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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11-Jul-2024We've Been Doing this for a Long Time: The Reclamation of Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge and Ways of Teaching in Contemporary Systems of the Western WorldNewham, David James; Barker, Lorina ; Brogan, Michael ; Gordon, Paul16-Jul-2024
22024AMSD: The Australian Message Stick DatabaseKelly, Piers ; Lei, Junran; Bibiko, Hans-Jo¨rg; Barker, Lorina 27-Apr-2024
3Oct-2021Nēpia Mahuika’s enlightening multisensory journey through Indigenous oral historyBarker, Lorina L 16-Jul-2024
43-Feb-2021Using Yarning as a Practice of Community FilmmakingUrquhart, Lyndsay Ann ; Barker, Lorina 13-Dec-2023
52021Rupturing the Western concept of wilderness: Restoring human relationships with place and natureBarker, Lorina L 27-Nov-2020
62019Indigenous Representation at the Eurovision Song Contest: A Quintessentially Australian IdentityCollins, Julie L ; Barker, Lorina 30-Jul-2020
72019Artstate Tamworth 2019 Rapporteurs ReportStoessel, Jason ; Barker, Lorina 25-Jun-2020
82018Aboriginal Rainmakers: A twentieth century phenomenonBarker, Lorina L 22-Jul-2020
92018Yarning up oral history: An Indigenous feminist analysisAnderson, Sue; Hamilton, Jaimee; Barker, Lorina L 30-Jul-2020
102018Water knowledge systemsWilliams, Jacqueline ; Please, Patricia ; Barker, Lorina L 22-Jul-2020
112018TLO 5: Examine Historical Issues by Undertaking Research According to the Methodological and Ethical Conventions of the DisciplineWise, Nathan ; Roberts, David ; Barker, Lorina 2-Jul-2018
122017Voice, Representation and Dirty TheoryBarker, Lorina ; Nye, Adele ; Charteris, Jennifer 21-Jul-2017
132017What Do We Want? A Political History of Aboriginal Land Rights in New South WalesBarker, Lorina 6-Jun-2024
142015Matrilineal Narratives: Learning from Voices and ObjectsNye, Adele ; Barker, Lorina ; Charteris, Jennifer 18-Nov-2016
152010Using poetry to capture the Aboriginal voice in oral history transcriptsBarker, Lorina 28-Oct-2010
162008"Hangin' out" and "Yarnin'": Reflecting on the experience of collecting oral historiesBarker, Lorina 13-Aug-2009

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Lorina Barker
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Barker, Lorina
Barker, Lorina L
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Senior Lecturer in Local, Community and Oral Histories
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School of HASS - History
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