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12023School-based multidisciplinary student-led clinics in health and Australian accreditation standards: A scoping reviewMaple, Myfanwy ; O'Neill, Kristy ; Gartshore, Scott ; Clark, Jane ; White, James ; Pearce, Tania 30-Nov-2023
2Nov-2022A Psychoeducational Support Group Intervention for People Who Have Attempted Suicide: An Open Trial with Promising Preliminary FindingsMaple, Myfanwy ; Wayland, Sarah ; Pearce, Tania ; Sanford, Rebecca; Bhullar, Navjot 27-Jun-2022
317-Oct-2022Evidence of co-creation practices in suicide prevention in government policy: a directed and summative content analysisPearce, Tania ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Wayland, Sarah ; McKay, Kathy; Shakeshaft, Anthony; Woodward, Alan31-Aug-2023
414-Apr-2022A mixed-methods systematic review of suicide prevention interventions involving multisectoral collaborationsPearce, Tania ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Wayland, Sarah ; McKay, Kathy ; Woodward, Alan; Brooks, Anna; Shakeshaft, Anthony24-Jun-2022
51-May-2021Effective Elements for Workplace Responses to Critical Incidents and Suicide: A Rapid ReviewPearce, Tania ; Bugeja, Lyndal; Wayland, Sarah ; Maple, Myfanwy 23-Jun-2022
6Jan-2021The "Front Door" to Child Protection-Issues and InnovationsLonne, Bob ; Russ, Erica ; Harrison, Celine; Morley, Louise ; Harries, Maria; Robertson, Stuart ; Pearce, Tania ; Smith, Jennifer 15-Jul-2020
726-Mar-2020Co-Creation of New Knowledge: Increasing the Research Capacity of Third Sector Organisations (TSO) - DatasetPearce, Tania ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Wayland, Sarah 11-Aug-2023
826-Mar-2020What is the Co-Creation of New Knowledge? A Content Analysis and Proposed Definition for Health InterventionsPearce, Tania ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Shakeshaft, Anthony; Wayland, Sarah ; McKay, Kathy21-Dec-2020
9Jan-2020Protocol for the evaluation of a non-clinical, community based facilitated support group for people who have previously attempted suicideMaple, Myfanwy ; Wayland, Sarah ; Pearce, Tania ; Bhullar, Navjot 27-Jun-2022
10Jul-2019Providing support following exposure to suicide: A mixed methods studyMaple, Myfanwy ; McKay, Kathy; Hess, Nicole C L ; Wayland, Sarah ; Pearce, Tania 17-Dec-2020
112019Social Work in Rural New South Wales School Settings: Addressing Inequalities Beyond the School GateMaple, Myfanwy ; Pearce, Tania ; Gartshore, Scott ; MacFarlane, Fiona; Wayland, Sarah 17-Dec-2020
126-Jul-2018'Their Futures Matter' Access System Redesign Triage and Assessment Tools "Accessing help through the front door"Lonne, Bob ; Harries, Maria; Boyle, Chris ; Harrison, Celine ; Morley, Louise ; Pearce, Tania ; Robertson, Stuart ; Russ, Erica ; Smith, Jennifer 19-Jul-2022
1316-Apr-2018Improving the evidence base for services working with youth at-risk of involvement in the criminal justice system: developing a standardised program approachKnight, Alice; Maple, Myfanwy ; Shakeshaft, Anthony; Shakehsaft, Bernie; Pearce, Tania 25-Mar-2021
142018A Systematic Mapping of Suicide Bereavement and Postvention Research and a Proposed Strategic Research AgendaMaple, Myfanwy ; Pearce, Tania ; Sanford, Rebecca; Cerel, Julie; Castelli Dransart, Dolores Angela; Andriessen, Karl16-Jul-2018
152017The Role of Social Work in Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention: A Scoping ReviewMaple, Myfanwy ; Pearce, Tania ; Sanford, Rebecca; Cerel, Julie13-Jul-2017
162017Is Exposure to Suicide Beyond Kin Associated with Risk for Suicidal Behavior?: A Systematic Review of the EvidenceMaple, Myfanwy ; Cerel, Julie; Sanford, Rebecca; Pearce, Tania ; Jordan, Jack6-Oct-2017
17-Effectiveness of Brief Contact Interventions for Bereavement: A Systematic ReviewMcGill, Katie; Bhullar, Navjot ; Pearce, Tania ; Batterham, Philip J; Wayland, Sarah ; Maple, Myfanwy 28-Jun-2022

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