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111-Dec-2023'Forming a Circular Wharf’: The Economic, Political, and Technical Challenges of Constructing Circular Quay, 1836-1860Lindsay, Elizabeth; Allen, Matthew ; Piper, Andrew Kenneth ; Wise, Nathan Craig 2-Jan-2024
226-Oct-2023Kempsey, New South Wales : How social and political divisions in Kempsey’s early history impacted the town’s economic and environmental development to 1865, and its ongoing susceptibility to disasterGartshore, Heather ; Bartel, Robyn ; Piper, Andrew Kenneth ; Roberts, David Andrew ; Wise, Nathan Craig 7-Nov-2023
314-Mar-2023The Inculcative Power of Australian Cadet Corps Uniforms in the 1900s and 1910sWise, Nathan ; Hackett, Lisa J 21-Jul-2023
43-Nov-2022For Self and Community: The Influence of Selected Voluntary Associations in Victorian Country Towns, 1851-1900Monro, Helen Mary; Piper, Andrew ; Wise, Nathan 9-Nov-2023
524-Oct-2022Adapting Fingerprints Within the NSW Police Force: An Historical Examination of the Geographical Barriers and Implications for Rural and Regional PolicingWise, Jenny ; Wise, Nathan 28-Jun-2023
65-Jul-2022Life After War: The Ongoing Contributions of Queensland’s First World Nurses After the WarDoherty, Margaret Anne; Wise, Nathan ; Roberts, David Andrew 31-Aug-2022
71-Jul-2021Foundational fictions in South Australian history; Pens and Bayonets: Letters from the front by soldiers of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, during the great war; Valour and violets: South Australia in the great war [Book reviews]Wise, Nathan 24-Jun-2022
82021Matthew Haultain-Gall on Australia's memory of Messines and Third YpresWise, Nathan 24-Jun-2022
92021'A good faithful pal': working relationships between humans and horses during the First World WarWise, Nathan 21-Jun-2022
102021Workforce Preparation and EmployabilityWise, Nathan 22-Jun-2022
114-Nov-2020Defending the Nest: A History and Analysis of Airfield Defence Policy in the Royal Australian Air ForceCarwardine, Sean Stuart; Warwick, Nigel ; Wise, Nathan ; Holman, Brett 21-Dec-2020
1228-Apr-2020'Cooee': The Theme of Distance in Australian Recruitment Posters during World War IWise, Nathan 24-Jun-2022
131-Jan-2018The crying years: Australia's great war [Book review]Wise, Nathan 24-Jun-2022
141-Jan-2018Settlers, War, and Empire in the Press: Unsettling News in Australia and Britain, 1863-1902 [Book review]Wise, Nathan 24-Jun-2022
152018TLO 5: Examine Historical Issues by Undertaking Research According to the Methodological and Ethical Conventions of the DisciplineWise, Nathan ; Roberts, David ; Barker, Lorina 2-Jul-2018
162018Comparative Mutinies: Case Studies of Working-Class Agency in the 2nd Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1863, and the Australian Imperial Force, 1918Wise, Nathan 12-Jun-2018
178-Apr-2017A History of the New South Wales War Service Land Settlement (WSLS) Scheme (1946-1960)O'Rourke, Francis Kingsley; Ihde, Erin ; Wise, Nathan ; Oppenheimer, Melanie 17-Mar-2023
182017The Pursuit of Justice: The Military Moral Economy in the USA, Australia, and Great Britain - 1861-1945Wise, Nathan 8-May-2018
192017Online Scholarly Engagement with the Australian Pilgrim: The Case of the Australian History - International Explorer GuideWise, Nathan ; Wheatley, Rebecca21-Jun-2022
202017アンザックの記憶Wise, Nathan ; Sugano, Motoko; Kadota, Risa14-Feb-2019
212016FIGHTING FIT: A History of Innovation in the Australian Government Clothing Factory and in the Transformation of the Australian Army Uniform, 1912-1995van Mosseveld, Johanna Maria Sophia; Wise, Nathan ; Ihde, Erin 26-Mar-2018
222016In the Shadow of Anzac: Labour Historiography of the First World War in AustraliaHolbrook, Carolyn; Wise, Nathan 9-Aug-2016
232015"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die": Concepts of justice in George R R Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire'McGovern, Alyce; Wise, Jenny ; Wise, Nathan 29-Sep-2015
242015Labour Movements, Trade Unions and Strikes (Australia)Wise, Nathan 25-May-2015
252015Review of Erik-Jan Zürcher, ed., 'Fighting for a Living: A Comparative History of Military Labour 1500-2000' (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2013). pp. 688. €79.00 cloth.Wise, Nathan 25-May-2015
262014An Intimate History of Digging in the Australian Army during the Kokoda Campaign of 1942Wise, Nathan 19-Feb-2015
272014El uso de los sentimientos nacionales de aislamiento y abandono en la cartelería australiana de reclutamiento de la Primera Guerra MundialWise, Nathan 31-May-2017
282014Anzac Labour: Workplace Cultures in the Australian Imperial Force during the First World WarWise, Nathan 18-Dec-2014
292014Review of John A. Moses and George F. Davis, 'Anzac Day Origins: Canon D. J. Garland and Trans-Tasman Commemoration': Barton Books, Barton, 2013, pbk, ISBN 9781921577 16 1, xxxii, 417 ppWise, Nathan 5-Sep-2014
302014Job Skill, Manliness and Working Relationships in the Australian Imperial Force during World War IWise, Nathan 29-Aug-2014
312013Review of John Connor, 'Anzac and Empire; George Foster Pearce and the Foundations of Australian Defence (Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 2011). pp. 248. $59.95, clothWise, Nathan 4-Mar-2014
322013Attrition in the Digital Age: Reminders from the LiteratureReed, Kate; Wise, Nathan ; Tynan, Belinda; Bossu, Carina 4-Mar-2014
332012Shadows of the Great War: Group Soldier Settlement in Greater Sydney, 1917-1939Allison, Glenys Maree; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wise, Nathan 18-Apr-2012
342012'Dig, dig, dig, until you are safe': constructing the Australian trenches on GallipoliWise, Nathan 4-May-2012
352012The lived experience of distance students: Individuality, mobility, connectedness, quality and resourcefulnessAndrews, Patricia Marguerite; Tynan, Belinda; Wise, Nathan 3-Aug-2012
362012The Myth of Classlessness in the Australian Imperial ForceWise, Nathan 7-Nov-2012
372011'In military parlance I suppose we were mutineers': Industrial Relations in the Australian Imperial Force during World War IWise, Nathan 21-Feb-2012
382011Kizmet: the Fate of the Australian Gallipoli POWsLawless, Jennifer; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wise, Nathan 5-Aug-2011
392011The DEHub Virtual Learning Space: A Niche Social Network Community of PracticeWise, Nathan ; Tynan, Belinda27-Jun-2012
402010Addressing the Challenges of the National CurriculumWise, Nathan 22-Jun-2011
412010Playing soldiers: Sydney private school cadet corps and the Great WarWise, Nathan 17-May-2011
422007Fighting a Different Enemy: Social Protests against Authority in the Australian Imperial Force during World War IWise, Nathan 10-Jul-2009
432007The Lost Labour Force: Working-Class Approaches to Military Service During the Great WarWise, Nathan 13-Jul-2009
442006'Same Old Dope, Dodging Work': The Working Class in the Military, 1914-1918Wise, Nathan 17-Jun-2011

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