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1Feb-2024Steering the herd or missing the mark? Navigating the role of research for development projects as innovation intermediaries in the Indonesian cattle sectorValerio, Erika ; Nurul Hilmiati; Prior, Julian ; Panjaitan, Tanda 19-Mar-2024
22023A successful smallholder cattle fattening project based on leucaena diets in eastern IndonesiaShelton, H M; Panjaitan, T ; Dahlanuddin ; Nulik, J; Hau, D K; Hilmiati, N; Halliday, M J16-May-2024
31-Sep-2021Increasing the level of cassava chips or cassava pulp in leucaena based diets increases feed intake and live weight gain of Bali bullsKariyani, Luh Ade; Dahlanuddin ; Panjaitan, Tanda ; Putra, Ryan Aryadin; Harper, Karen; Poppi, Dennis6-Oct-2021
42021Communal grazing area is as a potential source of calves in dry Sumbawa Island, Indonesia: The improvement of opportunities and challengesHilmiati, N; Dahlanuddin ; Panjaitan, T 19-Apr-2024
5Sep-2019Economic analysis of cattle fattening systems based on forage tree legume diets in eastern IndonesiaWaldron, Scott; Ngongo, Johanis; Utami, Silvia Kusuma Putri; Halliday, Michael J; Panjaitan, Tanda ; Yuliana, Baik Tutik; Dahlanuddin ; Nulik, Jacob; Hau, Debora Kana; Shelton, H Max7-Oct-2021
6Sep-2019Adoption of leucaena-based feeding systems in Sumbawa, eastern Indonesia and its impact on cattle productivity and farm profitabilityDahlanuddin ; Panjaitan, Tanda ; Waldron, Scott; Halliday, Michael J; Ash, Andrew; Morris, Steve T; Shelton, H Max6-Oct-2021
7May-2019Energy supplements for LeucaenaHarper, Karen; Quigley, Simon P; Antari, Risa; Dahlanuddin ; Panjaitan, Tanda Sahat ; Marsetyo; Poppi, Dennis P7-Oct-2021

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Tanda Panjaitan
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Panjaitan, Tanda
Panjaitan, Tanda Sahat
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Adjunct Associate Professor
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