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1Apr-2023Isometric Resistance Training to Manage Hypertension: Systematic Review and Meta-analysisBaffour-Awuah, B; Pearson, M J ; Dieberg, G ; Smart, N A 29-Mar-2023
227-Mar-2023Isometric Resistance Training and Remote Ischaemic Conditioning as Adjunct Therapies for HypertensionBaffour-Awuah, Biggie ; Smart, Neil ; Pearson, Melissa ; Dieberg, Gudrun 10-Aug-2023
35-Mar-2023An evidence-based guide to the efficacy and safety of isometric resistance training in hypertension and clinical implicationsBaffour-Awuah, Biggie ; Pearson, Melissa J ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Wiles, Jonathan D; Smart, Neil A 22-May-2023
4Sep-2022Resistance training in heart failure patients: a systematic review and meta-analysisFisher, Stuart ; Smart, Neil A ; Pearson, Melissa J 11-Nov-2021
59-Jun-2022Remote Ischaemic Conditioning and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Role of Neuropathy in Translational DifficultiesEpps, Jacqueline Amanda ; Smart, Neil ; Dieberg, Gudrun 17-Nov-2023
6May-2022Effects of chronotropic incompetence on exercise capacity in people with heart failure versus age-matched controlsSmart, N A ; Clark, H ; Brubaker, P; Witte, K K; Jamil, H; Gierula, J; Patel, H C; Pearson, M J 18-Nov-2021
7Mar-2022Safety, efficacy and delivery of isometric resistance training as an adjunct therapy for blood pressure control: a modified Delphi studyBaffour-Awuah, Biggie ; Pearson, Melissa J ; Smart, Neil A ; Dieberg, Gudrun 8-Feb-2022
8Mar-2022Hospitalisation costs associated with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF): a systematic reviewClark, Hannah ; Rana, Rezwanul; Gow, Jeff; Pearson, Melissa ; van der Touw, Tom ; Smart, Neil 11-Nov-2021
9Feb-2022Peripheral sensation and RIC inhibition: is diabetic peripheral neuropathy just the tip of the iceberg?Epps, Jacqueline A ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Smart, Neil A 4-Nov-2022
10Jan-2022The accuracy and reliability of the Suchey-Brooks pubic symphysis age estimation method: Systematic review and meta-analysisSchanandore, James V; Wolden, Mitch ; Smart, Neil 12-Nov-2021
112022Hand weeding tools in vegetable production systems: an agronomic, ergonomic and economic evaluationTiwari, Sita; Sindel, B M ; Smart, N ; Coleman, M J ; Fyfe, C ; Lawlor, C ; Vo, B ; Kristiansen, P 15-Sep-2021
12Nov-2021The effectiveness and safety of isometric resistance training for adults with high blood pressure: a systematic review and meta-analysisHansford, Harrison J; Parmenter, Belinda J; Mcleod, Kelly A; Wewege, Michael A; Smart, Neil A ; Schutte, Alette E; Jones, Matthew D11-Nov-2021
138-Jul-2021Aerobic Exercise, Metabolic Syndrome, and Lipid Profiles: Protocol for a Quantitative ReviewWood, Gina N ; Taylor, Emily ; Murrell, Anna ; Ng, Vanessa ; Patil, Aditya; Van Der Touw, Tom ; Wolden, Mitch; Smart, Neil A 17-Nov-2021
141-Jul-2021Exercise Training for Pulmonary Hypertension: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsAlbanaqi, Alsaeedi L; Rahimi, Gholam Rasul Mohammad; Smart, Neil A 11-Nov-2021
15Mar-2021The effect of remote ischaemic conditioning on blood pressure response: A systematic review and meta-analysisBaffour-Awuah, Biggie; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Pearson, Melissa J ; Smart, Neil A 5-May-2021
16Jan-2021A low protein maternal diet during gestation has negative effects on male fertility markers in rats - A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisAjuogu, Peter K ; Al-Aqbi, Mohammed A K ; Hart, Robert A ; McFarlane, James R ; Smart, Neil A 4-Mar-2021
1718-Dec-2020Measuring the Impact of Aerobic Exercise Training on Blood Lipids With Quantitative AnalysisWood, Gina Nadine ; Smart, Neil ; Van Der Touw, Tom 6-Dec-2023
185-Dec-2020Isometric exercise training for hypertensionSmart, Neil A ; Carlson, Debra; Millar, Philip J; Swaine, Ian L; Baross, Anthony W; Ritti-Dias, Raphael M; Cornelissen, Véronique; McGowan, Cheri16-Nov-2021
19Oct-2020Microplegia in cardiac surgery: Systematic review and meta‐analysisOwen, Claire M; Asopa, Sanjay; Smart, Neil A ; King, Nicola 11-Nov-2021
20Sep-2020Blood pressure control in older adults with hypertension: A systematic review with meta-analysis and meta-regressionBaffour-Awuah, Biggie; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Pearson, Melissa J ; Smart, Neil A 27-Aug-2020
2124-Jul-2020Author's Reply to Amiri et al.- Meta-analysis of vitamin D supplementation on endothelial function: Methodological limitationsDieberg, Gudrun ; Pincombe, Nick L; Pearson, Melissa J ; King, Nicola ; Smart, Neil A 28-Aug-2020
22Jun-2020The Impact of Different Modes of Exercise Training on Bone Mineral Density in Older Postmenopausal Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis ResearchMohammad Rahimi, Gholam Rasul; Smart, Neil A ; Liang, Michael T C; Bijeh, Nahid; Albanaqi, Alsaeedi L; Fathi, Mehrdad; Niyazi, Arghavan; Mohammad Rahimi, Nasser15-Nov-2021
23Apr-2020An evidence-based analysis of managing hypertension with isometric resistance exercise - are the guidelines current?Smart, Neil A ; Gow, Jeffrey; Bleile, Beatrice ; Van der Touw, Thomas ; Pearson, Melissa J 18-Oct-2021
241-Mar-2020The effect of dietary protein intake on factors associated with male infertility: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis of animal clinical trials in ratsAjuogu, Peter Kelechi; Al-Aqbi, Mohammed A K ; Hart, Robert A ; Wolden, Mitchell; Smart, Neil A ; McFarlane, James R 7-Mar-2021
2530-Jan-2020Effect of low- and high-protein maternal diets during gestation on reproductive outcomes in the rat: a systematic review and meta-analysisAjuogu, Peter K; Wolden, Mitchell; McFarlane, James R ; Hart, Robert A ; Carlson, Debra J; Van der Touw, Tom ; Smart, Neil A 8-Mar-2021
262020Effect of Age on Clinical Outcomes Following On-/Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass: Meta-Analysis and Meta-RegressionMauldon, Hayley; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Smart, Neil ; King, Nicola 30-Nov-2020
27Dec-2019Exercise and sport science australia position stand update on exercise and hypertensionSharman, James E; Smart, Neil A ; Coombes, Jeff S; Stowasser, Michael15-Nov-2021
28Dec-2019Effect of vitamin D supplementation on endothelial function - An updated systematic review with meta-analysis and meta-regressionPincombe, Nick L; Pearson, Melissa J ; Smart, Neil A ; King, Nicola; Dieberg, Gudrun 18-Nov-2019
29Oct-2019Effects of isometric resistance training on resting blood pressure: individual participant data meta-analysisSmart, Neil A ; Way, Damien; Carlson, Debra; Millar, Philip; McGowan, Cheri; Swaine, Ian; Baross, Anthony; Howden, Reuben; Ritti-Dias, Raphael; Wiles, Jim; Cornelissen, Veronique; Gordon, Ben; Taylor, Rod; Bleile, Bea 2-Oct-2020
30May-2019Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation for chronic heart failure: the EXTRAMATCH II individual participant data meta-analysisTaylor, Rod S; Walker, Sarah; Ciani, Oriana; Warren, Fiona; Smart, Neil A ; Piepoli, Massimo; Davos, Constantinos H2-Oct-2020
312-Apr-2019Impact of Exercise Rehabilitation on Exercise Capacity and Quality-of-Life in Heart Failure Individual Participant Meta-AnalysisTaylor, Rod S; Walker, Sarah; Smart, Neil A ; Piepoli, Massimo F; Warren, Fiona C; Ciani, Oriana; Whellan, David; O'Connor, Christopher; Keteyian, Steven J; Coats, Andrew; Davos, Constantinos H; Dalal, Hasnain M; Dracup, Kathleen; Evangelista, Lorraine S; Jolly, Kate; Myers, Jonathan; Nilsson, Birgitta B; Passino, Claudio; Witham, Miles D; Yeh, Gloria Y2-Oct-2020
3228-Feb-2019Digital Problem-Based Learning in Health Professions: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis by the Digital Health Education CollaborationCar, Lorainne Tudor; Kyaw, Bhone Myint; Dunleavy, Gerard; Smart, Neil A ; Semwal, Monika; Rotgans, Jerome I; Low-Beer, Naomi; Campbell, James2-Oct-2020
331-Feb-2019Blood pressure measurements in research: suitability of auscultatory, beat-to-beat, and ambulatory blood pressure measurementsCarlson, Debra J; Dieberg, Gudrun ; McFarlane, James R ; Smart, Neil A 19-Mar-2019
342019Is C-reactive protein elevated in obstructive sleep apnea? a systematic review and meta-analysisVan Der Touw, Tom ; Andronicos, Nicholas Matthew ; Smart, Neil 26-Aug-2020
352019HIIT is not superior to MICT in altering blood lipids: a systematic review and meta-analysisWood, Gina ; Murrell, Anna ; Van Der Touw, Tom ; Smart, Neil 7-Oct-2020
362019Physiological Responses to Heat Acclimation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsMohammad Rahimi, Gholam R ; Albanaqi, Alsaeedi L; Van Der Touw, Tom ; Smart, Neil A 2-Oct-2020
372019Exercise training for chronic heart failure (ExTraMATCH II): Why all data are not equalSmart, Neil Andrew ; Taylor, Rod; Walker, Sarah; Warren, Fiona; Ciani, Oriana; Davos, Constantinos H; Piepoli, Massimo8-Apr-2019
38Dec-2018Impact of exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation in patients with heart failure (ExTraMATCH II) on mortality and hospitalisation: an individual patient data meta-analysis of randomised trialsTaylor, Rod S; Walker, Sarah; Smart, Neil A ; Piepoli, Massimo F; Warren, Fiona C; Ciani, Oriana; O'Connor, Christopher; Whellan, David; Keteyian, Steven J; Coats, Andrew; Davos, Constantinos H; Dalal, Hasnain M; Dracup, Kathleen; Evangelista, Lorraine; Jolly, Kate; Myers, Jonathan; McKelvie, Robert S; Nilsson, Birgitta B; Passino, Claudio; Witham, Miles D; Yeh, Gloria Y; Zwisler, Ann-Dorthe O8-Apr-2019
3927-Oct-2018Exercise therapy and cardiac, autonomic and systemic function in patients with chronic heart failurePearson, Melissa ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Smart, Neil 28-Aug-2020
4018-Oct-2018Reported methods for handling missing change standard deviations in meta-analyses of exercise therapy interventions in patients with heart failure: A systematic reviewPearson, Melissa J ; Smart, Neil A 8-Apr-2019
4123-Jul-2018Supervised, but Not Home-Based, Isometric Training Improves Brachial and Central Blood Pressure in Medicated Hypertensive Patients: A Randomized Controlled TrialFarah, Breno Q; Rodrigues, Sergio L C; Silva, Gustavo O; Pedrosa, Rodrigo P; Correia, Marilia A; Barros, Mauro V G; Deminice, Rafael; Marinello, Poliana C; Smart, Neil A ; Vianna, Lauro C; Ritti-Dias, Raphael M8-Apr-2019
429-Jun-2018Isometric Handgrip Exercise Reduces 24hr Ambulatory Blood PressureCarlson, Debra; Dieberg, Gudrun ; McFarlane, James R ; Smart, Neil A 1-Apr-2019
43Jun-2018Exercise Professionals with Advanced Clinical Training Should be Afforded Greater Responsibility in Pre-Participation Exercise Screening: A New Collaborative Model between Exercise Professionals and PhysiciansMaiorana, Andrew J; Williams, Andrew D; Askew, Christopher D; Levinger, Itamar; Coombes, Jeff; Vicenzino, Bill; Davison, Kade; Smart, Neil A ; Selig, Steve E8-Apr-2019
4414-Apr-2018Cardiovascular Responses to Isometric Resistance Training in Individuals with Hypertension, to aid in Blood Pressure ManagementCarlson, Debra; Dieberg, Gudrun ; McFarlane, James ; Smart, Neil 28-Aug-2020
452018Effect of aerobic and resistance training on inflammatory markers in heart failure patients: systematic review and meta-analysisPearson, Melissa Jane ; Mungovan, S F; Smart, Neil 17-Apr-2018
462018Clinical outcomes to exercise training in type 1 diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysisOstman, Cecilia; Jewiss, Daniel; King, N; Smart, Neil 4-Jun-2018
472018Effect of exercise training on liver function in adults who are overweight or exhibit fatty liver disease: a systematic review and meta-analysisSmart, N A ; King, N; McFarlane, J R ; Graham, P L; Dieberg, G 21-Jun-2018
482018Exercise prescription is not just for medical doctors: The benefits of shared care by physicians and exercise professionalsMaiorana, Andrew; Levinger, Itamar; Davison, Kade; Smart, Neil ; Coombes, Jeff16-Aug-2018
492018Long-Term Outcomes of On- Versus Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass GraftingSmart, Neil ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; King, Nicola17-May-2018
502018Reply: On the Use of Odds Ratios Versus Hazard Ratios, Meta-Regression, and Heterogeneity in Meta-AnalysesSmart, Neil ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; King, Nicola4-Jul-2018

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