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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
116-Nov-2023Using Sport to Drive Social Inclusion for Newly-Arrived Ezidi People in Regional AustraliaO'Neill, Kristy 11-Dec-2023
2Sep-2023Supporting student engagement through video in distance education: Learning in a post-pandemic worldVolpe, Catherine ; O'Neill, Kristy ; Harrington, Ingrid 31-Oct-2023
32023The ‘at-home’ campus: self-paced solutions to engage online students in learning via practical experiencesO'Neill, Kristy ; Winter, Gal 22-Jan-2024
42023School-based multidisciplinary student-led clinics in health and Australian accreditation standards: A scoping reviewMaple, Myfanwy ; O'Neill, Kristy ; Gartshore, Scott ; Clark, Jane ; White, James ; Pearce, Tania 30-Nov-2023
52023‘Relationship-Rich Education’: Promoting Student Belonging for SuccessVolpe, Cat ; Adlington, Rachael ; Harrington, Ingrid ; O'Neill, Kristy ; Grono, Stephen 30-Jan-2024
66-Dec-2022Commencing Student Success Program (CSSP)Harrington, Ingrid ; O'Neill, Kristy ; Volpe, Catherine ; Grono, Steve9-May-2023
7Dec-2022Knowledge and rurality: deconstructing geographic narcissism in educationRoberts, Philip; Downes, Natalie; Dean, Jenny; O'Neill, Kristy ; McMahon, Samantha; Reid, Jo-Anne; Poretti, Laurie; Goldsmith, Ada24-Jan-2024
8Dec-2022LEAAP - Leadership for Ezidi and Aboriginal youth in Armidale Program final reportO'Neill, Kristy ; Baker, Pep ; McCarroll, Brad9-May-2023
918-Nov-2022Building Relationships Through Learning Design as Signature Pedagogy: Re-connecting Mature-aged Online Students with EducatorsGrono, Stephen ; O'Neill, Kristy ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Volpe, Catherine Rita 28-Mar-2023
1028-Jul-2022Health and Physical Education unit redesign process and its impact on student engagement and motivationO'Neill, Kristy 19-Apr-2023
11Feb-2022The power of partnerships: Education-community collaborations to enhance lifelong physical activity among young people from newly-arrived migrant and refugee backgrounds in regional AustraliaO'Neill, Kristy ; Baker, Penelope 8-Jun-2022
1229-Mar-2021People call me "bogan": how to mend the country-city divide in higher educationDownes, Natalie; McMahon, Samantha; O'Neill, Kristy ; Roberts, Philip15-Jun-2022
132021Driving Social Inclusion through Sport and Physical Activity (DSISPA) – the Armidale newly arrived migrant, refugee and friends regional sport networkO'Neill, Kristy ; Serow, Penelope (Pep) 17-May-2022
14Nov-2020A personal reflection of the grant writing processO'Neill, Kristy 21-Jul-2022
152019"When I study, I think of myself like sticky tape": Metaphors for learning and motivation in the evaluation of a university widening participation programMcMahon, Samantha; Stacey, Meghan; Daniels-Mayes, Sheelagh; Harwood, Valerie; Hayes, Deb; Teague, Mary; Head, Katy; O'Neill, Kristy 4-Jul-2022
16Aug-2018Using theory: its influence on writingO'Neill, Kristy 17-Aug-2021
1731-May-2018Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program - Participation Component 2017 ReportTeague, Mary; Spence, Michael; O'Neill, Kristy 4-Apr-2023
182017Early developmental environment and Olympic success: historical analysis of an Australian sporting "hotspot"O'Neill, Kristy 2-Sep-2021
192016An investigation of the relative age effect amongst Olympic athletesO'Neill, Kristy ; Cotton, Wayne G; Cuadros, Juan Palomares; Donna O'Connor19-Feb-2021
20Dec-2015Early developmental environment and Olympic success: analysis of an Australian sporting "hotspot"O'Neill, Kristy 15-Oct-2021
21Jul-2012A Profile of Olympic Track and Field AthletesCotton, W G; O'Connor, D; O'Neill, K S 21-Jul-2022
22Jul-2012Factors influencing the development of Australian Olympic athletes: the impact of relative age effect and early specialisationO'Neill, K S ; Cotton, W G; O'Connor, D20-Jul-2022

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