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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
121-Dec-2023From the Fire into the Frying Pan: Reflections on Enhancing Resilience and Adaptive Capacity in Bush Fire RecoveryMorley, Louise ; Robertson, Stuart 1-Jan-2024
2Sep-2022Sexual Assault in Rural, Regional and Remote New South WalesUsher, Kim ; Clarke, Jane ; Morley, Louise ; Jones, Rikki ; Wayland, Sarah ; Robertson, Stuart ; Durkin, Joanne 13-Jul-2023
3Nov-2021Nanyapura PCYC Boxing Program: Evaluation reportRobertson, Stuart ; Fergusson, Darlene; Russ, Erica 26-Jul-2023
4Jan-2021The "Front Door" to Child Protection-Issues and InnovationsLonne, Bob ; Russ, Erica ; Harrison, Celine; Morley, Louise ; Harries, Maria; Robertson, Stuart ; Pearce, Tania ; Smith, Jennifer 15-Jul-2020
5Dec-2020New South Wales Rugby League Try League Cultural Inclusion Program: Evaluation reportRuss, Erica ; Robertson, Stuart ; Morley, Louise 26-Jul-2023
6Jul-2020Submission to the Inquiry on NDIS Workforcevan Leeuwen, Melissa; Robertson, Stuart ; Russ, Erica 19-Jan-2024
72019Addressing child protection challenges in a low socio-economic community: Ensuring youth and community voices in local government planningRuss, Erica ; Robertson, Stuart 24-Jul-2020
82019MidCoast Council Youth Action Plan: Consultation ReportRuss, Erica ; Robertson, Stuart 24-Jul-2020
96-Jul-2018'Their Futures Matter' Access System Redesign Triage and Assessment Tools "Accessing help through the front door"Lonne, Bob ; Harries, Maria; Boyle, Chris ; Harrison, Celine ; Morley, Louise ; Pearce, Tania ; Robertson, Stuart ; Russ, Erica ; Smith, Jennifer 19-Jul-2022
102017Mine Lifecycle Planning and Enduring Value for Remote CommunitiesRobertson, Stuart Andrew ; Blackwell, Boyd ; Haslam McKenzie, Fiona; Argent, Neil 18-Jun-2017
112017The viability of remote mining communities: insights from community perceptions and employment impact assessmentsRobertson, Stuart Andrew ; Blackwell, Boyd Dirk ; McFarlane, James Alexander 7-Nov-2017
122016The Potential Value of Lifecycle Planning for Resource Communities and the Influence of Labour Force MobilityRobertson, Stuart ; Argent, Neil 18-Apr-2017
132016Enduring value for remote communities from mining: Synthesising production, employment, populations, and reform opportunitiesBlackwell, Boyd ; Robertson, Stuart 9-May-2016
142014Mine Lifecycle Planning and Enduring Value for Remote CommunitiesRobertson, Stuart ; Blackwell, Boyd 15-Dec-2014

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Robertson, Stuart Andrew
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