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111-Dec-2023'Forming a Circular Wharf’: The Economic, Political, and Technical Challenges of Constructing Circular Quay, 1836-1860Lindsay, Elizabeth; Allen, Matthew ; Piper, Andrew Kenneth ; Wise, Nathan Craig 2-Jan-2024
29-Oct-2023The Role of Social Capital Among German Lutheran Settlers in the Colonisation of the Barossa, 1836-1856Bilney, John Daniel; Allen, Matthew ; Piper, Andrew Kenneth 10-Nov-2023
35-May-2023Delineating the Fine Line Between the Mad and the Bad: Victorian Prisons and Insane Asylums, 1856-1914Sutton, Anthea Maree; Piper, Andrew ; Allen, Matthew 25-Jan-2024
429-Jun-2022What is 'heteropessimism', and why do men and women suffer from it?Hamilton, Jennifer ; Kenny, Christina ; Joseph, Felicity ; Allen, Matt 27-Jul-2022
528-Apr-2022'Inspection, the only effective instrument of reformative management': Bentham, surveillance, and convict recidivism in early New South WalesAllen, Matthew ; Roberts, David Andrew 27-May-2022
615-Sep-2021Towards a History of Deviance: Policing Drunkenness in Mid-Nineteenth-Century New South WalesAllen, Matthew 11-Feb-2022
728-Jul-2021Convict surveillance and reform in theory and practice: Jeremy Bentham versus New South WalesAllen, Matthew 6-May-2022
8Mar-2021Problem Substances: Temperance and the Control of Addictive Drugs in Nineteenth-Century AustraliaAllen, Matthew ; Thomas, Natalie 10-Feb-2022
914-Oct-2020Shapeshifters and Identity-Switchers: Female Convicts in Free Settlement QueenslandRichardson, Jan Elizabeth Murphy; Roberts, David Andrew ; Allen, Matthew 30-Jan-2024
101-Jun-2020Convict police and the enforcement of British order: Policing the rum economy in early New South WalesAllen, Matthew 16-Jul-2020
112020Samuel Marsden: A Contested LifeAllen, Matthew 28-Jul-2020
122-Oct-2019The Punchline of 'The Joke': The Impact of Process Corruption in the Queensland Police Force, 1957-1987Bleakley, Paul James ; Allen, Matthew ; Ihde, Erin ; Kehoe, Thomas 11-Jan-2024
13Aug-2019Distilling Liberty: Reconsidering the Politics of Alcohol in Early New South WalesAllen, Matthew 16-Jul-2020
142019The failure of political temperance: The politics of no-license in Broken Hill, 1883-1914Wailes, Lyn; Allen, Matthew 20-Jul-2020
15Mar-2018The Politics of the Pew: Faith, Liberty, and Authority in a Sydney Church in 1828Allen, Matthew 16-Mar-2018
162017The Myth of the Flogging Parson: Samuel Marsden and Severity of Punishment in the Age of ReformAllen, Matt 6-Jun-2018
172015Policing a free society: Drunkenness and liberty in colonial New South WalesAllen, Matt 3-Sep-2015
182015Australia and New ZealandAllen, Matt 18-Feb-2016
192012Alcohol and authority in early New South Wales: The symbolic significance of the spirit trade, 1788-1808Allen, Matthew 7-Feb-2014
202011Sectarianism, Respectability and Cultural Identity: The St Patrick's Total Abstinence Society and Irish Catholic Temperance in mid-Nineteenth Century SydneyAllen, Matthew 7-Feb-2014

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