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111-Jan-2024COVID-19 in New Zealand: The Moderating Effect of Involvement on the Roles of Attitudes and Subjective NormsKaine, Geoff; Wright, Vic 15-Jan-2024
219-Sep-2023Predicting people’s motivation to engage in urban predator controlKaine, Geoff; Stronge, Dean; Wright, Vic 21-Sep-2023
315-Apr-2023Motivation, Intention and Opportunity: Wearing Masks and the Spread of COVID-19Kaine, Geoff; Wright, Vic 26-Sep-2023
424-Oct-2022Motivation, Intention and Action: Wearing Masks to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19Kaine, Geoff; Wright, Vic ; Greenhalgh, Suz9-Nov-2022
59-Oct-2022Attitudes, Involvement and Public Support for Pest Control MethodsKaine, Geoff; Wright, Vic 4-Nov-2022
66-Sep-2022Relative advantage and complexity: Predicting the rate of adoption of agricultural innovationsKaine, Geoff; Wright, Vic 8-Sep-2022
77-Apr-2022Predicting willingness to be vaccinated for Covid-19: Evidence from New ZealandKaine, Geoff; Wright, Victor ; Greenhalgh, Suzie24-May-2022
89-Feb-2022Compliance with Covid-19 measures: Evidence from New ZealandKaine, Geoff; Greenhalgh, Suzie; Wright, Vic 11-May-2022
92020Preferences for Certified Beef with Animal Welfare and Other Credence Attributes in AustraliaMorales, L Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Wright, Victor ; Umberger, Wendy23-Sep-2020
102017Branding fresh food: Who is willing to pay more for beef?Morales, L Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy; Hoang, Nam 15-Jan-2018
112016Antipodean agricultural and resource economics at 60: farm managementMalcolm, Bill; Wright, Victor 6-Jan-2017
122016An Approach for Analyzing the Vulnerability of Small Family BusinessesCowan, Lisa; Wright, Victor 22-Feb-2016
132015Path dependence: an approach for framing constraints on adaptation in Australian dairy farmsCowan, Lisa Kay; Wright, Victor ; Cooksey, Ray; Kaine, Geoffrey2-Apr-2015
142015The influence of family and personal domains on change decisions on irrigated dairy farmsCowan, Lisa; Wright, Victor ; Kaine, Geoff; Cooksey, Ray W 25-Feb-2016
152014Organic Food at the Point of Purchase: Understanding Inconsistency in Consumer Choice PatternsHenryks, Joanna; Cooksey, Ray W ; Wright, Victor 3-Oct-2014
162013Variables affecting the propensity to buy branded beef among groups of Australian beef buyersMorales, L Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy; Hoang, Nam 6-Jun-2013
172013The Role of Strategic and Tactical Flexibility in Managing Input Variability on FarmsCowan, Lisa; Kaine, Geoffrey; Wright, Victor 16-Jul-2013
182013Framing and managing the adoption of practice change for NRM by farmersWright, Victor ; Keeble, Brigette; Kaine, Geoffrey16-May-2014
19Jul-2011Rates of Adoption: The Diffusion of Agricultural InnovationsWright, Victor 16-May-2014
202011A Systems Approach to Identifying and Managing Opportunities and Constraints to Delivering Innovation Policy for Agriculture: An Analysis of the Australian Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) ProgramSandall, Jean; Cooksey, Ray W ; Wright, Victor 18-Oct-2011
212011Cross-case analysis of producer-driven marketing channels in AustraliaBroderick, Sherryl; Wright, Victor ; Kristiansen, Paul 17-Oct-2011
222011Promoting Branded Products as Innovation in the Australian Beef Marketing SystemMorales, Luis Emilio; Griffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan ; Wright, Victor 17-Jan-2012
232011Propensity to Buy Branded Beef Among Groups of Australian Beef ConsumersMorales, Luis Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy; Hoang, Nam 28-Feb-2012
242011Determining the Rationality of Marketing Strategy on FarmsWright, Victor 28-Feb-2012
252011Identifying potential adopters of an agricultural innovationKaine, Geoffrey; Wright, Victor ; Cooksey, Ray W ; Bewsell, Denise19-Mar-2012
262011Towards better NRM outcomes: Optimising co-productionWright, Victor ; Keeble, Brigette; Higson, Megan16-May-2014
272011Implications for natural resource management of restructuring organisations: protecting community involvementWright, Victor ; Keeble, Brigette; Higson, Megan16-May-2014
28Mar-2010Public and Private Provision of Services to LandholdersWright, Victor 15-Jun-2011
292010Assessing the tactical and strategic flexibility of farmsKaine, Geoffrey; Cowan, Lisa; Wright, Victor 2-Jun-2011
302010Organic Foods and Consumer Choice in Context: An Exploration of Switching BehaviourHenryks, Joanna; Cooksey, Ray; Wright, Victor ; Pearson, David Hugh16-Jan-2012
312010Understanding markets for agricultural innovationsKaine, Geoffrey; Bewsell, Denise; Wright, Victor ; Hill, Megan; Rowbottom, Ben6-Jul-2011
322010Consumers' Characteristics and Preferences in the Australian Beef MarketMorales, Luis Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy12-Sep-2013
332010Producer-Driven Marketing of 'Clean, Green and Humane' LambBroderick, Sherryl; Kristiansen, Paul ; Wright, Victor 6-Jul-2010
342009The Case of AustraliaGriffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor 23-Nov-2011
352009Characteristics of different consumer segments in the Australian beef marketMorales, Luis Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Vic ; Umberger, Wnedy; Fleming, Euan 22-Mar-2010
362009Observations on an unedifying spectacleWright, Victor 30-Jul-2010
372009The Adoption of Agricultural InnovationsKaine, Geoffrey; Wright, Victor ; Cooksey, Ray17-Sep-2009
382009Economic Rationales for Government InterventionWright, Victor 29-Sep-2010
392008Products and branding innovations in the Australian beef marketing systemMorales, Luis Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy9-Jan-2012
402008Intergenerational Equity as Market FailureWright, Victor 22-Jul-2011
412008Managing for Intergenerational EquityWright, Victor 22-Jul-2011
422007Navigating pathways through complex systems of interacting problems: strategic management of native vegetation policySandall, Jean; Cooksey, Ray; Wright, Victor 2-Sep-2010
432007An approach to Predicting Demand for an Agricultural InnovationKaine, Goeff; Lees, Jim; Wright, Victor 25-Nov-2009
442005The Farming Game: Agricultural Management and MarketingMalcolm, Bill; Makeham, Jack; Wright, Victor 10-May-2010
452005The health that workers wantDitton, Mary Jane; Hussain, Rafat ; Irwin, Lyn; Cruickshank, Mary ; Marino, Rodrigo; Plummer, David; Wright, Victor 1-Feb-2016
462004The Nature of Products, Goods and ServicesEpworth, Roger James; Wright, Victor 13-Jan-2016
472004Use of strategies and decision rules by Australian wool producers to manage uncertaintyMurray-Prior, Roy; Wright, Victor 30-Nov-2009
48Dec-2002Influence of strategies and heuristics on farmers' response to change under uncertaintyMurray‐Prior, Roy B; Wright, Vic E 17-Oct-2021
492002One little Lebanese cucumber is not going to break the bank: Price in the choice of fresh fruits and vegetablesOwen, Kate M; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor 28-Feb-2012
501999An investigation of several psychological factors impinging on the perception of fresh fruits and vegetablesKjeldal, Sue-Ellen; Gates, Richard; Cooksey, Ray; Wright, Victor 22-Dec-2010

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