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12022The Persistent Homology of Dual Digital Image ConstructionsBleile, Bea ; Garin, Adélie; Heiss, Teresa; Maggs, Kelly; Robins, Vanessa9-Jan-2023
22021The Impact of Changes in Resolution on the Persistent Homology of ImagesHeiss, Teresa; Tymochko, Sarah; Story, Brittany; Garin, Adélie; Bui, Hoa; Bleile, Bea ; Robins, Vanessa6-May-2022
3Apr-2020An evidence-based analysis of managing hypertension with isometric resistance exercise - are the guidelines current?Smart, Neil A ; Gow, Jeffrey; Bleile, Beatrice ; Van der Touw, Thomas ; Pearson, Melissa J 18-Oct-2021
4Oct-2019Effects of isometric resistance training on resting blood pressure: individual participant data meta-analysisSmart, Neil A ; Way, Damien; Carlson, Debra; Millar, Philip; McGowan, Cheri; Swaine, Ian; Baross, Anthony; Howden, Reuben; Ritti-Dias, Raphael; Wiles, Jim; Cornelissen, Veronique; Gordon, Ben; Taylor, Rod; Bleile, Bea 2-Oct-2020
511-Dec-2018Poincare duality complexes with highly connected universal coverBleile, Beatrice ; Bokor, Imre; Hillman, Jonathon A8-Apr-2019
62015The third homotopy group as a π₁-moduleBaues, Hans-Joachim; Bleile, Beatrice 17-Mar-2015
72014Classifying Poincaré complexes via fundamental triplesBleile, Beatrice 8-Mar-2017
82011Self-maps of the product of two spheres fixing the diagonalBaues, Hans-Joachim; Bleile, Beatrice 31-Aug-2011
92010Batalin-Vilkovisky integrals in finite dimensionsAlbert, Carlo; Bleile, Beatrice ; Froehlich, Juerg7-Apr-2010
102010Poincaré duality pairs of dimension threeBleile, Beatrice 19-May-2011
112009Homotopy Theory of Modules: Absolute and Relative Homotopy Groups of Modules using the Injective Homotopy CategoryBleile, Beatrice 11-Mar-2010
122008Poincaré Duality Pairs of Dimension Three: Homotopy Classification, Realisation and SplittingBleile, Beatrice 8-Oct-2009
132008Poincaré duality complexes in dimension fourBaues, Hans Joachim; Bleile, Beatrice 11-Nov-2009

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