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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12023RMS LusitaniaMoore, Cameron 13-May-2023
22023The 'Whiskey on the Rocks' IncidentMoore, Cameron 13-May-2023
325-Nov-2022Australian Civil-Military Relations: Distinct Cultural and Constitutional FoundationsMoore, Cameron ; Brick, Jo22-Mar-2023
42022Calling out the ADF into the Grey ZoneWhite, Samuel ; Moore, Cameron 7-Dec-2022
52022Samuel White (ed), The Laws of Yesterday's Wars: From Indigenous Australians to the American Civil War, Brill Nijhoff, Leiden NL and Boston USA, 2022, 222 pp.Moore, Cameron 16-May-2023
6Dec-2021Catherine Bond, Law in War: Freedom and Restriction in Australia During the Great War Sydney, New South Press, 2020, pbk, ISBN: 978-1-74223-648-3, 272 pp: $34.99.Moore, Cameron 15-Jul-2022
7Oct-2021The Constitutional and Legal Foundations for Australian Civil-Military Relations: Continuity and Change Since FederationMoore, Cameron 26-Jul-2022
82021Freedom of Navigation and the Law of the Sea: Warships, States and the Use of ForceMoore, Cameron 3-Aug-2021
92021The Myall Creek Massacre as Part of a Broader War: War and the Common Law of the Nineteenth CenturyMoore, Cameron 20-Jul-2021
102020The Defence Strategic Update: Maritime Strategy and the LawMoore, Cameron 27-Jun-2021
117-Oct-2019The Potential Application of the Maritime Powers Act 2013 to Armed Conflicts at SeaSchaefer, Alexandra; Quadrio, Timothy; Moore, Cameron 3-Aug-2021
1228-Jun-2019Military Law and Executive PowerMoore, Cameron 28-Apr-2020
1328-Jun-2019Structure of the Australian Defence ForceMoore, Cameron 28-Apr-2020
14May-2019The Potential Role Of The Commonwealth In Responding To Catastrophic DisastersEburn, Michael; Moore, Cameron ; Gissing, Andrew25-May-2020
152017The Arbitral Award in the Matter of the South China Sea between the Philippines and ChinaMoore, Cameron 31-Oct-2017
162017Non-state actors in maritime security: An analysis of their impact on piracy, irregular migration, and illegal fishingBlokker, Vincent; Von Strokirch, Karin H; Lynch, Anthony J; Moore, Cameron 20-Mar-2018
172017Crown and Sword: Executive Power and the Use of Force by the Australian Defence ForceMoore, Cameron 16-Mar-2018
182016Waterworld: Climate change, Statehood and the right to self-determinationMoore, Cameron 3-Dec-2015
192016Review of Alison Duxbury and Matthew Groves (eds), 'Military Justice in the Modern Age' (Cambridge, 2016)Moore, Cameron 25-Nov-2017
202016Natural Resources LawMoore, Cameron 12-Apr-2016
212015The Use of ForceMoore, Cameron 4-Nov-2015
222013Review of 'The Causes of War: Volume I: 3000 BCE to 1000 CE' by Alexander Gillespie [Oxford and Portland: Hart Publishing, 2013. IX pp + 246 pp. ISBN 978-1-84946-500-7. USD 80.75]Moore, Cameron 23-Jun-2016
232013Expert Meeting: The Use of Force in Armed Conflicts: Interplay Between the Conduct of Hostilities and Law Enforcement ParadigmsGaggioli, Gloria; Abbott, Kirby; Libman, Liron; Ling, Yan; Lubell, Noam; Momtaz, Djamchid; Moore, Cameron ; Nasrallah, Milad; Piedra Buena, Claudio; Salmon, Elizabeth; Sassoli, Marco; Vianna, Andre; Chernishova, Olga; Wood, Michael; Zwanenburg, Marten; Chesney, Robert; Goldman, Robert; Gomez Ramirez, Juan Carlos; Gross, Richard; Heyns, Christof; Jackson, Richard; Kretzmer, David1-Oct-2014
242012The Australian Defence Force and the Executive PowerMoore, Cameron 30-Jan-2014
252012Great Big Hairy Bees! Regulating the European Bumblebee, 'Bombus terrestris' L. What does it say about the Precautionary Principle?Moore, Cameron ; Gross, Caroline L 26-Jun-2012
262011Piracy and the use of Force in AustraliaMoore, Cameron 1-Sep-2011
272011Maritime Regulation and EnforcementMoore, Cameron 22-Jun-2012
282010Review of 'Calling Out the Troops: The Australian Military and Civil Unrest' By Michael Head. Sydney: Federation Press, 2009. 254pp. RRP $49.95 (softcover). ISBN 978 186287 709 2.Moore, Cameron 13-Mar-2012
292010The Aims of Hybrid Tribunals: An examination of the theoretical basis for the work of the Special Panels for Serious Crimes in East TimorRyan, Alison; Moore, Cameron ; Simpson, Brian 6-Jul-2010
302010Report on the Armed Forces Law Association of New Zealand Conference: 28-30 August 2009, Wellington NZMoore, Cameron 31-Jan-2014
312010Law of the SeaMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
322010Fishery ZoneMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
332010ForceMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
342010Coastal WatersMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
352010Migration ZoneMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
362010External TerritoriesMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
372010Border Protection CommandMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
382010Territorial SeaMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
392010Contiguous ZoneMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
402010Australian WatersMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
412010Naval LawMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
422010Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)Moore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
432010Two Hundred Mile ZoneMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
442010DominionMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
452010Continental ShelfMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
462010Australian Maritime Identification System (AMIS)Moore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
472010Australian Fishing ZoneMoore, Cameron 11-Aug-2010
482010Tidal WatersMoore, Cameron 6-Dec-2011
492010Act of State Doctrine in the Antipodes: The Intersection of National and International Law in Naval Constabulary OperationsMoore, Cameron 30-Mar-2010
502010Australia's Traditional Maritime Security Concerns and Post-9/11 PerspectivesMoore, Cameron ; Rothwell, Donald R30-Mar-2010

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