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1Sep-2022Determining the effect size of aerobic exercise training on the standard lipid profile in sedentary adults with three or more metabolic syndrome factors: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trialsWood, Gina ; Taylor, Emily ; Ng, Vanessa ; Murrell, Anna ; Patil, Aditya; van der Touw, Tom ; Sigal, Ronald; Wolden, Mitch; Smart, Neil 16-Nov-2021
28-Jul-2021Aerobic Exercise, Metabolic Syndrome, and Lipid Profiles: Protocol for a Quantitative ReviewWood, Gina N ; Taylor, Emily ; Murrell, Anna ; Ng, Vanessa ; Patil, Aditya; Van Der Touw, Tom ; Wolden, Mitch; Smart, Neil A 17-Nov-2021

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Vanessa Ng
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Ng, Vanessa
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School of Rural Medicine
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