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16-Jun-2023Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Duck: Understanding the Influence of Hydrology on Trophic Dynamics and Resource Provision in a Managed Wetland to Inform Optimal Water ManagementFrost, Lindsey Kay; Mika, Sarah ; Growns, Ivor ; Southwell, Mark 9-Aug-2023
221-Mar-2022Change in beta diversity of riverine fish during and after supra-seasonal droughtRolls, Robert J ; Chessman, Bruce C; Heino, Jani; Wolfenden, Ben; Thurtell, Lisa A; Cheshire, Katherine J M; Ryan, David; Butler, Gavin; Growns, Ivor ; Curwen, Graeme11-May-2022
32022Long-term intervention monitoring in the Gwydir River Selected Area: The influence of hydrology on channel aquatic invertebrates.Tsoi, Wing Iris ; Growns, Ivor ; Frazier, Paul ; Mika, Sarah ; Ryder, Darren 27-Mar-2023
41-Dec-2021Consequences of hydrological alteration for beta diversity of fish assemblages at multiple spatial scalesRolls, Robert J ; Chessman, Bruce C; Heino, Jani; Wolfenden, Ben; Growns, Ivor O ; Cheshire, Katherine J M; Curwen, Graeme; Ryan, David; Butler, Gavin L25-Nov-2021
52021Semi-supervised delineation of riparian Macrogroups in plot deficient regions within eastern Australia using generalised dissimilarity modellingHunter, John T ; Growns, Ivor 16-Sep-2021
62021The influence of landscape-level factors on the abundance and diversity of diapausing wetland (lagoon) microinvertebratesGrowns, I ; Frost, L ; Hunter, J T ; Mika, S 17-Feb-2021
721-Jun-2020The basal food sources for Murray cod (Maccullochella peelii) in wetland mesocosmsGrowns, Ivor ; Ryder, Darren ; Frost, Lindsey 21-Sep-2021
8Jun-2020The use of fatty acid lipids in freshwater ecological researchGrowns, Ivor ; Frost, Lindsey ; Ryder, Darren ; McInerney, Paul; Bond, Nick; Lester, Rebecca9-Sep-2021
921-May-2020The use of fatty acids to identify food sources of secondary consumers in wetland mesocosmsGrowns, Ivor ; Ryder, Darren ; McInerney, Paul; Bond, Nick; Holt, Galen; Lester, Rebecca; Thompson, Ross21-Sep-2021
10Jan-2020Patterns of invertebrate emergence and succession in flooded wetland mesocosmsGrowns, I ; Lewis, S ; Ryder, D ; Tsoi, W ; Vincent, B 16-Sep-2021
1127-Aug-2019The genus Rhabdomastix Skuse in Australia (Diptera: Tipuloidea: Limoniidae)Theischinger, Günther; Billingham, Zacariah D; Martin, John; Growns, Ivor 3-May-2022
12Mar-2019Sequential fishways reconnect a coastal river reflecting restored migratory pathways for an entire fish communityRourke, Meaghan L; Robinson, Wayne; Baumgartner, Lee J; Doyle, Jonathon; Growns, Ivor ; Thiem, Jason D3-May-2022
134-Oct-2018Ozeoura-a new genus of Chioneinae (Insecta: Diptera: Tipuloidea: Limoniidae) from AustraliaTheischinger, Gunthe; Billingham, Zacariah D; Growns, Ivor 21-Sep-2021
14May-2018Scaling biodiversity responses to hydrological regimesRolls, Robert J ; Heino, Jani; Ryder, Darren S ; Chessman, Bruce C; Growns, Ivor O ; Thompson, Ross M; Gido, Keith B21-Sep-2021
152017The effects of altered flow and bed sediment on macroinvertebrates in stream mesocosmsGrowns, Ivor ; Murphy, John F; Jones, J Iwan3-May-2022
162017Climatically driven change in soil carbon across a basalt landscape is restricted to non-agricultural land use systemsWilson, Brian ; King, Dacre; Growns, Ivor ; Veeragathipillai, Manoharan25-May-2017
172014Freshwater macroinvertebrates of Lord Howe IslandGrowns, Ivor ; Ryder, Darren ; Kobayashi, Tsuyoshi; Garcia, Adrianna5-May-2015
182013Reach-scale biogeochemistry within agricultural streams: interactions with riparian vegetation, channel geomorphology and hydrologyStewart, Morag ; Ryder, Darren ; Growns, Ivor ; Frazier, Paul 1-Oct-2013
192013Fish recruitment in rivers with modified discharge depends on the interacting effects of flow and thermal regimesRolls, Robert J; Growns, Ivor ; Khan, Tariq A; Wilson, Glenn ; Ellison, Tanya; Prior, Andrea; Waring, Caroline C7-Apr-2014
202012Effects of experimental environmental flow release on the diet of fish in a regulated coastal Australian riverRolls, Robert Jeremy; Boulton, Andrew J ; Growns, Ivor ; Maxwell, Sally E ; Ryder, Darren ; Westhorpe, Douglas P10-Apr-2013
212011Response by fish assemblages to an environmental flow release in a temperate coastal Australian river: a paired catchment analysisRolls, Robert Jeremy; Boulton, Andrew J ; Growns, Ivor ; Maxwell, Sally Elizabeth 19-Jul-2013
222010The effects of river regulation and response of invertebrates to a pulse flow release in the upper Hunter Catchment, NSWMaxwell, Sally Elizabeth; Boulton, Andrew ; Growns, Ivor ; Ryder, Darren 16-Jan-2012
232010Changes in soil organic carbon pool in three long-term fertility experiments with different cropping systems and inorganic and organic soil amendments in the eastern cereal belt of IndiaGhosh, Subhadip; Wilson, Brian ; Mandal, Biswapati; Ghoshal, Subrata K; Growns, Ivor 9-Dec-2011
242009The impact of individual Callitris glaucophylla (white cypress pine) trees on agricultural soils and pastures of the north-western slopes of NSW, AustraliaMcHenry, Melinda Therese; Wilson, Brian ; Lockwood, Peter ; Guppy, Christopher ; Sindel, Brian M ; Tighe, Matthew ; Growns, Ivor ; Lemon, John M9-Mar-2010
252009Ecological effects of flow regulation on fish assemblages in tributaries of the Hunter River catchment, New South Wales, AustraliaRolls, Robert Jeremy; Boulton, Andrew ; Growns, Ivor 16-Jan-2012
262009The influence of individual native trees and grazing regimes on soil properties and groundcover patterns in a temperate landscape of New South Wales, AustraliaBarnes, Phoebe ; Wilson, Brian ; Nadolny, Chris; Growns, Ivor 22-Apr-2010
272008Land-use effects on soil properties on the north-western slopes of New South Wales: Implications for soil condition assessmentWilson, Brian ; Growns, Ivor ; Lemon, J12-Dec-2011
282007Scattered native trees and soil patterns in grazing land on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, AustraliaWilson, Brian ; Growns, Ivor ; Lemon, John12-Dec-2011
292006Soil and vegetation response to thinning White Cypress Pine (Callitris glaucophylla) on the North Western Slopes of New South Wales, AustraliaMcHenry, Melinda T; Wilson, Brian ; Lemon, JM; Donnelly, DE; Growns, I 22-Sep-2011

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