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14-Nov-2020Defending the Nest: A History and Analysis of Airfield Defence Policy in the Royal Australian Air ForceCarwardine, Sean Stuart; Warwick, Nigel ; Wise, Nathan ; Holman, Brett 21-Dec-2020
211-Mar-2019Providing for the Royal Australian Air Force in the Defence of Australia 1934-1944: Meeting the Political and Economic Challenges in Strengthening Australia's DefencesAmar, Myriam Sarah Genevieve; Roberts, David Andrew ; Holman, Brett 18-May-2020
311-Mar-2019The People of the Valley: A Spatial History of Silicon ValleyFeain, Kathleen; Ihde, Erin ; Holman, Brett 16-Jan-2023
42017Constructing the Enemy Within: Rumours of Secret Gun Platforms and Zeppelin Bases in Britain, August-October 1914Holman, Brett 23-Feb-2017
52016The Phantom Airship Panic of 1913: Imagining Aerial Warfare in Britain before the Great WarHolman, Brett 11-Jan-2016
62016The Enemy at the Gates: The 1918 Mystery Aeroplane Panic in Australia and New ZealandHolman, Brett 4-Mar-2016
72013Dreaming war: Airmindedness and the Australian mystery aeroplane scare of 1918Holman, Brett 15-Aug-2013
82013The Shadow of the Airliner: Commercial Bombers and the Rhetorical Destruction of Britain, 1917-35Holman, Brett 9-Dec-2013
92012"Bomb Back, and Bomb Hard": Debating Reprisals during the BlitzHolman, Brett 2-May-2014
102011The Air Panic of 1935: British Press Opinion between Disarmament and RearmamentHolman, Brett 2-May-2014
112010World Police for World Peace: British Internationalism and the Threat of a Knock-out Blow from the Air, 1919-1945Holman, Brett 2-May-2014

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