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117-Jul-2023Steroidogenic Enzyme Gene Expression and Testosterone Production are Developmentally Modulated by Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor-1B in Mouse TestisCILLER, Ilona ; PALANISAMY, Suresh ; CILLER, Ursula ; AL-ALI, Ibtisam; COUMANS, Joëlle ; MCFARLANE, James 16-Aug-2023
22019Hair cortisol and cortisone as markers of stress in Indigenous and non-Indigenous young adultsDavison, Belinda; Singh, Gurmeet R; McFarlane, James 1-Mar-2021
32018Good Gardening for a Perennial Economy: What's the Optimal Growth Path for a Regional Economy?McFarlane, James ; Blackwell, Boyd ; Mounter, Stuart 27-Apr-2018
42018Geospatial analysis of local economic structures in the rangeland areas of the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western AustraliaBlackwell, Boyd ; Dollery, Brian E ; Fischer, Andrew M; McFarlane, Jim A 2-Jul-2018
52017Enduring Community Value from Mining: Measuring the employment impacts of mine closure for remote communities and considering issues for transformationBlackwell, Boyd Dirk ; McFarlane, Jim ; Fischer, Andy12-Sep-2017
62017Diversifying Cores but Stagnant Peripheries: Mining and Other Industry Employment Contributions to Development in Local Government Areas of the Northern TerritoryBlackwell, Boyd D ; McFarlane, Jim A ; Fischer, Andrew M; Dollery, Brian E 9-Nov-2017
72017The viability of remote mining communities: insights from community perceptions and employment impact assessmentsRobertson, Stuart Andrew ; Blackwell, Boyd Dirk ; McFarlane, James Alexander 7-Nov-2017
82017Combining amenity with experience: Exploring the hidden capital of a winescape experienceMcFarlane, Jim ; Grant, Bligh; Blackwell, Boyd ; Mounter, Stuart 17-Jul-2017
92016From agriculture to mining: The changing economic base of a rural economy and implications for developmentMcFarlane, Jim A ; Blackwell, Boyd D ; Mounter, Stuart W ; Grant, Bligh J7-Jan-2016
102016Final Review Report For the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA): An Independent Review of the Social and Economic Modelling Inputs to the Northern Basin ReviewBlackwell, Boyd ; McFarlane, Jim ; Stayner, Richard 5-Jul-2017
112015Employment Leakage by Local Government Area in the Northern Territory, Australia: The Roles of Industries, Including MiningBlackwell, Boyd ; Fischer, Andy; McFarlane, Jim ; Dollery, Brian E 28-Sep-2015
122015Mining and other industry contributions to employment leakage in Australia's Northern TerritoryBlackwell, Boyd ; Fischer, Andy; McFarlane, Jim ; Dollery, Brian E 1-Oct-2015
132014Local Employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples by Local Government Area in the Northern Territory: Red Dirt Employment and IncomeBlackwell, Boyd ; McFarlane, Jim ; Blake, Steve8-Jan-2015

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