julian C 8-Nov-2017
382001Meeting of Minds - Clashing of Cultures: evolution of teaching practice to engage students as co-learnersLobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Prior, Julian C 8-Feb-2018

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