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114-Feb-2023Developing a Marketing Strategy for Selling High Value Nusa Tenggara Barat Beef in Selected Urban Markets in IndonesiaWankar, Tian Jihadhan; Morales, Luis Emilio ; Noor, Yudi Guntara; Griffith, Garry R ; Guntoro, Budi; Agus, Ali 4-Oct-2023
229-Sep-2022Applying System Dynamics to the Food Loss and Waste Problem: a Literature ReviewPopat, Meizal ; Cacho, Oscar ; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Baker, Derek 26-Sep-2023
32021The Benefits of Dry Ageing of Mutton to the Australian Sheep Meat IndustryGriffith, Garry ; Jacob, Robin; Mounter, Stuart ; Zhang, Yue 7-Oct-2021
42021Assessing Relationship Quality as a Driver of Innovation in a Western Australian Lamb Production NetworkGraham, Penny; Baker, Derek ; Griffith, Garry 16-Aug-2023
57-Dec-2020A Diagrammatic Framework for Accounting for Externalities in Agriculture and Food Sector Value ChainsRohr, Sarah; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry 7-Oct-2021
63-Aug-2020The Australian Apple Industry - Trends and ChallengesRohr, Sarah; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry 19-Nov-2020
72-Apr-2020The Value of Information and Information Sharing in the Australian Beef and Sheep Meat Supply ChainsZhang, Yue ; Baker, Derek ; Hoang, Nam ; Morales, Luis ; Griffith, Garry 18-Sep-2023
82020Postharvest losses at the farm level and its economy-wide costs: the case of the maize sector in MozambiquePopat, Meizal ; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Cacho, Oscar 8-Jun-2021
92020Preferences for Certified Beef with Animal Welfare and Other Credence Attributes in AustraliaMorales, L Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Wright, Victor ; Umberger, Wendy23-Sep-2020
102020Product quality information in supply chains: a performance-linked conceptual framework applied to the Australian red meat industryZhang, Yue ; Baker, Derek ; Griffith, Garry 21-Oct-2020
11Jul-2019Response to stockout in grocery stores: A small city case in a changing competitive environmentAzeem, Muhammad Masood ; Baker, Derek ; Villano, Renato A ; Mounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry 23-Apr-2019
122019The value of product quality information: a comparison across multiple stages of Australian red meat supply chainsZhang, Yue ; Baker, Derek ; Morales, Luis ; Griffith, Garry ; Hoang, Nam 8-May-2023
132018The Value of Muscle Score in Steers at Wagga Wagga Saleyards During 2010/2011Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato 1-Jun-2018
142018Consciously Pursued Joint Action: Agricultural and Food Value Chains as ClubsFleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Baker, Derek 26-Apr-2018
152018Food shoppers' share of wallet: A small city case in a changing competitive environmentAzeem, Masood ; Baker, Derek ; Villano, Renato ; Mounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry 30-Apr-2018
162017Primary Industry Chains and Networks: Analysis for Public and Private InterestsBaker, Derek ; Dizyee, Kanar Hassan Hamza; Parker, Warren; Scrimgeour, Frank; Griffith, Garry 27-Nov-2017
172017The Economic Impact of Imports on the Australian Pig Industry: Is it Time for the WTO’s Safeguard Measures? 2. Re-estimating the Productivity Commission's Vector Autoregression and Inverse Demand ModelsPopat, Meizal; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart 1-Jun-2018
182017The Economic Impact of Imports on the Australian Pig Industry: Is it Time for the WTO's Safeguard Measures? 1. Replicating and Updating the 2008 Productivity Commission AnalysesPopat, Meizal; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart 1-Jun-2018
192017Chain Failure Theory as a Framework for Evaluating Horizontal and Vertical Strategic Alliances among Food Value Chain Participants: A Red Meat Industry PerspectiveMalcolm, Bill; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan 26-Apr-2018
202017Chain failure and chain goods: Re-thinking value chain upgrading and promotion in developing countriesGriffith, Garry ; Baker, Derek ; Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Malcolm, Bill; Umberger, Wendy26-Apr-2018
212017Branding fresh food: Who is willing to pay more for beef?Morales, L Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy; Hoang, Nam 15-Jan-2018
222017Achieving better strategic fit and higher surplus for Australian beef value chains by recognising and countering chain failureMounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan 26-Apr-2018
232016Industry Clusters and Food Value Chains: Can the Literature on Local Collective Failure be used as a Guide for Assessing and Overcoming Value Chain Failure?Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry ; Grant, Bligh10-May-2018
242015The value of research: using the 'Impact Tool' to evaluate realised and anticipated benefits of the Cooperative Research Centre for Beef Genetic TechnologiesGriffith, Garry ; Burrow, Heather M 23-Jan-2015
252015The Australian Wine Industry at the Crossroads: A Comparison of Performance Across Major Wine Exporting Countries in 2000Grant, Bligh; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry ; Villano, Renato 30-Apr-2018
262015Evaluating the Consequences of Imports on a Local Value Chain: The Case of Danish Pig Meat Exports to the Australian MarketHamann, Karen; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart 27-Apr-2018
272015The Economics of the Red Meat Industry: A Value Chain PerspectiveGriffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart 27-Apr-2018
282015Vertical Price Transmission and Spillovers between Agri-Food ChainsMorales, L Emilio ; Hoang, Nam ; Griffith, Garry ; Salcedo, Salomon18-Jan-2016
292015Assessing the potential for expanding vegetable production in Central Province, Papua New GuineaChang, Christie ; Bonney, Laurie; Griffith, Garry ; Maino, Gus25-May-2015
302015Refocussing on the Value Chain Perspective to Analyse Food, Beverage and Fibre MarketsGriffith, Garry ; Gow, Hamish; Umberger, Wendy; Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Malcom, Bill; Baker, Derek 3-Sep-2015
312014Price transmission and relationships between agri-food value chains in Australia and ColombiaMorales, L Emilio ; Hoang, Nam ; Griffith, Garry ; Salomon, Selecao22-Oct-2014
322014The New World challenge: Performance trends in wine production in major wine-exporting countries in the 2000s and their implications for the Australian wine industryFleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Grant, Bligh ; Griffith, Garry ; Villano, Renato 17-Apr-2015
332014Can we explain variations in winery ratings in Victoria?Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Grant, Bligh; Griffith, Garry 27-Apr-2018
342013Aligning price signals throughout the beef value chain to reflect consumer preferences by assigning economic weights to the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) model inputsDoljanin, Ivan Andrew; Thompson, John ; Griffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan 14-Oct-2013
352013Variables affecting the propensity to buy branded beef among groups of Australian beef buyersMorales, L Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy; Hoang, Nam 6-Jun-2013
362013Muscle score premiums and discounts in wholesale beef carcasesGriffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato 27-Apr-2018
372012The Market Development Project: A case of government failure?Chang, Christie ; Mira, Zenaida; Griffith, Garry 16-Oct-2012
382012Learning by Writing: Applying Continuous Improvement and Innovation Principles to Project Management by Formal Documentation and PublicationClark, Richard; Griffith, Garry ; Madzivhandila, Tshilidzi Percy; Mulholland, Cynthia Maree; Nengovhela, Nkhanedzeni; Timms, Janice16-Oct-2012
392012The Aggregate Economic Benefits to the Australian Beef Industry from the Adoption of Meat Standards Australia: updated to 2010/11Griffith, Garry ; Thompson, John M 16-Oct-2012
402012Losing its competitive edge? Australian wine performance in the noughtiesFleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Grant, Bligh ; Griffith, Garry ; Villano, Renato 17-Jul-2012
412011A Practical Program Evaluation Model for the Limpopo Department of AgricultureMadzivhandila, Tshilidzi Percy; Griffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan ; Nesamvuni, Edward12-Sep-2012
422011A pig in a poke? Accounting for uncertainty about elasticity values in an EDM of the Australian pig industryMounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry 20-Sep-2011
432011The Feasibility of Fresh Ginger Exports from Papua New Guinea to New ZealandChang, Christie ; Griffith, Garry ; Maino, Gus7-Mar-2012
442011Assessing buyers' requirements for fresh produce in the formal market sector in Papua New GuineaChang, Christie ; Griffith, Garry 7-Mar-2012
452011Propensity to Buy Branded Beef Among Groups of Australian Beef ConsumersMorales, Luis Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy; Hoang, Nam 28-Feb-2012
462011Promoting Branded Products as Innovation in the Australian Beef Marketing SystemMorales, Luis Emilio; Griffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan ; Wright, Victor 17-Jan-2012
472011Beef Cattle Producer Strategies to Accommodate More Concentrated and Organised Value Chains, and More Discriminating ConsumersUmberger, Wendy; Griffith, Garry 16-Oct-2012
482011Latecomers: Charting a Course for the Wine Industry in the New England Australia RegionMounter, Stuart ; Grant, Bligh ; Fleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry 27-Mar-2012
492010Old Model, New Problem: When Should You Update a Model and What Happens When You Do?Griffith, Garry ; Malcolm, Lyle; Mounter, Stuart ; Slattery, Henry6-May-2011
502010Consumers' Characteristics and Preferences in the Australian Beef MarketMorales, Luis Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy12-Sep-2013

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