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1Jul-2019Providing support following exposure to suicide: A mixed methods studyMaple, Myfanwy ; McKay, Kathy; Hess, Nicole C L ; Wayland, Sarah ; Pearce, Tania 17-Dec-2020
231-Mar-2017Physiological and Cognitive Responses to Isometric Resistance Training in Individuals Experiencing Memory Difficulties or with Mild Cognitive ImpairmentHess, Nicole ; Smart, Neil ; Dunstan, Debra ; McFarlane, Jim ; Dieberg, Gudrun 28-Aug-2020
32017Isometric Exercise Training for Managing Vascular Risk Factors in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's DiseaseHess, Nicole ; Smart, Neil 17-May-2017
42016Rate pressure product in healthy individuals during an acute bout of isometric handgrip exerciseCarlson, Debra J; Hess, Nicole C L ; Inder, Jodie D; Palanisamy, Suresh K A ; McFarlane, James R ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Smart, Neil A 7-Jun-2016
52016Clinically Meaningful Blood Pressure Reductions With Low Intensity Isometric Handgrip Exercise: A Randomized TrialHess, N C L ; Carlson, D J; Inder, J D; Jesulola, E; McFarlane, J R ; Smart, N A 11-Aug-2016
62016Isometric exercise training for blood pressure management: a systematic review and meta-analysis to optimize benefitInder, Jodie D; Carlson, Debra J; Dieberg, Gudrun ; McFarlane, James R ; Hess, Nicole C L ; Smart, Neil A 22-Feb-2016
72014The effect of exercise intervention on cognitive performance in persons at risk of, or with, dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysisHess, Nicole C L ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; McFarlane, James R ; Smart, Neil A 22-Sep-2014
82014Isometric Exercise Training for Blood Pressure Management: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisCarlson, Debra; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Hess, Nicole ; Millar, Philip; Smart, Neil 2-May-2014

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