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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
121-Dec-2023From the Fire into the Frying Pan: Reflections on Enhancing Resilience and Adaptive Capacity in Bush Fire RecoveryMorley, Louise ; Robertson, Stuart 1-Jan-2024
22023Book Review: The Impact of Community Work: How to Gather EvidenceMorley, Louise 22-Jul-2023
32023What does it mean to 'start where the person is at'?: Reflections on personhood in social workMorley, Louise ; Crawford, Frances 16-Dec-2022
4Sep-2022Sexual Assault in Rural, Regional and Remote New South WalesUsher, Kim ; Clarke, Jane ; Morley, Louise ; Jones, Rikki ; Wayland, Sarah ; Robertson, Stuart ; Durkin, Joanne 13-Jul-2023
5Sep-2022Social work, Max Weber and ethical irrationalityMorley, Louise 31-Jan-2022
6Mar-2022Trends and needs in the Australian child welfare workforce: An exploratory studyRuss, Erica ; Morley, Louise ; Driver, Mark; Lonne, Bob ; Harries, Maria; Higgins, Daryl27-Mar-2023
711-Jan-2022Children's rights in adoption from out-of-home care: how well do legislative frameworks accommodate them?Zodins, Julia M; Morley, Louise ; Collings, Susan; Russ, Erica13-Jul-2023
82022Contemporary Practitioner Experiences of Relational Social Work: The Case of Child WelfareMorley, Louise 31-Jan-2022
9Jan-2021The "Front Door" to Child Protection-Issues and InnovationsLonne, Bob ; Russ, Erica ; Harrison, Celine; Morley, Louise ; Harries, Maria; Robertson, Stuart ; Pearce, Tania ; Smith, Jennifer 15-Jul-2020
10Dec-2020New South Wales Rugby League Try League Cultural Inclusion Program: Evaluation reportRuss, Erica ; Robertson, Stuart ; Morley, Louise 26-Jul-2023
112019Working with Communities to Prevent Domestic Violence: A Practice Framework and The Six PsMorley, Louise 20-Jan-2022
12Dec-2018Collaboration in Child Welfare: What Should Practitioners Expect from Themselves?Morley, Louise ; Myhill, Jennie 17-Feb-2022
136-Jul-2018'Their Futures Matter' Access System Redesign Triage and Assessment Tools "Accessing help through the front door"Lonne, Bob ; Harries, Maria; Boyle, Chris ; Harrison, Celine ; Morley, Louise ; Pearce, Tania ; Robertson, Stuart ; Russ, Erica ; Smith, Jennifer 19-Jul-2022
142018Relationships Matter: Does relational-reflective practice aid practioner resilience?Russ, Erica ; Morley, Louise ; Lonne, Bob 24-Jul-2020
15Apr-2016Understanding Emotions in Social Work: Theory, Practice and ReflectionMorley, Louise 17-Jun-2022
162015What Does It Take To Be A Good Social Worker?: A Study Exploring the Dynamics Involved in Performing Emotional Labour in the Practice Context of Vulnerable Children and Their FamiliesMorley, Louise Katherine ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Turner, Linda ; Hawkes, Gail 7-Jan-2016

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