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126-Jan-2024Implications for Economic Sustainability of Food Systems from Reductions in Household Food Waste: The Case of the Australian Apple IndustryRohr, Sarah; Mounter, Stuart ; Baker, Derek 29-Jan-2024
215-Jun-2023Resilience of Agri-Food Supply Chains: Australian Developments After a Decade of Supply and Demand ShocksTaghikhah, Firouzeh Rosa; Baker, Derek ; Wynn, Moe Thander; Sung, Michael Billy; Mounter, Stuart ; Rosemann, Michael; Voinov, Alexey26-Sep-2023
32023New South Wales sheep producers' perceptions regarding lamb mortality and the adoption of pregnancy scanningHobbs, Jazmine; Mounter, Stuart 1-May-2023
426-Oct-2022The Distribution of Gains from Investments in the Australian Apple Industry: Projections Using an Equilibrium Displacement ModelRohr, Sarah; Mounter, Stuart ; Baker, Derek ; Godden, David 17-Aug-2023
529-Sep-2022Applying System Dynamics to the Food Loss and Waste Problem: a Literature ReviewPopat, Meizal ; Cacho, Oscar ; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Baker, Derek 26-Sep-2023
622-Mar-2022The Economic Impacts of Food Loss and Food Waste in the Australian Apple Industry: An Equilibrium Displacement Model ApproachSarah Maree Rohr; Mounter, Stuart ; Godden, David ; Baker, Derek 18-Sep-2023
720-Sep-2021The Economic Impacts of Food Loss and Food Waste in the Australian Apple Industry: An Equilibrium Displacement Model Approach - DatasetRohr, Sarah; Mounter, Stuart ; Baker, Derek ; Godden, David 18-Sep-2023
82021The Benefits of Dry Ageing of Mutton to the Australian Sheep Meat IndustryGriffith, Garry ; Jacob, Robin; Mounter, Stuart ; Zhang, Yue 7-Oct-2021
97-Dec-2020A Diagrammatic Framework for Accounting for Externalities in Agriculture and Food Sector Value ChainsRohr, Sarah; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry 7-Oct-2021
103-Aug-2020The Australian Apple Industry - Trends and ChallengesRohr, Sarah; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry 19-Nov-2020
11Jun-2020Co-designed scoping study to unlock the power of digitalBaker, Derek ; Azeem, Masood ; Mounter, Stuart ; Zhang, Yue 4-Oct-2023
122020Preferences for Certified Beef with Animal Welfare and Other Credence Attributes in AustraliaMorales, L Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Wright, Victor ; Umberger, Wendy23-Sep-2020
132020Postharvest losses at the farm level and its economy-wide costs: the case of the maize sector in MozambiquePopat, Meizal ; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Cacho, Oscar 8-Jun-2021
14Dec-2019Wineries and wine quality: The influence of location and archetype in the Hunter Valley region in AustraliaLock, Peter; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Moss, Jonathan 10-Dec-2019
15Jul-2019Response to stockout in grocery stores: A small city case in a changing competitive environmentAzeem, Muhammad Masood ; Baker, Derek ; Villano, Renato A ; Mounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry 23-Apr-2019
16Apr-2019Testing for pre-committed quantities of Australian meat demandTighe, Kara ; Piggott, Nicholas; Cacho, Oscar ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato 23-Apr-2019
1711-Feb-2019Impacts of Trade Facilitation on South Asian EconomiesAhangamage, Manel Subashini Perera; Siriwardana, Mahindra; Mounter, Stuart 15-Feb-2021
182019Food Shoppers' Experience of Supermarket Entry in a Small Regional City: The Case of Aldi in Armidale NSWBaker, Derek ; Azeem, Masood ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato ; Griffith, Gary12-Nov-2021
1911-Dec-2018Impacts of Trade Facilitation on South Asian EconomiesAhangamage, Manel Subashini Perera ; Siriwardana, Ananda ; Mounter, Stuart 16-Jan-2024
2026-Oct-2018Determinants of Australian Consumer Meat DemandTighe, Kara; Cacho, Oscar ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato ; Ball, Alexander15-Jan-2024
212018Food shoppers' share of wallet: A small city case in a changing competitive environmentAzeem, Masood ; Baker, Derek ; Villano, Renato ; Mounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry 30-Apr-2018
222018Consciously Pursued Joint Action: Agricultural and Food Value Chains as ClubsFleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Baker, Derek 26-Apr-2018
232018Good Gardening for a Perennial Economy: What's the Optimal Growth Path for a Regional Economy?McFarlane, James ; Blackwell, Boyd ; Mounter, Stuart 27-Apr-2018
242018The Value of Muscle Score in Steers at Wagga Wagga Saleyards During 2010/2011Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato 1-Jun-2018
252018Determinants of consumer willingness to pay for quality-graded Australian sheep meatTighe, Kara ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato ; Ball, Alex; Pethick, David W; Fleming, Euan 16-Aug-2018
2628-Oct-2017Is There a Role for Wine Tourism in Regional Growth?McFarlane, James A ; Mounter, Stuart ; Blackwell, Boyd ; Valadkhani, Abbas 22-Jan-2024
272017Chain Failure Theory as a Framework for Evaluating Horizontal and Vertical Strategic Alliances among Food Value Chain Participants: A Red Meat Industry PerspectiveMalcolm, Bill; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan 26-Apr-2018
282017Achieving better strategic fit and higher surplus for Australian beef value chains by recognising and countering chain failureMounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan 26-Apr-2018
292017Chain failure and chain goods: Re-thinking value chain upgrading and promotion in developing countriesGriffith, Garry ; Baker, Derek ; Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Malcolm, Bill; Umberger, Wendy26-Apr-2018
302017Trade Facilitation, Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation: South Asia at a GlancePerera, Subashini; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; Mounter, Stuart 28-May-2018
312017The Economic Impact of Imports on the Australian Pig Industry: Is it Time for the WTO’s Safeguard Measures? 2. Re-estimating the Productivity Commission's Vector Autoregression and Inverse Demand ModelsPopat, Meizal; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart 1-Jun-2018
322017The Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Poverty and Welfare in South Asia: A Special Reference to Sri LankaPerera, Sumudu; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; Mounter, Stuart 4-Jun-2018
332017The Economic Impact of Imports on the Australian Pig Industry: Is it Time for the WTO's Safeguard Measures? 1. Replicating and Updating the 2008 Productivity Commission AnalysesPopat, Meizal; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart 1-Jun-2018
342017Combining amenity with experience: Exploring the hidden capital of a winescape experienceMcFarlane, Jim ; Grant, Bligh; Blackwell, Boyd ; Mounter, Stuart 17-Jul-2017
352017Trade Facilitation - Measurement Difficulties in the Computable General Equilibrium Model: A ReviewPerera, Subashni; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; Mounter, Stuart 17-Mar-2017
362016Book Review of Agricultural Product Prices, by W G Tomek and H M KaiserMounter, Stuart 30-May-2018
372016Industry Clusters and Food Value Chains: Can the Literature on Local Collective Failure be used as a Guide for Assessing and Overcoming Value Chain Failure?Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry ; Grant, Bligh10-May-2018
382016From agriculture to mining: The changing economic base of a rural economy and implications for developmentMcFarlane, Jim A ; Blackwell, Boyd D ; Mounter, Stuart W ; Grant, Bligh J7-Jan-2016
392015Evaluating the Consequences of Imports on a Local Value Chain: The Case of Danish Pig Meat Exports to the Australian MarketHamann, Karen; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart 27-Apr-2018
402015The Australian Wine Industry at the Crossroads: A Comparison of Performance Across Major Wine Exporting Countries in 2000Grant, Bligh; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry ; Villano, Renato 30-Apr-2018
412015The Economics of the Red Meat Industry: A Value Chain PerspectiveGriffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart 27-Apr-2018
422015Refocussing on the Value Chain Perspective to Analyse Food, Beverage and Fibre MarketsGriffith, Garry ; Gow, Hamish; Umberger, Wendy; Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Malcom, Bill; Baker, Derek 3-Sep-2015
432014Can we explain variations in winery ratings in Victoria?Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Grant, Bligh; Griffith, Garry 27-Apr-2018
442014Reducing poverty and income inequality in Sri Lanka: does trade liberalisation help?Perera, Sumudu; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; Mounter, Stuart 6-Sep-2014
452014Should Agriculture be Exempt from Trade Policy Reforms in South Asia?Perera, Sumudu; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; Mounter, Stuart 25-Nov-2014
462014The New World challenge: Performance trends in wine production in major wine-exporting countries in the 2000s and their implications for the Australian wine industryFleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Grant, Bligh ; Griffith, Garry ; Villano, Renato 17-Apr-2015
472014Potential Contribution of Land-Use Change to Climate Policy: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis in an Australian CatchmentMoss, Jonathan Francis; Cacho, Oscar ; Mounter, Stuart 19-Nov-2015
482013Muscle score premiums and discounts in wholesale beef carcasesGriffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato 27-Apr-2018
492013Trade Liberalisation in South Asia: Impact on Trade and Income Distribution in a Multi-Country CGE Model Focusing on the Sri Lankan EconomyPerera, Sumudu Senani; Siriwardana, Mahinda; Mounter, Stuart 23-Sep-2013
502013A Multi-Sectoral, Multi-Household, General Equilibrium Model to Assess the Impact of a Carbon Price on the Australian EconomyGaspe Ralalage, Lakmini Disna Sajeewani; Siriwardana, Mahinda; McNeill, Judith ; Mounter, Stuart 14-Oct-2013

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