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126-Oct-2023Bridging the Educational Gap in Saudi Female Accounting Teaching PracticesAlhawsawi, Maram Ahmed A; Bayerlein, Leopold ; Fisher, Josephine 6-Nov-2023
212-Jul-2023Bridging the Educational Gap in Saudi Female Accounting Teaching Practices - DatasetAlhawsawi, Maram Ahmed A; Bayerlein, Leopold 6-Nov-2023
326-Apr-2022The Crown land accounting dilemma in New South Wales local governmentIvannikov, Igor ; Dollery, Brian ; Bayerlein, Leopold 11-May-2022
422-Mar-2022Undergraduate Accounting Curriculum in Saudi Arabia: Perceptions of Academics and PractitionersAlowaimer, Osama Hamad M; Bayerlein, Leopold ; Adapa, Sujana 20-Nov-2023
52022Using technology platforms for work-integrated learningBayerlein, Leopold ; Dean, Bonnie A; Perkiss, Stephanie; Jeske, Deborah4-Feb-2022
61-Mar-2021Facilitating accountability in corporate sustainability reporting through Spotlight AccountingPerkiss, Stephanie; Bayerlein, Leopold ; Dean, Bonnie5-Feb-2021
72021Internships and Co-OpsBayerlein, Leopold 7-Nov-2022
82021Developing skills in higher education for post-pandemic workBayerlein, Leopold ; Hora, Matthew T; Dean, Bonnie A; Perkiss, Stephanie7-Oct-2021
92021Accreditation without Impact: The Case of Accreditation by Professional Accounting Bodies in AustraliaTimpson, Mel; Bayerlein, Leopold 23-Jul-2020
10Nov-2020Advancing Sustainability Education in Business Studies through Digital Service LearningPerkiss, Stephanie; Anastasiadis, Stephanos; Bayerlein, Leopold ; Dean, Bonnie; Jun, Hannah; Acosta, Pilar; Gonzalez-Perez, Maria Alejandra; Wersun, Alec; Gibbons, Belinda30-Nov-2020
11Jun-2020Developing and Presenting a Framework for Meeting Industry, Student and Educator Expectations in University DegreesVitale, Connie; Bowyer, Dorothea; Bayerlein, Leopold 15-Jul-2020
127-May-2020Teaching sustainability: complexity and compromisesAnastasiadis, Stephanos; Perkiss, Stephanie; Dean, Bonnie A; Bayerlein, Leopold ; Gonzalez-Perez, Maria Alejandra; Wersun, Alec; Acosta, Pilar; Jun, Hannah; Gibbons, Belinda15-Jul-2020
132020The Impact of Prior Work-Experience on Student Learning Outcomes in Simulated InternshipsBayerlein, Leopold 29-Oct-2020
14Nov-2019An exploration of student learning for sustainability through the WikiRate student engagement projectWersun, Alec; Dean, Bonnie Amelia; Mills, Richard; Perkiss, Stephanie; Acosta, Pilar; Anastasiadis, Stephanos; Gibbons, Belinda; Gonzalez-Perez, Maria Alejandra; Heithaus, Theresa; Jun, Hannah; Mesicek, Roman H; Bayerlein, Leopold 30-Oct-2019
1510-Jun-2019Seeking diversity? Consider virtual internshipsKraft, Carina; Jeske, Debora; Bayerlein, Leopold 11-Nov-2019
162019Learning Experientially for Corporate Contribution to Global Sustainable Development: International Applications of the WikiRate ProjectPerkiss, Stephanie; Dean, Bonnie Amelia; Gonzalez-Perez, Maria Alejandra; Heithaus, Theresa; Acosta, Pilar; Mills, Richard ; Gibbons, Belinda; Anastasiadis, Stephanos; Bayerlein, Leopold ; Jun, Hannah; Mesicek, Roman H; Wersun, Alec11-Nov-2019
172018Student learning opportunities in traditional and computer-mediated internshipsBayerlein, Leopold ; Jeske, Deborah18-Jan-2018
182018Collaborating for success: an analysis of the working relationship between academics and educational development professionalsBayerlein, Leopold ; McGrath, Naomi 5-Jun-2018
192018The potential of computer-mediated internships for higher educationBayerlein, Leopold ; Jeske, Deborah5-Jun-2018
202017Do accredited undergraduate accounting programmes in Australia meet the needs and expectations of the accounting profession?Bayerlein, Leopold ; Timpson, Mel24-May-2017
21Jun-2015Examining the impact of shade on above-ground biomass and normalized difference vegetation index of C3 and C4 grass species in North-Western NSW, AustraliaBarnes, P ; Wilson, B R ; Reid, N ; Bayerlein, L ; Koen, T B; Olupot, G7-May-2015
222015Curriculum innovation in undergraduate accounting degree programmes through "virtual internships"Bayerlein, Leopold 2-Sep-2015
232015Are User Perceptions of Chairman Addresses Managed through Syntactical Complexity and Rationalisation?Bayerlein, Leopold ; Davidson, Paul2-Jul-2015
242014Students' feedback preferences: how do students react to timely and automatically generated assessment feedback?Bayerlein, Leopold 22-Oct-2014
252013Engaging online students through the gamification of learning materials: The present and the futureMcGrath, Naomi ; Bayerlein, Leopold 8-Jan-2014
262013Characteristics of Financial Reporting Quality: A Holistic Assessment of Financial Outcomes and Communication PracticesBayerlein, Leopold ; Yarram, Subba ; Cooksey, Ray30-Sep-2013
272012Influence of a mandatory IFRS adoption on accounting practice: Evidence from Australia, Hong Kong and the United KingdomBayerlein, Leopold ; Farooque, Omar 12-Jul-2012
282011The patterns of grazed pasture associated with scattered trees across an Australian temperate landscape: an investigation of pasture quantity and qualityBarnes, Phoebe ; Wilson, Brian ; Trotter, Mark ; Lamb, David ; Reid, Nick ; Koen, Terry; Bayerlein, Leopold 28-Sep-2011
292011Does Connotation Influence Readability and Obfuscation Of Narrative Financial Reporting Information?Bayerlein, Leopold ; Davidson, Paul John19-Mar-2012
302011The influence of connotation on readability and obfuscation in Australian chairman addressesBayerlein, Leopold ; Davidson, Paul John19-Mar-2012
312010Positive versus Negative News: Readability and Obfuscation in Financial ReportsBayerlein, Leopold 8-Jul-2011
322009Financial Reporting Harmonisation Of Selected Items: Evidence From Australia, Hong Kong And The United KingdomBayerlein, Leopold ; Farooque, Omar 13-Apr-2010
332009Does the IFRS Adoption in Selected Countries Coincide with a Harmonisation of Accounting for Deferred Tax and Goodwill?Bayerlein, Leopold ; Farooque, Omar 22-Mar-2010

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