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1Sep-2020Ecosystem services of temporary streams differ between wet and dry phases in regions with contrasting climates and economiesStubbington, Rachel; Acreman, Mike; Acuna, Vicenc; Boon, Philip J; Boulton, Andrew J ; England, Judy; Gilvear, David; Sykes, Tim; Wood, Paul J19-Apr-2022
2Sep-2020River ecosystem conceptual models and non-perennial rivers: A critical reviewAllen, Daniel C; Datry, Thibault; Boersma, Kate S; Bogan, Michael T; Boulton, Andrew J ; Bruno, Daniel; Busch, Michelle H; Costigan, Katie H; Dodds, Walter K; Fritz, Ken M; Godsey, Sarah E; Jones, Jeremy B; Kaletova, Tatiana; Kampf, Stephanie K; Mims, Meryl C; Neeson, Thomas M; Olden, Julian D; Pastor, Amandine V; Poff, N LeRoy; Ruddell, Benjamin L; Ruhi, Albert; Singer, Gabriel; Vezza, Paolo; Ward, Adam S; Zimmer, Margaret19-Apr-2022
3Oct-2018A conceptual framework for ecological responses to groundwater regime alteration (FERGRA)Kath, Jarrod; Boulton, Andrew J ; Harrison, Evan T; Dyer, Fiona J11-May-2022
4Sep-2016Integrating ecosystem services into conservation strategies for freshwater and marine habitats: a reviewBoulton, Andrew J ; Ekebom, Jan; Gíslason, Gísli Már11-May-2022
52016Ecological research and management of intermittent rivers: an historical review and future directionsLeigh, Catherine; Boulton, Andrew ; Courtwright, Jennifer L; Fritz, Ken; May, Christine L; Walker, Richard H; Datry, Thibault6-Nov-2017
62016Invertebrate assemblage responses and the dual roles of resistance and resilience to drying in intermittent riversLeigh, Catherine; Bonada, Nuria; Boulton, Andrew J ; Hugueny, Bernard; Larned, Scott T; Vander Vorste, Ross; Datry, Thibault6-Nov-2017
72016Biotic and abiotic variables influencing plant litter breakdown in streams: a global studyBoyero, Luz; Pearson, Richard G; Barmuta, Leon A; Boulton, Andrew ; Bruder, Andreas; Callisto, Marcos; Chauvet, Eric; Death, Russell G; Dudgeon, David; Encalada, Andrea C; Ferreira, Veronica; Figueroa, Ricardo; Hui, Cang; Flecker, Alexander S; Goncalves Jr, Jose F; Helson, Julie; Iwata, Tomoya; Jinggut, Tajang; Mathooko, Jude; Mathuriau, Catherine; M'Erimba, Charles; Moretti, Marcelo S; Pringle, Catherine M; Gessner, Mark O; Ramirez, Alonso; Ratnarajah, Lavenia; Rincon, Jose; Yule, Catherine M; Perez, Javier; Alexandrou, Markos A; Graca, Manuel A S; Cardinale, Bradley J; Albarino, Ricardo J; Arunachalam, Muthukumarasamy6-Nov-2017
82015The response of aquatic communities to water quality, land use, flow variability and extraction in an unregulated Australian coastal riverThurtell, Lisa; Ryder, Darren ; Boulton, Andrew 13-Jan-2016
92014Australian Freshwater Ecology: Processes and ManagementBoulton, Andrew ; Brock, Margaret A; Robson, Belinda J; Ryder, Darren ; Chambers, Jane M; Davis, Jenny A31-Mar-2015
102013Restoring vertical connectivity in rivers: geomorphic, hydrologic and biogeochemical responses to log sills in the Williams and Hunter Rivers, NSW, AustraliaMika, Sarah Jessie; Boulton, Andrew ; Ryder, Darren 27-Nov-2013
112012Global patterns of stream detritivore distribution: implications for biodiversity loss in changing climatesBoyero, Luz; Pearson, Richard G; Ramirez, Alonso; Helson, Julie E; Callisto, Marcos; Arunachalam, Muthukumarasamy; Chara, Julian; Figueroa, Ricardo; Mathooko, Jude M; Goncalves Jr, Jose F; Moretti, Marcelo S; Chara-Serna, Ana Marcela; Gudgeon, David; Davies, Judy N; Encalada, Andrea; Lamothe, Sylvain; Buria, Leonardo M; Castela, Jose; Cornejo, Aydee; Li, Aggie O Y; M'Erimba, Charles; Villanueva, Veronica D; Zuniga, Maria del Carmen; Ferreira, Veronica; Swan, Christopher M; Barmuta, Leon A; Graca, Manuel AS; Gessner, Mark O; Boulton, Andrew J ; Chauvet, Eric; Yule, Catherine M; Albarino, Ricardo J10-Apr-2013
122012Effects of experimental environmental flow release on the diet of fish in a regulated coastal Australian riverRolls, Robert Jeremy; Boulton, Andrew J ; Growns, Ivor ; Maxwell, Sally E ; Ryder, Darren ; Westhorpe, Douglas P10-Apr-2013
132011Response by fish assemblages to an environmental flow release in a temperate coastal Australian river: a paired catchment analysisRolls, Robert Jeremy; Boulton, Andrew J ; Growns, Ivor ; Maxwell, Sally Elizabeth 19-Jul-2013
142011A global experiment suggests climate warming will not accelerate litter decomposition in streams but might reduce carbon sequestrationBoyero, Luz; Pearson, Richard G; Helson, Julie E; Bruder, Andreas; Albarino, Ricardo J; Yule, Catherine M; Arunachalam, Muthukumarasamy; Davies, Judy N; Figueroa, Ricardo; Flecker, Alexander S; Rarnirez, Alonso; Death, Russell G; Gessner, Mark O; Iwata, Tomoya; Mathooko, Jude M; Mathuriau, Catherine; Goncalves Jr, Jose F; Moretti, Marcelo S; Jinggut, Tajang; Lamothe, Sylvain; M'Erimba, Charles; Ratnarajah, Lavenia; Schindler, Markus H; Barmuta, Leon A; Castela, Jose; Buria, Leonardo M; Cornejo, Aydee; Villanueva, Veronica D; West, Derek C; Ferreira, Veronica; Graca, Manuel AS; Dudgeon, David; Boulton, Andrew J ; Callisto, Marcos; Chauvet, Eric18-Jul-2013
152011Linking science and management of invasive native macrophytes: 'Typha' within the River Murray, South AustraliaTurner, Brooke; Boulton, Andrew ; Ryder, Darren ; Prior, Julian 16-Jan-2012
162011Global distribution of a key trophic guild contrasts with common latitudinal diversity patternsBoyero, Luz; Pearson, Richard G; Callisto, Marcos; Chauvet, Eric; Ramirez, Alonso; Chara, Julian; Moretti, Marcelo S; Goncalves Jr, Jose F; Helson, Julie E; Chara-Serna, Ana M; Encalada, Andrea C; Davies, Judy N; Dudgeon, David; Lamothe, Sylvain; Cornejo, Aydee; Li, Aggie OY; Buria, Leonardo M; Villanueva, Veronica D; Zuniga, Marcia C; Pringle, Catherine M; Graca, Manuel A S; Gressner, Mark O; Albarino, Ricardo J; Ferreira, Veronica; Yule, Catherine M; Boulton, Andrew J ; Arunachalam, Muthukumarasamy19-Jul-2013
172010Ecology and management of subsurface groundwater dependent ecosystems in Australia: a reviewTomlinson, Moya ; Boulton, Andrew 2-May-2011
182010The effects of river regulation and response of invertebrates to a pulse flow release in the upper Hunter Catchment, NSWMaxwell, Sally Elizabeth; Boulton, Andrew ; Growns, Ivor ; Ryder, Darren 16-Jan-2012
192010Using biofilm assemblages to develop a monitoring framework for regulated coastal rivers in south-eastern AustraliaMascarenhas, Emilie ; Ryder, Darren ; Boulton, Andrew ; Downes, Barbara16-Jan-2012
202010Leaf litter dynamics and the rehabilitation of degraded coastal rivers in NSW, AustraliaWolfenden, Benjamin John; Ryder, Darren ; Boulton, Andrew 17-Jan-2012
212010Genetic Improvement: Breeding for Increased Growth and Performance in Silver Perch ('Bidyanus bidyanus' Mitchell)Guy, Jeffrey ; Rowland, Stuart; Jerry, Dean; Simpson, Rodney; Boulton, Andrew 17-Jan-2012
222010Ecology and management of the hyporheic zone: stream-groundwater interactions of running waters and their floodplainsBoulton, Andrew ; Datry, T; Kasahara, T; Mutz, M; Stanford, JA2-May-2011
232010Responses of macroinvertebrate communities to long-term flow variability in a Sonoran Desert streamSponseller, RA; Grimm, NB; Boulton, Andrew ; Sabo, JL2-May-2011
242010Is the hyporheic zone a refugium for aquatic macroinvertebrates during severe low flow conditions?Wood, PJ; Boulton, Andrew ; Little, S; Stubbington, R10-May-2011
252010Inside the "Black Box" of River Restoration: Using Catchment History to Identify Disturbance and Response Mechanisms to Set Targets for Process-Based RestorationMika, Sarah ; Hoyle, Joanna; Fryirs, Kirstie; Lieshman, Michelle; Sanders, Mark; Arthington, Angela; Creese, Robert; Dahm, Mark; Miller, Craig; Pusey, Brad; Spink, Alexandra; Kyle, Garreth; Howell, Timothy; Wolfenden, Benjamin; Ryder, Darren ; Keating, Daniel; Boulton, Andrew ; Brierley, Gary; Brooks, Andrew P18-Nov-2010
262009Sampling groundwater fauna: efficiency of rapid assessment methods tested in bores in eastern AustraliaHancock, Peter J ; Boulton, Andrew J 9-Mar-2010
272009Associations of benthic invertebrates and flow alterations in the Nymboida River, NSWVeal, Robert ; Boulton, Andrew ; Ryder, Darren ; Downes, Barbara11-Sep-2009
282009Recent progress in the conservation of groundwaters and their dependent ecosystemsBoulton, Andrew 11-Mar-2010
292009Microinvertebrate community response to changing water regimes in the Macquarie Marshes, NSW, AustraliaMorris, Phillip James; Boulton, Andrew ; Jenkins, Kim ; Ryder, Darren 13-Nov-2009
302009Evaluating Australian fresh waters for nature conservationNevill, Jon; Boulton, Andrew 8-Mar-2010
312009Ecological effects of flow regulation on fish assemblages in tributaries of the Hunter River catchment, New South Wales, AustraliaRolls, Robert Jeremy; Boulton, Andrew ; Growns, Ivor 16-Jan-2012
322009A Framework for Determining Environmental Water Requirements for Alluvial Aquifer EcosystemsTomlinson, Moya ; Boulton, Andrew ; Ryder, Darren 16-Nov-2009
332009Preface: hydrogeoecology, the interdisciplinary study of groundwater dependent ecosystemsHancock, Peter J ; Hunt, Randall J; Boulton, Andrew J 2-Feb-2010
342009Low flow controls on benthic and hyporheic macroinvertebrate assemblages during supra-seasonal droughtStubbington, R; Wood, PJ; Boulton, Andrew 9-Mar-2010
352009Treating causes not symptoms: restoration of surface–groundwater interactions in riversKasahara, Tamao; Datry, Thibault; Mutz, Michael; Boulton, Andrew J 8-Feb-2010
362009Ecological responses to artificial drought in two Australian rivers with differing water extractionFinn, Marcus A; Boulton, Andrew ; Chessman, Bruce C15-Mar-2010
372009Great house, poor food: effects of exotic leaf litter on shredder densities and caddisfly growth in 6 subtropical Australian streamsDavies, Judy N; Boulton, Andrew J 16-Mar-2010
382009Integrating hydraulic conductivity with biogeochemical gradients and microbial activity along river–groundwater exchange zones in a subtropical streamClaret, Cécile; Boulton, Andrew 10-Mar-2010
392008Working with Change: The Importance of Evolutionary Perspectives in Framing the Trajectory of River AdjustmentBrierley, G J; Fryirs, K; Boulton, Andrew ; Cullum, C20-Jun-2011
402008Stygofauna biodiversity and endemism in four alluvial aquifers in eastern AustraliaHancock, Peter J ; Boulton, Andrew J 9-Mar-2012
412008Biodiversity, functional roles and ecosystem services of groundwater invertebratesBoulton, Andrew John ; Fenwick, G; Hancock, Peter J ; Harvey, MS5-Nov-2009
422008Rehabilitating Agricultural Streams in Australia with Wood: A ReviewLester, R; Boulton, Andrew John 19-Nov-2010
432008Are Tropical Streams Ecologically Different from Temperate Streams?Boulton, Andrew ; Boyero, Luz; Covich, Alan P; Dobson, Michael; Lake, Sam; Pearson, Richard8-Mar-2010
442008Ecological Function in Rivers: Insights from Crossdisciplinary ScienceMika, Sarah ; Boulton, Andrew John ; Ryder, Darren ; Keating, Daniel14-Oct-2009
452008Turbulence and Train Wrecks: Using Knowledge Strategies to Enhance the Application of Integrative River Science to Effective River ManagementBoulton, Andrew ; Piegay, H; Sanders, M D20-Jun-2011
462008Effects of Drought on Stream Insects and its Ecological ConsequencesBoulton, Andrew ; Lake, PS14-Nov-2011
472007Field Methods for Monitoring Surface/Groundwater Hydroecological Interactions in Aquatic EcosystemsBoulton, Andrew 23-Mar-2010
482007Hyporheic rehabilitation in rivers: restoring vertical connectivityBoulton, Andrew John 2-Dec-2010
492007Deliberate omission or unfortunate oversight: Should stygofaunal surveys be included in routine groundwater monitoring programs?Tomlinson, Moya ; Boulton, Andrew John ; Hancock, Peter J ; Cook, P G6-May-2009
502007Hyporheic inverterbrate community composition in streams of varying salinity in southwestern Australia: Diversity peaks at intermediate thresholdsBoulton, Andrew John ; Marmonier, P; Sarriquet, P-E X15-May-2009

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