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1Aug-2023Microbiology at Home (M@H): an Online, Self-Paced Solution To Enhance Practical Skills in Foundation MicrobiologyWinter, Gal ; Ketheesan, Natkunam 8-Jun-2024
224-Mar-2023The Hydroponic Rockwool Root Microbiome: Under Control or Underutilised?Thomas, Phil ; Knox, Oliver G G ; Powel, Jeff R; Sindel, Brian ; Winter, Gal 26-Jun-2023
32023Cattle–compost–soil: The transfer of antibiotic resistance in livestock agricultureAbbas, Fadhel; Thomas, Phil ; Cully‐Duse, Bianca; Andronicos, Nicholas M ; Winter, Gal 15-Jul-2024
42023A new hub-and-spoke biology curriculum designed around interdisciplinary laboratory practical sessions to enhance student employabilityWinter, Gal ; Ketheesan, Natkunam; Andronicos, Nicholas M 15-Jul-2024
52023Soil Microbiome analysisWinter Ziv, Gal 2-Aug-2023
62023The ‘at-home’ campus: self-paced solutions to engage online students in learning via practical experiencesO'Neill, Kristy ; Winter, Gal 22-Jan-2024
71-Jul-2022Fungi and Fluoxetine: Effect of Fluoxetine on the Human MycobiomeMorgan, Rebecca; Winter, Gal 26-Jun-2023
87-May-2021Molecular Assessment of Soil Microbial Function and Community Response Under Differing Soil Management PracticesAldorri, Sind Shamel Omer; McMillan, Mary ; Jones, Graham Lloyd ; Winter Ziv, Gal 5-Dec-2023
923-Feb-2021Investigating Contradictory Findings Related to Auxin and Thousand-Grain Weight 6 (TGW6) Gene and their Relationship with Grain Weight in WheatKabir, Muhammed Rezwan ; Nonhebel, Heather ; Backhouse, David ; Winter Ziv, Gal 7-Dec-2023
102021Expression of key auxin biosynthesis genes correlates with auxin and starch content of developing wheat (Triticum aestivum) grainsKabir, Muhammed Rezwan ; Nonhebel, Heather M ; Backhouse, David ; Winter, Gal 26-Jun-2023
11Nov-2020Molecular assessment of soil microbial function and community response under differing soil management practicesAldorri, Sind Shamel Omer; McMillan, Mary ; Winter Ziv, Gal ; Jones, Graham 5-Dec-2023
12Jul-2020Gut Microbiome and Depression: Bidirectional Communication and Implications for TreatmentWinter, Gal ; Hart, Robert A ; Charlesworth, Richard P G ; Sharpley, Christopher 7-Oct-2020
13Apr-2020Bioaccessibility constrains the co-composting bioremediation of field aged PAH contaminated soilsLeech, Calvin; Tighe, Matthew K ; Pereg, Lily ; Winter, Gal ; McMillan, Mary ; Esmaeili, Atefeh ; Wilson, Susan C 17-Jun-2020
142020Investigating contradictory findings related to auxin and THOUSAND-GRAIN WEIGHT 6 (TGW6) gene and their relationship with grain weight in wheat - DatasetKabir, Muhammed Rezwan ; Nonhebel, Heather M ; Backhouse, David ; Winter, Gal 7-Dec-2023
152020Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and Celiac disease - coincidence or causation?Charlesworth, Richard P G ; Winter, Gal 17-Jun-2020
16Sep-2019Storage and handling of human faecal samples affect the gut microbiome composition: A feasibility studyEzzy, Alan C ; Hagstrom, Amanda D ; George, Chris; Hamlin, Adam S ; Pereg, Lily ; Murphy, Aron J ; Winter, Gal 15-Jun-2020
1727-Mar-2019A review on the relation between soil and mycotoxins: Effect of aflatoxin on field, food and financeWinter, Gal ; Pereg, Lily 17-Jun-2020
182019A review of the antimicrobial side of antidepressants and its putative implications on the gut microbiomeMcGovern, Abigail S ; Hamlin, Adam S ; Winter, Gal 16-Jun-2020
192018Gut microbiome and depression: what we know and what we need to knowWinter, Gal ; Hart, Robert ; Charlesworth, Richard ; Sharpley, Christopher 20-Aug-2018
202017Quantitative analysis of aromatics for synthetic biology using liquid chromatographyLai, Bin; Plan, Manuel R; Averesch, Nils J H; Yu, Shiqin; Kracke, Frauke; Lekieffre, Nicolas; Bydder, Sarah; Hodson, Mark P; Winter, Gal ; Kromer, Jens O23-Apr-2017
212016Production of 'para'-aminobenzoic acid from different carbon-sources in engineered 'Saccharomyces cerevisiae'Averesch, Nils J H; Winter, Gal ; Kromer, Jens O18-Apr-2017
222016Metabolic Engineering of 'Pseudomonas putida' KT2440 for the Production of 'para'-Hydroxy Benzoic AcidYu, Shiqin; Plan, Manuel R; Winter, Gal ; Kromer, Jens O18-Apr-2017
232015Quorum-sensing linked RNA interference for dynamic metabolic pathway control in 'Saccharomyces cerevisiae'Williams, T C; Averesch, N J H; Winter, Gal ; Plan, M R; Vickers, C E; Nielsen, L K; Kromer, J O18-Apr-2017
242014Formation of Hydrogen Sulfide from Cysteine in 'Saccharomyces cerevisiae' BY4742: Genome Wide Screen Reveals a Central Role of the VacuoleWinter, Gal ; Cordente, Antonio G; Curtin, Chris18-Apr-2017
252014In vivo instability of chorismate causes substrate loss during fermentative production of aromaticsWinter, Gal ; Averesch, Nils J H; Nunez-Bernal, Dariela; Kromer, Jens O17-Jun-2020
267-Mar-2013Method for Hydrogen Sulfide DetectionWinter Ziv, Gal ; Curtin, Christopher Daniel16-Jun-2020
272013Fluxomics - connecting 'omics analysis and phenotypesWinter, Gal ; Kromer, Jens O18-Apr-2017
282012'In situ' high throughput method for H2S detection during micro-scale wine fermentationWinter, Gal ; Curtin, Chris18-Apr-2017
292011Contribution of cysteine and glutathione conjugates to the formation of the volatile thiols 3-mercaptohexan-1-ol (3MH) and 3-mercaptohexyl acetate (3MHA) during fermentation by 'Saccharomyces cerevisiae'Winter, Gal ; Van Der Westhuizen, T; Higgins, V J; Curtin, C; Ugliano, M18-Apr-2017
302011Effects of rehydration nutrients on H2S metabolism and formation of volatile sulfur compounds by the wine yeast VL3Winter, Gal ; Henschke, Paul A; Higgins, Vincent J; Ugliano, Maurizio; Curtin, Chris D18-Apr-2017
312008Monitoring Autophagy in Yeast using FM 4‐64 FluorescenceJourno, Dikla; Winter, Gal ; Abeliovich, Hagai1-Jun-2017
322008Caffeine induces macroautophagy and confers a cytocidal effect on food spoilage yeast in combination with benzoic acidWinter, Gal ; Hazan, Reut; Bakalinsky, Alan T; Abeliovich, Hagai31-May-2017
332006Aup1p, a Yeast Mitochondrial Protein Phosphatase Homolog, Is Required for Efficient Stationary Phase Mitophagy and Cell SurvivalTal, Ruth; Winter, Gal ; Ecker, Nitai; Klionsky, Daniel J; Abeliovich, Hagai31-May-2017

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