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12010Addressing the Challenges of the National CurriculumWise, Nathan 
22014Anzac Labour: Workplace Cultures in the Australian Imperial Force during the First World WarWise, Nathan 
32013Attrition in the Digital Age: Reminders from the LiteratureReed, Kate; Wise, Nathan ; Tynan, Belinda; Bossu, Carina 
42018Comparative Mutinies: Case Studies of Working-Class Agency in the 2nd Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1863, and the Australian Imperial Force, 1918Wise, Nathan 
52011The DEHub Virtual Learning Space: A Niche Social Network Community of PracticeWise, Nathan ; Tynan, Belinda
62012'Dig, dig, dig, until you are safe': constructing the Australian trenches on GallipoliWise, Nathan 
72014El uso de los sentimientos nacionales de aislamiento y abandono en la cartelería australiana de reclutamiento de la Primera Guerra MundialWise, Nathan 
82007Fighting a Different Enemy: Social Protests against Authority in the Australian Imperial Force during World War IWise, Nathan 
92011'In military parlance I suppose we were mutineers': Industrial Relations in the Australian Imperial Force during World War IWise, Nathan 
102016In the Shadow of Anzac: Labour Historiography of the First World War in AustraliaHolbrook, Carolyn; Wise, Nathan 
112014An Intimate History of Digging in the Australian Army during the Kokoda Campaign of 1942Wise, Nathan 
122014Job Skill, Manliness and Working Relationships in the Australian Imperial Force during World War IWise, Nathan 
132011Kizmet: the Fate of the Australian Gallipoli POWsLawless, Jennifer; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wise, Nathan 
142015Labour Movements, Trade Unions and Strikes (Australia)Wise, Nathan 
152012The lived experience of distance students: Individuality, mobility, connectedness, quality and resourcefulnessAndrews, Patricia Marguerite; Tynan, Belinda ; Wise, Nathan 
162007The Lost Labour Force: Working-Class Approaches to Military Service During the Great WarWise, Nathan 
172012The Myth of Classlessness in the Australian Imperial ForceWise, Nathan 
182010Playing soldiers: Sydney private school cadet corps and the Great WarWise, Nathan 
192017The Pursuit of Justice: The Military Moral Economy in the USA, Australia, and Great Britain - 1861-1945Wise, Nathan 
202015Review of Erik-Jan Zürcher, ed., 'Fighting for a Living: A Comparative History of Military Labour 1500-2000' (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2013). pp. 688. €79.00 cloth.Wise, Nathan 

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