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12023A Systematic Literature Review of Determinants of Immigrant Entrepreneurship MotivationsDuan, Carson ; Kotey, Bernice ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 15-Nov-2021
2Jun-2022Towards an Analytical Framework of Dual Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Research Agenda for Transnational Immigrant EntrepreneurshipDuan, Carson ; Kotey, Bernice ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 15-Nov-2021
322-Mar-2022Understanding Farmers’ Compliance with Agri-Food Safety Regulations in KenyaBunei, Emmanuel Kipkemei ; Kotey, Bernice ; Harkness, Alistair ; Barclay, Elaine 15-Nov-2023
422-Mar-2022Effects of Personal and Environmental Characteristics on Immigrant Entrepreneurial Motivation, Strategies and Outcomes: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem PerspectiveDuan, Carson Zuoliang ; Kotey, Bernice ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 1-Mar-2023
522-Mar-2022A Framework for Assessing Virtual Business Incubator Outcomes: The Case of the Rural WomanSaavedra Horna, Miguel Angelo ; Kotey, Bernice ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 29-Jan-2024
62022The Effects of Cross-Border E-Commerce Platforms on Transnational Digital Entrepreneurship: Case Studies in the Chinese Immigrant CommunityDuan, Carson ; Kotey, Bernice ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 15-Nov-2021
718-Jun-2021Understanding immigrant entrepreneurship: a home-country entrepreneurial ecosystem perspectiveDuan, Carson ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet ; Kotey, Bernice 15-Nov-2021
8May-2021Ecosystem Strategies for Transnational Digital Entrepreneurship: A Conceptual Framework of Three EcosystemsDuan, Carson ; Kotey, Bernice ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 6-Feb-2022
919-Mar-2021Transnational immigrant entrepreneurship: effects of home-country entrepreneurial ecosystem factorsDuan, Carson ; Kotey, Bernice ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 15-Nov-2021
102021Integrated Business Strategies for Transnational Digital Entrepreneurship: Case Studies for Immigrant StartupsDuan, Carson ; Kotey, Bernice ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 7-Feb-2022
112020Digital Entrepreneurship for Immigrants: Motivations, Strategies, Ecosystems, and PerformanceDuan, Carson ; Kotey, Bernice ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 16-Nov-2021
122020Employee FWA needs and employer provisions across diverse age groupsKotey, Bernice ; Wark, Stuart 30-Sep-2020
132020The Digital Value Propositions for Virtual Business IncubatorsSaavedra, Angelo ; Kotey, Bernice ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 18-Nov-2020
1411-Jun-2019Firm size differences in financial returns from flexible work arrangements (FWAs)Kotey, Bernice ; Koomson, Isaac 7-Aug-2019
15Mar-2019Effect of Regulation on Outreach of Microfinance Institutions in GhanaQuartey, Joyce Ama; Kotey, Bernice 14-May-2019
162019Pathways from flexible work arrangements to financial performanceKotey, Bernice Adei ; Sharma, Bishnu14-May-2019
172019The effect of regulations on ability of MFIs to provide sustained financial services to small businessQuartey, Joyce Ama; Kotey, Bernice 29-Apr-2022
18Dec-2018University students' alcohol expectancies and self-esteem: An investigation of difference by students' genderSharma, Bishnu; Kotey, Bernice ; Reinhard, Karin14-May-2019
1930-Jun-2017Skills Profile and Labour Supply Structures on Cotton FarmsKotey, Bernice ; Nettle, Ruth; Sorensen, Anthony 3-Jun-2019
202017The Impact of Working Capital Management Practices and Capital Structure Decisions on Access to Finance and Performance of Small Businesses in GhanaDonkoh, Gabriel Arthur; Kotey, Bernice A ; Bollen, Bernard19-Mar-2018
212017Flexible working arrangements and strategic positions in SMEsKotey, Bernice A 17-Mar-2017
2213-Jun-2016Alternate Equity IndexationAgarwal, Nipun; Farooque, Omar Al ; Kotey, Bernice 17-Jan-2024
232016Future distribution of cotton and wheat in Australia under potential climate changeShabani, Farzin ; Kotey, Bernice A 24-Feb-2016
242016Enablers and Barriers to Exit of Regional Small Business Owners in AustraliaKotey, Bernice A 9-May-2016
252016Identifying high growth firms: Where are we?Dwyer, Bruce; Kotey, Bernice A 7-Jul-2016
262016Predictors of flexible working arrangement provision in small and medium enterprises (SMEs)Kotey, Bernice A ; Sharma, Bishnu12-Dec-2016
272016The Effect of Regulations on Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Promoting Small Business Growth in GhanaQuartey, Joyce Ama; Kotey, Bernice ; Bollen, Bernard27-Jan-2017
282015Financing SMEs in the digital economy: Barriers to public equity funding from the National Stock Exchange of AustraliaDwyer, Bruce Leo; Kotey, Bernice A 24-Sep-2015
292015The digital economy and its impact on Australian and New Zealand SMEsKotey, Bernice A ; Battisti, Martini24-Sep-2015
302015SMEs in the Digital Economy: Surviving the Digital RevolutionKotey, Bernice A ; Mazzarol, Tim; Clark, Delwyn; McKeown, Tui; Battisti, Martina24-Sep-2015
312015Financing SME Growth: The Role of the National Stock Exchange of Australia and Business AdvisorsDwyer, Bruce Leo; Kotey, Bernice A 28-Jul-2015
322015Demographic and Economic Changes in Remote AustraliaKotey, Bernice A 28-Jul-2015
332015Exploring the Involvement of All Managers and Employees in Developing and Implementing Performance Management Systems in Canadian Public Sector OrganizationsKobussen, Glen Preston; Kotey, Bernice ; Cooksey, Ray6-Jan-2016
342014Exploring Environmental Disclosure in Selected Australian Multinationals under the GRI GuidelinesFarooque, Omar ; Kotey, Bernice A ; Ahulu, Helena K30-Apr-2015
352014Exit planning in small Australian firmsKotey, Bernice A 12-Jun-2015
362014Meeting the Globalisation Challenge: Smart and Innovative SMEs in a Globally Competitive EnvironmentKotey, Bernice A ; Mazzarol, Tim; Clark, Delwyn; Foley, Dennis; McKeown, Tui2-Sep-2015
372014Demographic and economic impact of mining on remote communities in AustraliaKotey, Bernice A ; Rolfe, John15-Sep-2015
382014Are Social Issues Relegated to the Backburner?: An Analysis of CSR Reports of Australian MNESAhulu, Helena K; Farooque, Omar ; Kotey, Bernice A 8-Aug-2014
392014Asymmetric changes in Australia's small business loan rateValadkhani, Abbas ; Chen, George ; Kotey, Bernice A 28-Nov-2014
402014Barriers to Small Business Innovation in Rural AustraliaKotey, Bernice A ; Sorensen, Anthony 12-Dec-2014
412014Small business innovation in the hostile environment of Australia's drought stricken rural communitiesKotey, Bernice A 13-Oct-2014
422013Internationalisation and Globalisation of Higher Education: Implications for Africa's Higher Education SystemKotey, Bernice A ; Mihret, Dessalegn14-Feb-2014
432013The Configuration of Entrepreneurial Strategy in Chinese Small Textile Manufacturing FirmsKotey, Bernice A ; Sharma, Bishnu; Gao, Ke14-Feb-2014
442011Strategies for employee learning in professional service firms: A study of community pharmacies in AustraliaKotey, Bernice A ; Saini, Bandana; While, Lesley14-Feb-2014
452011Determinants of Sustainability Reporting: An Analysis of Corporations in Anglo EconomiesAhulu, Helena Koteikor; Kotey, Bernice A 21-Feb-2012
462010Are Social Issues Relegated to the Backburner? An analysis of CSR Reports of Australian MNEsAhulu, Helena Koteikor; Kotey, Bernice A ; Farooque, Omar 22-Aug-2012
472010Do collectivist cultures prepare students for teamwork?Kotey, Bernice A 7-Jul-2011
482010Advances in Environmental Reporting among Australian MNEs using GRI GuidelinesAhulu, Helena Koteikor; Kotey, Bernice A ; Farooque, Omar 7-Jul-2011
492009Economic and Social Diversity in Australia's Cotton Producing CommunitiesSorensen, Anthony ; Kotey, Bernice A 22-Oct-2010
502009SME Performance and Its Determinants: An Empirical Study in the Chinese Transitional ContextGao, Ke; Kotey, Bernice ; Epworth, Roger James9-Nov-2009

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