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113-Oct-2023Editorial: The role of community and industry surveillance in managing invasive species: a review of current knowledgeHester, Susan M ; Kruger, Heleen; Ticehurst, Jenifer L; Hulbert, Joseph M; Cacho, Oscar J 16-Nov-2023
29-Aug-2023Systems thinking for general surveillance programs — practical insights and limiting factors to guide resourcing decisionsKruger, Heleen; Ticehurst, Jenifer L; Hester, Susan M 14-Sep-2023
3Mar-2023Import policy ‘health-check’ framework and toolsde Rozario, Richard; Hester, Susie ; Mooney, Allan; Gelder, Tim van2-Feb-2024
4Feb-2023Modelling biocontrol of invasive insects using WaspSim: A MATLAB simulation modelCacho, Oscar J ; Hester, Susan M 27-Mar-2023
5May-2022Modelling biocontrol of invasive insects: An application to European Wasp (Vespula germanica) in AustraliaCacho, Oscar J ; Hester, Susan M 19-May-2022
614-Feb-2022From Climate Change to Pandemics: Decision Science Can Help Scientists Have ImpactBaker, Christopher M; Campbell, Patricia T; Chades, Iadine; Dean, Angela J; Hester, Susan M ; Holden, Matthew H; McCaw, James M; McVernon, Jodie; Moss, Robert; Shearer, Freya M; Possingham, Hugh P17-May-2022
72-Aug-2021Using edmaps & Zonation to inform multi-pest early-detection surveillance designsCamac, James; Baumgartner, John; Hester, Susan ; Subasinghe, Ranjith; Collins, Susie9-Sep-2021
8Aug-2021The Boundary of the Market for Biosecurity RiskStoneham, Gary; Hester, Susan M ; Li, Johnny Siu-Hang; Zhou, Rui; Chaudhry, Atibhav9-Dec-2020
9Jun-2021Factors that influence vessel biofouling and its prevention and managementArndt, Edith; Robinson, Andrew; Hester, Susie 24-Jun-2021
10Jun-2021CEBRA research: harnessing past and new work to improve uptake and impact of best practice risk analysis approaches in MPI analysisHester, Susie ; Reed, Christine22-Jul-2021
11May-2021Improving the methodology for rapid consequence assessment of amenity and environmental pestsHester, Susan ; Mayo, Jana9-Sep-2021
12Jan-2021Increasing confidence in pre-border risk managementCampbell, Arthur; Mody, Fallon; Mooney, Allan; Whyte, Jason; Hester, Susie 5-May-2021
13Jan-2021Re-evaluating management of established pests including the European wasp, Vespula germanica using biocontrol agentsCacho, Oscar ; Hester, Susie ; Tait, Peter27-Jul-2021
14Aug-2020CBIS/CSP sensitivity: incorporating pre-border information analysisHester, Susie ; Rossiter, Anthony; Robinson, Andrew; Sibley, Jessica; Woolcott, Brendan; Aston, Christina; Hanea, Anca23-Jun-2021
1511-Nov-2019Testing incentive-based drivers for importer compliance (CEBRA Project 1608C)Rossiter, Anthony; Mody, Fallon; Whyte, Jason; Wang, Bo; Brent, Camilla; Vandenbroek, Jacqui; Miech, Ellen; Ryan, Samuel; Hester, Susie 17-Mar-2021
165-Sep-2019Biosecurity response decision support framework (CEBRA Project 170820)Hester, Susie ; Tait, Peter; Rutherford, Paul; Temoso, Omphile17-Mar-2021
17Apr-2019A framework for prioritising plant pests (CEBRA Project 1502D)Levontin, Polina; Hester, Susie ; Burgman, Mark17-Mar-2021
187-Jul-2018Testing Compliance-Based Inspection Protocols (CEBRA Project 1404C)Rossiter, Anthony; Leibbrandt, Andreas; Wang, Bo; Woodhams, Felicity; Hester, Susie 17-Mar-2021
191-Feb-2018Methodology to guide responses to marine pest incursions under the National Environmental Biosecurity Response Agreement (CEBRA Project 1608E)Summerson, Rupert; Hester, Susie ; Graham, Sarah17-Mar-2021
20Dec-2017Modelling Complex Insect Invasions: European House Borer as a case studyCacho, O J ; Hester, S M 19-Jul-2021
212017Designing Biosecurity Inspection Regimes to Account for Stakeholder Incentives: An Inspection Game ApproachRossiter, Anthony; Hester, Susan 15-Jul-2017
222017Tools for Designing and Evaluating Post-Border Surveillance SystemsHester, Susan ; Hauser, Cindy E; Kean, John M23-Jul-2018
232017The contribution of passive surveillance to invasive species managementHester, Susan ; Cacho, Oscar J 13-Feb-2017
2422-Sep-2016Incentives for Importer Choices (CEBRA Project 1304C)Rossiter, Anthony; Hester, Susie ; Aston, Christina; Sibley, Jessica; Stoneham, Gary; Woodhams, Felicity17-Mar-2021
252015Animal, vegetable, or ...? A case study in using animal-health monitoring design tools to solve a plant-health surveillance problemHester, Susan ; Sergeant, Evan; Robinson, Andrew P; Schultz, Graham21-Jul-2021
2611-Mar-2014Post-border investment (ACERA Project No. 1104D)Hester, Susie ; Cacho, Oscar 17-Mar-2021
271-Mar-2013A tool to support the decision to switch between eradication and containment of an invasionCacho, Oscar ; Hester, Susie 5-May-2021
282013Improving decisions for invasive species management: reformulation and extensions of the Panetta-Lawes eradication graphBurgman, Mark A; McCarthy, Michael A; Robinson, Andrew; Hester, Susan ; McBride, Marissa F; Elith, Jane; Panetta, F Dane6-Jun-2013
292013Economic aspects of post-border weed risk managementHester, Susan ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Panetta, F Dane; Hauser, Cindy E6-Jun-2013
302013Cost effectiveness in site selection to protect native plant communities from the weed, bitou bush, in New South Wales, AustraliaSinden, John A ; Downey, Paul; Cacho, Oscar J ; Hester, Susan 3-Apr-2014
3115-Aug-2012Valuing community engagement in biosecurity surveillanceCacho, Oscar ; Reeve, Ian ; Trammell, Jamie ; Hester, Susie 22-Jul-2021
322012Optimization of Search Strategies in Managing Biological Invasions: A Simulation ApproachHester, Susan ; Cacho, Oscar J 28-May-2012
332011Deriving efficient frontiers for effort allocation in the management of invasive speciesCacho, Oscar Jose ; Hester, Susan 26-Jul-2011
342011Estimating and influencing the duration of weed eradication programmesPanetta, F Dane; Cacho, Oscar Jose ; Hester, Susan ; Sims-Chilton, Nikki; Brooks, Simon3-Aug-2011
352011Estimating the duration and cost of weed eradication programmesPanetta, FD; Cacho, Oscar Jose ; Hester, Susan ; Sims-Chilton, NM3-Feb-2012
363-Sep-2010Post-border surveillance techniques: review, synthesis and deploymentHester, Susie ; Hauser, Cindy; Kean, John; Walshe, Terry; Robinson, Andrew22-Jul-2021
372010Applying a simulation model to the management of an infestation of 'Miconia calvescens' in the wet tropics of AustraliaHester, Susan ; Brooks, S J; Cacho, Oscar Jose ; Panetta, F D14-May-2010
382010Allocating surveillance effort in the management of invasive species: A spatially-explicit modelCacho, Oscar Jose ; Spring, Daniel; Hester, Susan ; Mac Nally, Ralph9-Mar-2010
392009The spread of a biological invasion in space and time: Modelling active and passive surveillanceHester, Susan ; Cacho, Oscar Jose 26-Mar-2010
402009A Stage Matrix for 'Miconia calvescens' in the Wet Tropics of Australia: Implications for ManagementHester, Susan ; Panetta, FD; Cacho, Oscar Jose ; Brooks, SJ24-Nov-2011
4125-Jan-2008Valuing the biodiversity gains from protecting native plant communities from bitou bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera subsp rotundata (DC.) T.Norl.) in New South Wales: application of the defensive expenditure methodSinden, J A ; Downey, Paul O; Hester, Susan M ; Cacho, Oscar 29-Jul-2021
422008Economic evaluation of the NSW Bitou Bush Threat Abatement PlanHester, Susan ; Sinden, Jack A 12-May-2010
432008Economic evaluation of the management of bitou bush ('chrysanthemoides monilifera' subsp. 'rotundata'(DC.) T.Norl.) to conserve native plant communitites in New South WalesSinden, Jack Alfred ; Downey, Paul; Hester, Susan ; Cacho, Oscar Jose 16-Nov-2009
442008Bioeconomic modeling for control of weeds in natural environmentsCacho, Oscar Jose ; Wise, Russell Montgomery; Hester, Susan ; Sinden, Jack Alfred 2-Dec-2009
452007Applying search theory to determine the feasibility of eradicating an invasive population in natural environmentsCacho, Oscar Jose ; Hester, Susan ; Spring, Daniel26-Nov-2009
462006Evaluating the feasibility of eradicating an invasionCacho, OJ ; Spring, D; Pheloung, P; Hester, S 5-May-2008
472005The Economic Impact of Weeds in AustraliaSinden, JA ; Jones, R; Hester, S ; Odom, Doreen; Kalisch, Cheryl ; James, R; Cacho, Oscar J ; Griffith, G13-May-2008
482004The Economic Impact of Weeds in Australia: Report to the CRC for Australian Weed ManagementSinden, JA ; Jones, R; Hester, S ; Odom, D; Kalisch, C; James, R; Cacho, OJ 24-Sep-2008
492004The economic impact of weeds in Australian agricultureSinden, Jack Alfred ; Jones, R; Hester, Susan ; Odom, Doreen; Kalisch, Cheryl; James, R; Cacho, Oscar Jose 25-Oct-2012
502004Valuation of the cost of a weed incursion in a natural environment: a simulation approachHester, Susan ; Sinden, Jack Alfred ; Cacho, Oscar Jose 25-Oct-2012

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