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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11-Nov-2023Weathering alters the profile of trace metals and organic compounds in leachates and bioavailability extracts from microplastics of trail running shoesForster, Nicola A ; Wilson, Susan C ; Tighe, Matthew K 29-Aug-2023
226-Oct-2023An Examination of Microplastic Pollution in Protected Areas from Outdoor RecreationForster, Nicola Ann ; Tighe, Matthew ; Wilson, Susan 6-Nov-2023
32-Jul-2023An examination of microplastic pollution in protected areas from outdoor recreation - DatasetTighe, Matthew ; Wilson, Susan ; Forster, Nicola 6-Nov-2023
4Jun-2023Kinetics of coupled sorption and abiotic oxidation of antimony(III) in soilsWu, Tongliang; Liu, Cun; Cui, Peixin; Zhang, Hongjing; Hu, Sainan; Zhang, Peng; Xue, Qin; Wang, Yaodong; Feng, Chenglong; Alves, Marcelo Eduardo; Tighe, Matthew K ; Wang, Yujun28-Jun-2023
520-May-2023Microplastic pollution on hiking and running trails in Australian protected environmentsForster, Nicola A ; Wilson, Susan C ; Tighe, Matthew K 28-Jun-2023
626-Apr-2023Change YourViewTighe, Matt 22-Jul-2023
71-Apr-2023Trail running events contribute microplastic pollution to conservation and wilderness areasForster, Nicola A; Wilson, Susan C ; Tighe, Matthew K 20-Jan-2023
8Apr-2023Microplastic surface retention and mobility on hiking trailsForster, Nicola Ann ; Wilson, Susan Caroline ; Tighe, Matthew Kevin 27-Jun-2023
91-Jan-2023Arsenic and cadmium leaching in co-contaminated agronomic soil and the influence of high rainfall and amendmentsGunadasa, Sajanee G ; Tighe, Matthew K ; Wilson, Susan C 22-Jan-2023
102023Remote detection of Fusarium crown rot in broadacre bread wheat and durum wheat through use of aerial imageryBuster, M; Simpfendorfer, S; Guppy, C ; Sissons, M; Tighe, M K ; Flavel, R J 15-Sep-2023
111-Dec-2022Location, velocity, end pointTighe, Matt 22-Jul-2023
127-Sep-2022Speciation, Associations, and Geochemical Transformations of Antimony and Arsenic in a Mine-Contaminated Freshwater SystemDoherty, Steven James ; Wilson, Susan ; Sampaklis, Andrew; Tighe, Matthew ; Milan, Luke Albert 14-Nov-2023
13Sep-2022Arsenic and Cadmium and Associated Risk in Farm Soils of the Dry Zone Sri Lanka where Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu) is EndemicGunadasa, Sajanee G ; Tighe, Matthew K ; Wilson, Susan C 12-Jul-2023
1410-Aug-2022BlipcoinTighe, Matt 22-Jul-2023
1515-Jul-2022Antimony and arsenic particle size distribution in a mining contaminated freshwater river: Implications for sediment quality assessment and quantifying dispersionDoherty, Steven ; Rueegsegger, Isabelle; Tighe, Matthew K ; Milan, Luke A ; Wilson, Susan C 18-May-2022
1620-Apr-2022Examining sampling protocols for microplastics on recreational trailsForster, Nicola A; Wilson, Susan C ; Tighe, Matthew K 2-Mar-2022
172022Local knowledge, perceptions and the cultural significance of the Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) in the Himalayan Kingdom of BhutanDorji, Sangay; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Tighe, Matthew ; Vernes, Karl 13-May-2022
18Dec-2021Long-range spatial variability in sediment associations and solid-phase speciation of antimony and arsenic in a mining-impacted river systemDoherty, Steven ; Tighe, Matthew K ; Milan, Luke A ; Johannessen, Bernt; Mitchell, Valerie; Hamilton, Jessica; Johnston, Scott G; Wilson, Susan C 22-Nov-2021
1910-Nov-2021Goldbergian physicsTighe, Matt 22-Jul-2023
202-Nov-2021Augmented Portable X-ray Fluorescence Technology for Application to Soils: Towards Modular Soil-Specific pXRF Instrumentation for SOC QuantificationRavansari, Roozbeh Naghshi ; Tighe, Matthew ; Wilson, Susan 27-Nov-2023
21Nov-2021Sensitivity of Freshwater Australian Bass (Macquaria novemaculeata) and Silver Perch (Bidyanus bidyanus) to Waterborne Antimony: Exposure-Dose-Response Characteristics and Ion HomeostasisObiakor, Maximilian Obinna ; Tighe, Matthew K ; Pereg, Lily ; Taylor, Anne M; Maher, William; Krikowa, Frank; Wilson, Susan C 22-Nov-2021
22Oct-2021A pilot in vivo evaluation of Sb(III) and Sb(V) genotoxicity using comet assay and micronucleus test on the freshwater fish, silver perch Bidyanus bidyanus (Mitchell, 1838)Obiakor, Maximilian Obinna ; Tighe, Matthew ; Pereg, Lily ; Maher, William; Taylor, Anne M; Wilson, Susan C 22-Nov-2021
2311-Aug-2021You don't get to choose entanglementTighe, Matt 20-Jul-2023
2411-Mar-2021Augmented Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Technology for Application to Soils: Towards Modular Soil-Specific pXRF Instrumentation for SOC Quantification - DatasetRavansari, Roozbeh Naghshi ; Tighe, Matthew ; Wilson, Susan 27-Nov-2023
2510-Mar-2021Heart of the gestaltTighe, Matt 22-Jul-2023
262-Mar-2021Arsenic and Cadmium Co-Contamination in Agronomic Soils: Risks and Options for ManagementHene Kapuralalage, Sajanee Ganga Gunadasa ; Wilson, Susan ; Tighe, Matthew 12-Dec-2023
271-Feb-2021High water availability in drought tolerant crops is driven by root engineering of the soil micro-habitatRabbi, Sheikh M F ; Tighe, Matthew K ; Warren, Charles R; Zhou, Yi; Denton, Matthew D; Barbour, Margaret M; Young, Iain 28-Apr-2021
2815-Jan-2021Rapid PXRF soil organic carbon and organic matter assessment using novel modular radiation detector assemblyRavansari, Roozbeh ; Wilson, Susan C ; Wilson, Brian R ; Tighe, Matthew 4-Mar-2021
292021Speciation and mobility of antimony and arsenic in a highly contaminated freshwater system and the influence of extreme drought conditionsDoherty, Steven ; Tighe, Matthew K ; Milan, Luke A ; Lisle, Leanne ; Leech, Calvin ; Johannessen, Bernt; Mitchell, Valerie; Hamilton, Jessica; Johnston, Scott G; Wilson, Susan C 6-Mar-2022
3015-Nov-2020Microplastics in soils of wilderness areas: What is the significance of outdoor clothing and footwear?Forster, Nicola A; Tighe, Matthew K ; Wilson, Susan C 3-Mar-2021
319-Sep-2020Universes all the way downTighe, Matt 22-Jul-2023
32Apr-2020Bioaccessibility constrains the co-composting bioremediation of field aged PAH contaminated soilsLeech, Calvin; Tighe, Matthew K ; Pereg, Lily ; Winter, Gal ; McMillan, Mary ; Esmaeili, Atefeh ; Wilson, Susan C 17-Jun-2020
337-Feb-2020Structure and Function of a Central West Plains Grazed Grassland Hill SlopeTaylor, David Arthur; Reid, Nicholas ; Tighe, Matthew ; Hacker, Ron; Tongway, David 8-Jan-2024
34Jan-2020Portable X-ray fluorescence for environmental assessment of soils: Not just a point and shoot methodRavansari, Roozbeh ; Wilson, Susan C ; Tighe, Matthew 7-Mar-2021
352020Local knowledge and attitude towards the Vulnerable Bhutan takin Budorcas whitei among residents living within its seasonal rangeSangay, Tiger; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Vernes, Karl ; Tighe, Matthew 28-Mar-2019
363-Sep-2019Transformation of Calcium Phosphates in Alkaline Vertisols by Acidified IncubationAndersson, Karl O ; Tighe, Matthew K ; Guppy, Christopher N ; Milham, Paul J ; McLaren, Timothy L; Schefe, Cassandra R; Lombi, Enzo; Lisle, Leanne M; Klysubun, Wantana21-Apr-2021
3727-Jul-2019Antimony Causes Mortality and Induces Mutagenesis in the Soil Functional Bacterium Azospirillum brasilense Sp7Obiakor, Maximilian Obinna ; Wilson, Susan C ; Tighe, Matthew ; Pereg, Lily 3-Mar-2021
388-Jul-2019Hydrocarbon and Metal Pollution of Eastern Niger Delta Ecosystems: Geographies of Impact and Contamination Assessment of Aquatic Foodchains in Rural CommunitiesUmoren, Etido Paul; Wilson, Susan ; Tighe, Matthew ; Wilson, Glenn 11-Jan-2024
39Jul-2019Understanding primate-human interaction: Socioeconomic correlates of local awareness and attitude toward the endangered golden langur Trachypithecus geei (Khajuria, 1956) in BhutanThinley, Phuntsho ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Tighe, Matthew ; Vernes, Karl ; Norbu, Tshewang; Dorji, Rinchen; Tenzin, Sangay2-Jul-2019
40Jun-2019Soil properties on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island: Fundamental indicators of ecosystem function and potential changeWilson, Brian R ; Wilson, Susan C ; Sindel, Brian ; Williams, Laura K; Hawking, Kirsten L; Shaw, Justine; Tighe, Matthew ; Hua, Quan; Kristiansen, Paul 8-Apr-2020
41Feb-2019Optimization of portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for the assessment of soil total copper concentrations: application at an ancient smelting siteRogan, Georgia; Tighe, Matthew ; Grave, Peter ; Kealhofer, Lisa ; Yukongdi, Pakpadee; Wilson, Susan C 17-Jan-2019
4221-Dec-2018The impact of carbon addition on the organisation of rhizosheath of chickpeaRabbi, Sheikh M F ; Tighe, Matthew K ; Knox, Oliver ; Young, Iain M 13-Jul-2020
43Aug-2018Colorimetrically determining total antimony in contaminated waters and screening for antimony speciationTighe, M ; Edwards, M M ; Cluley, G ; Lisle, L ; Wilson, S C 11-Mar-2019
4414-Apr-2018Ecotoxicity Assessment for Antimony Pollution in Contaminated EcosystemsObiakor, Maximilian Obinna ; Wilson, Susan ; Tighe, Matthew ; Pereg, Lily 23-Jan-2024
4514-Apr-2018An Examination of Co-Composting Aged Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Contaminated Manufactured Gas Plant SoilsLeech, Calvin Douglas ; Wilson, Susan ; Pereg, Lily ; Tighe, Matthew 23-Jan-2024
461-Apr-2018Geochemical fingerprinting as a tool for repatriating poached dinosaur fossils in Mongolia: A case study for the Nemegt Locality, Gobi DesertFanti, F; Bell, P R ; Tighe, M ; Milan, L A ; Dinelli, E23-Jun-2021
472-Feb-2018An examination of co-composting aged polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contaminated Manufactured Gas Plant soilsLeech, Calvin; Wilson, Susan ; Tighe, Matthew ; Pereg, Lily 2-Feb-2018
482018Plant roots redesign the rhizosphere to alter the three-dimensional physical architecture and water dynamicsRabbi, Sheikh M F; Tighe, Matthew ; Flavel, Richard ; Kaiser, Brent N; Guppy, Christopher ; Zhang, Xiaoxian; Young, Iain 26-Jun-2018
492018High soil acidity under native shrub encroachment in the Cobar Pediplain, south-eastern AustraliaTighe, M ; Reid, N ; Wilson, B R ; McHenry, M T19-May-2021
502018Georeferenced soil provenancing with digital signaturesTighe, Matthew ; Forster, Nicola; Guppy, Christopher ; Savage, D G; Grave, Peter ; Young, I26-Feb-2018

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