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1Sep-2020Invasive weed species' threats to global biodiversity: Future scenarios of changes in the number of invasive species in a changing climateShabani, Farzin ; Ahmadi, Mohsen; Kumar, Lalit ; Solhjouy-fard, Samaneh; Tehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Shabani, Fariborz; Kalantar, Bahareh; Esmaeili, Atefeh 27-Jan-2021
2Jun-2020A Comparison of the Qualitative Analytic Hierarchy Process and the Quantitative Frequency Ratio Techniques in Predicting Forest Fire-Prone Areas in Bhutan Using GISTshering, Kinley; Thinley, Phuntsho ; Tehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Thinley, Ugyen; Shabani, Farzin 13-May-2022
39-Oct-2019A novel GIS-based ensemble technique for flood susceptibility mapping using evidential belief function and support vector machine: Brisbane, AustraliaShafapour Tehrany, Mahyat; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 13-Jan-2021
42-Oct-2019Modelling climate change impacts on wheat (Triticum aestivum) and rice (Oryza sativa) and their pests using CLIMEX: A case study of IraqAl-Jaryian, Rasha Ayad Jawad; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 12-Jan-2024
58-Jul-2019Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System to Study the Dubas Bug Ommatissus lybicus de Bergevin Infestation in OmanAl Shidi, Rashid Hamdan Saif; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Al-Khatri, Salim15-Jan-2024
6Jul-2019Risk of spread of tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) in tomato crops under various climate change scenariosSoares Ramos, Rodrigo; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Picanço, Marcelo Coutinho3-Feb-2021
715-Feb-2019Soil erodibility and its prediction in semi-arid regionsOstovari, Yaser; Ghorbani-Dashtaki, Shoja; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 2-Feb-2021
824-Jan-2019Climate model for seasonal variation in Bemisia tabaci using CLIMEX in tomato cropsRamos, Rodrigo Soares; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; da Silva, Ricardo Siqueira; de Araújo, Tamíris Alves; Picanço, Marcelo Coutinho3-Feb-2021
9Jan-2019Suitable areas of Phakopsora pachyrhizi, Spodoptera exigua, and their host plant Phaseolus vulgaris are projected to reduce and shift due to climate changeRamirez-Cabral, Nadiezhda Yakovleva Zitz; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 21-Jan-2021
102019Evaluating the application of the statistical index method in flood susceptibility mapping and its comparison with frequency ratio and logistic regression methodsTehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Kumar, Lalit ; Jebur, Mustafa Neamah; Shabani, Farzin 22-Dec-2020
115-Sep-2018Impacts of climate change on infestations of Dubas bug (Ommatissus lybicus Bergevin) on date palms in OmanShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; al Shidi, Rashid4-Feb-2021
12Jul-2018Dry stress decreases areas suitable for Neoleucinodes elegantalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) and affects its survival under climate predictions in South Americada Silva, Ricardo Siqueira; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Ribeiro, Arthur Vieira; Picanço, Marcelo Coutinho21-Dec-2020
1314-Jun-2018Mapping global risk levels of Bemisia tabaci in areas of suitability for open field tomato cultivation under current and future climatesRamos, Rodrigo Soares; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Picanço, Marcelo Coutinho21-Dec-2020
1414-Apr-2018Modelling climate change impacts on common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) and maize (Zea mays) and their pestsRamirez Cabral, Nadiezhda; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 23-Jan-2024
1519-Mar-2018A comparative modeling study on non-climatic and climatic risk assessment on Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus)Shabani, Farzin ; Tehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Solhjouy-fard, Samaneh; Kumar, Lalit 21-Jan-2021
162018Assessing Accuracy Methods of Species Distribution Models: AUC, Specificity, Sensitivity and the True Skill StatisticKumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Ahmadi, Mohsen4-Feb-2021
172018An analysis of sensitivity of CLIMEX parameters in mapping species potential distribution and the broad-scale changes observed with minor variations in parameters values: an investigation using open-field Solanum lycopersicum and Neoleucinodes elegantalis as an exampleda Silva, Ricardo Siqueira; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Picanço, Marcelo Coutinho23-May-2018
182017World climate suitability projections to 2050 and 2100 for growing oil palmPaterson, R R M; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Lima, N2-Jun-2017
192017Spatio-temporal dynamic climate model for Neoleucinodes elegantalis using CLIMEXda Silva, Ricardo Siqueira; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; da Silva, Ezio Marques; da Silva Galdino, Tarcisio Visintin; Picanço, Marcelo Coutinho18-May-2017
202017Are research efforts on Animalia in the South Pacific associated with the conservation status or population trends?Shabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Ahmadi, Mohsen; Esmaeili, Atefeh 19-Oct-2017
212017Global alterations in areas of suitability for maize production from climate change and using a mechanistic species distribution model (CLIMEX)Ramirez Cabral, Nadiezhda Yakovleva Zitz; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 19-Oct-2017
222017Climate change impacts on date palm cultivation in Saudi ArabiaAllbed, Amal; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 18-Oct-2017
232017Future climate scenarios project a decrease in the risk of fall armyworm outbreaksRamirez Cabral, Nadiezhda Yakovleva Zitz; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 27-Sep-2017
242017Variances in the projections, resulting from CLIMEX, Boosted Regression Trees and Random Forests techniquesShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Solhjouy-fard, Samaneh26-Sep-2017
252017Soil erosion susceptibility mapping for current and 2100 climate conditions using evidential belief function and frequency ratioTehrany, Mahyat; Shabani, Farzin ; Javier, Dymphna; Kumar, Lalit 2-Jan-2018
262017Global risk levels for corn rusts ('Puccinia sorghi' and 'Puccinia polysora') under climate change projectionsRamirez Cabral, Nadiezhda Yakovleva Zitz; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 9-Jan-2018
272017The greening of the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau under climate changeLamsal, Pramod; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Atreya, Kishor24-May-2018
282017Assessing the impact of global warming on worldwide open field tomato cultivation through CSIRO-Mk3·0 global climate modelSilva, R S; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Picanco, M C31-Mar-2017
292017Potential risk levels of invasive 'Neoleucinodes elegantalis' (small tomato borer) in areas optimal for open-field 'Solanum lycopersicum' (tomato) cultivation in the present and under predicted climate changeSiqueria da Silva, Ricardo; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Picanço, Marcelo Coutinho13-Mar-2017
302016Future distribution of cotton and wheat in Australia under potential climate changeShabani, Farzin ; Kotey, Bernice A 24-Feb-2016
312016A comparison of absolute performance of different correlative and mechanistic species distribution models in an independent areaShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Ahmadi, Mohsen12-Oct-2016
322016Effects of climate change on economic feasibility of future date palm production: An integrated assessment in IranShabani, Farzin ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Kumar, Lalit 12-Oct-2016
332016Modeling the impact of climate change on future distribution of date palmShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit 20-Dec-2016
342015Distribution of Date Palms in the Middle East Based on Future Climate ScenariosShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Taylor, Subhashni 31-Mar-2015
352015A modelling implementation of climate change on biodegradation of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) by 'Aspergillus niger' in soilShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Esmaeili, Atefeh 9-Oct-2015
362015Should species distribution models use only native or exotic records of existence or both?Shabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit 15-Apr-2016
372014Improvement to the prediction of the USLE 'K' factorShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Esmaeili, Atefeh 14-Feb-2014
382014Sensitivity Analysis of CLIMEX Parameters in Modeling Potential Distribution of 'Phoenix dactylifera' L.Shabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit 2-May-2014
392014Future distributions of 'Fusarium oxysporum' f. spp. in European, Middle Eastern and North African agricultural regions under climate changeShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Esmaeili, Atefeh 12-Aug-2014
402014Suitable regions for date palm cultivation in Iran are predicted to increase substantially under future climate change scenariosShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Taylor, Subhashni 26-Aug-2014
412014Colonization and Biodegradation of Photo-Oxidized Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) by New Strains of 'Aspergillus' sp. and 'Lysinibacillus' sp.Esmaeili, Atefeh ; Pourbabaee, Ahmad Ali; Alikhani, Hossein Ali; Shabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit 28-Aug-2014
422013Biodegradation of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) by Mixed Culture of 'Lysinibacillus xylanilyticus' and 'Aspergillus niger' in SoilEsmaeili, Atefeh ; Pourbabaee, Ahmad Ali; Alikhani, Hossein Ali; Shabani, Farzin ; Esmaeili, Ensieh4-Mar-2014

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