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113-Oct-2023Editorial: The role of community and industry surveillance in managing invasive species: a review of current knowledgeHester, Susan M ; Kruger, Heleen; Ticehurst, Jenifer L; Hulbert, Joseph M; Cacho, Oscar J 16-Nov-2023
2Feb-2023Modelling biocontrol of invasive insects using WaspSim: A MATLAB simulation modelCacho, Oscar J ; Hester, Susan M 27-Mar-2023
329-Sep-2022Applying System Dynamics to the Food Loss and Waste Problem: a Literature ReviewPopat, Meizal ; Cacho, Oscar ; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Baker, Derek 26-Sep-2023
47-Sep-2022Agricultural Land Abandonment in the Hill Agroecological Region of Nepal: Drivers, Farmer Perceptions and Reutilisation PathwaysSubedi, Yuba Raj ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Cacho, Oscar 11-Aug-2023
5Jun-2022Drivers and consequences of agricultural land abandonment and its reutilisation pathways: A systematic reviewSubedi, Yuba Raj ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Cacho, Oscar 10-Feb-2022
6Jun-2022Reutilising abandoned cropland in the Hill agroecological region of Nepal: Options and farmers' preferencesSubedi, Yuba Raj ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Cacho, Oscar 16-May-2022
7May-2022Modelling biocontrol of invasive insects: An application to European Wasp (Vespula germanica) in AustraliaCacho, Oscar J ; Hester, Susan M 19-May-2022
8Jun-2021Agricultural Land Abandonment in the Hill Agro-ecological Region of Nepal: Analysis of Extent, Drivers and Impact of ChangeSubedi, Yuba Raj; Kristiansen, Paul ; Cacho, Oscar ; Ojha, Roshan Babu5-May-2021
9Jan-2021Re-evaluating management of established pests including the European wasp, Vespula germanica using biocontrol agentsCacho, Oscar ; Hester, Susie ; Tait, Peter27-Jul-2021
10Nov-2020Dissemination strategies and the adoption of improved agricultural technologies: The case of improved cassava varieties in GhanaKondo, Kodjo; Cacho, Oscar ; Fleming, Euan ; Villano, Renato A ; Asante, Bright O5-Aug-2021
11Oct-2020The value of climate-resilient seeds for smallholder adaptation in sub-Saharan AfricaCacho, Oscar J ; Moss, Jonathan ; Thornton, Philip K; Herrero, Mario; Henderson, Ben; Bodirsky, Benjamin L; Humpenoder, Florian; Popp, Alexander; Lipper, Leslie9-Nov-2020
122020Postharvest losses at the farm level and its economy-wide costs: the case of the maize sector in MozambiquePopat, Meizal ; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Cacho, Oscar 8-Jun-2021
13Apr-2019Testing for pre-committed quantities of Australian meat demandTighe, Kara ; Piggott, Nicholas; Cacho, Oscar ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato 23-Apr-2019
14Dec-2018Payments for environmental services to strengthen ecosystem connectivity in an agricultural landscapeBateman, Laura; Yi, Dale; Cacho, Oscar J ; Stringer, Randy1-Mar-2019
15Nov-2018The economic potential of residue management and fertilizer use to address climate change impacts on mixed smallholder farmers in Burkina FasoHenderson, Benjamin; Cacho, Oscar ; Thornton, Philip; van Wijk, Mark; Herrero, Mario15-Mar-2019
1626-Oct-2018Determinants of Australian Consumer Meat DemandTighe, Kara; Cacho, Oscar ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato ; Ball, Alexander15-Jan-2024
1727-Aug-2018Economic assessments of practices and policies to address climate change and sustainable development for agriculture at global, regional and farm population scalesHenderson, Benjamin B; Cacho, Oscar ; Herrero, Mario 2-Aug-2019
182018Determinants of consumer willingness to pay for quality-graded Australian sheep meatTighe, Kara ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato ; Ball, Alex; Pethick, David W; Fleming, Euan 16-Aug-2018
192018The power and pain of market-based carbon policies: a global application to greenhouse gases from ruminant livestock productionHenderson, B; Golub, A; Pambudi, D; Hertel, T; Godde, C; Herrero, Mario ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Gerber, P6-Feb-2018
20Dec-2017Modelling Complex Insect Invasions: European House Borer as a case studyCacho, O J ; Hester, S M 19-Jul-2021
212017The contribution of passive surveillance to invasive species managementHester, Susan ; Cacho, Oscar J 13-Feb-2017
222017Biochar addition in rice farming systems: Economic and energy benefitsMohammadi, Ali; Cowie, Annette ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Anh Mai, Thi Lan; Joseph, Stephen 11-Oct-2017
232017Identifying Strategies to Enhance the Resilience of Smallholder Farming Systems: Evidence from ZambiaCacho, Oscar J ; Paolantonio, Adriana; Branca, Giacomo; Cavatassi, Romina; Arslan, Aslihan; Lipper, Leslie22-Jan-2018
242017Adoption and impact of improved cassava varieties: Evidence from GhanaKondo, Kodjo; Fleming, Euan ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Villano, Renato 5-Apr-2018
252016Farmers' Adaptive Responses to Climate Change: Evidence from the Small-Scale Rubber Sector in Southeast VietnamBui, Quang Minh; Cacho, Oscar ; Villano, Renato ; Hadley, David 27-Jan-2017
262016Effects of climate change on economic feasibility of future date palm production: An integrated assessment in IranShabani, Farzin ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Kumar, Lalit 12-Oct-2016
272016Using seasonal stochastic dynamic programming to identify optimal management decisions that achieve maximum economic sustainable yields from grasslands under climate riskBehrendt, Karl; Cacho, Oscar J ; Scott, James M; Jones, Randall31-Aug-2016
282016A crowding-dependent population model for woody weeds: Where size does matterZull, Andrew F ; Lawes, R A; Cacho, Oscar J 29-Jan-2016
292016Closing system-wide yield gaps to increase food production and mitigate GHGs among mixed crop-livestock smallholders in Sub-Saharan AfricaHenderson, B; Godde, C; Herrero, Mario ; Medina-Hidalgo, D; van Wijk, M; Silvestri, S; Douxchamps, S; Stephenson, E; Power, B; Rigolot, C; Cacho, Oscar J 29-Jan-2016
302016Background paper on adaptation paths for vulnerable areas in support of SOFA 2016Cacho, Oscar ; Moss, Jonathan ; Thornton, Philip; Herrero, Mario; Henderson, Ben; Bodirsky, Benjamin5-Aug-2021
312015Estimating eradication probabilities and trade-offs for decision analysis in invasive species eradication programsSpring, Daniel; Cacho, Oscar J 24-Feb-2015
3211-Mar-2014Post-border investment (ACERA Project No. 1104D)Hester, Susie ; Cacho, Oscar 17-Mar-2021
332014Positive Accounting Information for Sustainable Development Decision-making Using Sustainability Financial Monetising Accounting System: An Empirical StudyAbou Taleb, Mona ; Hovey, Martin ; Cacho, Oscar 28-Oct-2014
342014Benefits and costs of deforestation by smallholders: Implications for forest conservation and climate policyCacho, Oscar J ; Milne, Sarah; Gonzalez, Ricardo; Tacconi, Luca23-Feb-2015
352014A Bioeconomic Model for Management of Banana Prawns ('Penaeus merguiensis') in the Australian Northern Prawn FisheryDe Souza, Simone Valle; Cacho, Oscar ; Simmons, Phillip ; Gondro, Cedric ; Hean, Robyn21-Apr-2015
362014Designing weed containment strategies: An approach based on feasibilities of eradication and containmentPanetta, F Dane; Cacho, Oscar J 17-Apr-2014
372014Potential Contribution of Land-Use Change to Climate Policy: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis in an Australian CatchmentMoss, Jonathan Francis; Cacho, Oscar ; Mounter, Stuart 19-Nov-2015
382014Identifying risk-efficient strategies using stochastic frontier analysis and simulation: An application to irrigated cropping in AustraliaPower, Brendan; Cacho, Oscar J 3-Apr-2014
391-Mar-2013A tool to support the decision to switch between eradication and containment of an invasionCacho, Oscar ; Hester, Susie 5-May-2021
402013Transaction costs of carbon offset projects: A comparative studyCacho, Oscar J ; Lipper, Leslie; Moss, Jonathan 6-May-2013
412013Economic aspects of post-border weed risk managementHester, Susan ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Panetta, F Dane; Hauser, Cindy E6-Jun-2013
422013Integrated overview of results from a farmlet experiment which compared the effects of pasture inputs and grazing management on profitability and sustainabilityScott, Jim M ; Behrendt, Karl; Cacho, Oscar J ; Donald, Graham; Cottle, David ; Coventry, T; Williams, G; MacKay, Duncan ; Colvin, A; Scott, F; Shakhane, LM; Guppy, Christopher ; Hoad, Justin ; Gaden, CA; Edwards, Clare; Hinch, Geoffrey 17-Jul-2013
432013Optimising pasture and grazing management decisions on the Cicerone Project farmlets over variable time horizonsBehrendt, Karl; Cacho, Oscar J ; Scott, Jim M ; Jones, Randall17-Jul-2013
442013Economic risk analysis of different livestock management systemsScott, Fiona; Cacho, Oscar J ; Scott, Jim M 17-Jul-2013
452013Whole-farm returns show true profitability of three different livestock management systemsScott, Fiona; Scott, Jim M ; Cacho, Oscar J 19-Jul-2013
462013Simulating the impact of fertiliser strategies and prices on the economics of developing and managing the Cicerone Project farmlets under climatic uncertaintyBehrendt, Karl; Scott, Jim M ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Jones, Randall17-Jul-2013
472013Contribution of native pastures and grassy woodlands to regional plant diversity on the North-West Slopes of New South WalesSchultz, Nicholas ; Reid, Nick; Lodge, Greg; Hunter, John ; Cacho, Oscar 3-Oct-2013
482013Cost effectiveness in site selection to protect native plant communities from the weed, bitou bush, in New South Wales, AustraliaSinden, John A ; Downey, Paul; Cacho, Oscar J ; Hester, Susan 3-Apr-2014
4915-Aug-2012Valuing community engagement in biosecurity surveillanceCacho, Oscar ; Reeve, Ian ; Trammell, Jamie ; Hester, Susie 22-Jul-2021
502012Optimization of Search Strategies in Managing Biological Invasions: A Simulation ApproachHester, Susan ; Cacho, Oscar J 28-May-2012

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