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12022Hand weeding tools in vegetable production systems: an agronomic, ergonomic and economic evaluationTiwari, Sita; Sindel, B M ; Smart, N ; Coleman, M J ; Fyfe, C ; Lawlor, C ; Vo, B ; Kristiansen, P 15-Sep-2021
22016A scoping study investigating student perceptions towards inquiry based learning in the laboratoryKing, Nicola; van der Touw, Tom ; Spowart, Lucy; Lawlor, Craig 24-Feb-2017
32007Importance of drinking water temperature for managing heat stress in sheepSavage, Darryl ; Nolan, John Vivian ; Godwin, Ian Robert ; Aoetpah, Aholiab; Nguyen, Thanh; Baillie, Neil; Lawlor, Craig 17-Aug-2012

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Craig Lawlor
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Lawlor, Craig
Lawlor, C
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School of Science and Technology
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