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1May-2023Most root-derived carbon inputs do not contribute to long-term global soil carbon storageWang, Guocheng; Xiao, Liujun; Lin, Ziqi; Zhang, Qing ; Guo, Xiaowei; Cowie, Annette ; Zhang, Shuai; Wang, Mingming; Chen, Songchao; Zhang, Ganlin; Shi, Zhou; Sun, Wenjuan; Luo, Zhongkui22-Mar-2024
22023Modelling interactions between cowpea cover crops and residue retention in Australian dryland cropping systems under climate changeHe, Qinsi; Liu, De Li ; Wang, Bin; Cowie, Annette ; Simmons, Aaron ; Waters, Cathy ; Li, Linchao; Feng, Puyu; Li, Yi; Voil, Peter de; Huete, Alfredo; Yu, Qiang26-Apr-2024
32023Reducing enteric methane of ruminants in Australian grazing systems – a review of the role for temperate legumes and herbsBadgery, Warwick ; Li, Guangdi; Simmons, Aaron ; Wood, Jennifer; Smith, Rowan; Peck, David; Ingram, Lachlan; Durmic, Zoey; Cowie, Annette ; Humphries, Alan; Hutton, Peter; Winslow, Emma; Vercoe, Phil; Eckard, Richard29-May-2024
41-Nov-2022Climate change mitigation potential of summer cowpea cover crops in Southern Australian cropping systems is limitedSimmons, A T ; Liu, D L; Cowie, A L ; Badgery, W B19-Mar-2024
5Jul-2022What should we eat? Realistic solutions for reducing our food footprintAllenden, Nicole ; Hine, Donald W ; Craig, Belinda M ; Cowie, Annette ; McGreevy, Paul D ; Lykins, Amy D 22-Jun-2022
6Jun-2022Land use for bioenergy: Synergies and trade-offs between sustainable development goalsVera, Ivan; Wicke, Birka; Lamers, Patrick; Cowie, Annette ; Repo, Anna; Heukels, Bas; Zumpf, Colleen; Styles, David; Parish, Esther; Cherubini, Francesco; Berndes, Goran; Jager, Henriette; Schiesari, Luis; Junginger, Martin; Brandao, Miguel; Bentsen, Niclas Scott; Daioglou, Vassilis; Harris, Zoe; van der Hilst, Floor22-Mar-2024
730-Mar-2022Extreme fire weather is the major driver of severe bushfires in southeast AustraliaWang, Bin; Spessa, Allan C; Feng, Puyu; Hou, Xin; Yue, Chao; Luo, Jing-Jia; Ciais, Philippe; Waters, Cathy; Cowie, Annette ; Nolan, Rachael H; Nikonovas, Tadas; Jin, Huidong; Walshaw, Henry; Wei, Jinghua; Guo, Xiaowei; Liu, De Li ; Yu, Qiang10-Apr-2024
815-Jan-2022Future climate impacts on forest growth and implications for carbon sequestration through reforestation in southeast AustraliaWang, Bin; Waters, Cathy; Anwar, Muhuddin Rajin; Cowie, Annette ; Liu, De Li; Summers, David; Paul, Keryn; Feng, Puyu10-Apr-2024
9Dec-2021Meta-analysis quantifying the potential of dietary additives and rumen modifiers for methane mitigation in ruminant production systemsAlmeida, Amelia K ; Hegarty, Roger S ; Cowie, Annette 20-Apr-2022
10Dec-2021Biochar in climate change mitigationLehmann, Johannes ; Cowie, Annette ; Masiello, Caroline A; Kammann, Claudia; Woolf, Dominic; Amonette, James E; Cayuela, Maria L; Camps-Arbestain, Marta; Whitman, Thea15-Apr-2024
11Sep-2021Bioenergy for climate change mitigation: Scale and sustainabilityCalvin, Katherine; Cowie, Annette ; Berndes, Goran; Arneth, Almut; Cherubini, Francesco; Portugal-Pereira, Joana; Grassi, Giacomo; House, Jo; Johnson, Francis X; Popp, Alexander; Rounsevell, Mark; Slade, Raphael; Smith, Pete 28-May-2024
1225-Jun-2021US scheme used by Australian farmers reveals the dangers of trading soil carbon to tackle climate changeSimmons, Aaron ; Cowie, Annette ; Wilson, Brian ; Farrell, Mark; Harrison, Matthew Tom; Grace, Peter; Eckard, Richard; Wong, Vanessa; Badgery, Warwick24-Aug-2023
1320-May-2021Pyrolysis of invasive woody vegetation for energy and biochar has climate change mitigation potentialSimmons, Aaron T; Cowie, Annette L ; Waters, Cathy M22-Mar-2024
141-Apr-2021Co-benefits and trade-offs of climate change mitigation actions and the Sustainable Development GoalsCohen, Brett; Cowie, Annette ; Babiker, Mustafa; Leip, Adrian; Smith, Pete24-May-2024
1523-Feb-2021Developing a Multi-Species Weed-Control Threshold Model for High-Yielding Irrigated CottonCharles, Graham William ; Sindel, Brian ; Cowie, Annette ; Knox, Oliver 19-Dec-2023
162021Three ways to improve net-zero emissions targetsRogelj, Joeri; Geden, Oliver; Cowie, Annette ; Reisinger, Andy29-May-2024
172021Soil carbon market-based instrument pilot – the sequestration of soil organic carbon for the purpose of obtaining carbon creditsBadgery, Warwick; Murphy, Brian; Cowie, Annette ; Orgill, Susan; Rawson, Andrew; Simmons, Aaron ; Crean, Jason10-Apr-2024
182021Restoring Degraded LandsArneth, Almut; Olsson, Lennart; Cowie, Annette ; Erb, Karl-Heinz; Hurlbert, Margot; Kurz, Werner A; Mirzabaev, Alisher; Rounsevell, Mark D A24-Apr-2024
192021Land sector impacts of early climate actionBerndes, Göran; Cowie, Annette 24-May-2024
20Oct-2020Determining the critical period for broadleaf weed control in high-yielding cotton using mungbean as a mimic weedCharles, Graham W ; Sindel, Brian M ; Cowie, Annette L ; Knox, Oliver G G 22-Dec-2020
2110-Jul-2020Climate change mitigation for Australian wheat productionSimmons, Aaron T ; Cowie, Annette L ; Brock, Philippa M 10-Apr-2024
22Apr-2020Determining the critical period for grass control in high-yielding cotton using Japanese millet as a mimic weedCharles, Graham W ; Sindel, Brian M ; Cowie, Annette L ; Knox, Oliver G G 13-Jul-2020
232020Sources of uncertainty for wheat yield projections under future climate are site-specificWang, Bin; Feng, Puyu; Liu, De Li ; O'Leary, Garry J; Macadam, Ian; Waters, Cathy; Asseng, Senthold; Cowie, Annette ; Jiang, Tengcong; Xiao, Dengpan; Ruan, Hongyan; He, Jianqiang; Yu, Qiang11-Apr-2024
242020Biophysical and socioeconomic factors influencing soil carbon stocks: a global assessmentDuarte-Guardia, Sandra; Peri, Pablo; Amelung, Wulf; Thomas, Evert; Borchard, Nils; Baldi, German; Cowie, Annette ; Ladd, Brenton29-May-2024
2515-Nov-2019Balancing nutrient stoichiometry facilitates the fate of wheat residue‑carbon in physically defined soil organic matter fractionsFang, Yunying; Singh, Pal Bhupinderpal ; Cowie, Annette ; Wang, Weiqi; Arachchi, Meragal Henaka; Wang, Hailong; Tavakkoli, Ehsan10-Apr-2024
26Oct-2019Assessing resilience to underpin implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality: A case study in the rangelands of western New South Wales, AustraliaCowie, A L ; Waters, C M ; Garland, F; Orgill, S E; Baumberd, A; Cross, R; O'Connell, D; Metternicht, G22-Mar-2024
27Oct-2019Tillage history and crop residue input enhanced native carbon mineralisation and nutrient supply in contrasting soils under long-term farming systemsSarker, Jharna Rani ; Singh, Pal Bhupinderpal ; Fang, Yunying; Cowie, Annette L ; Dougherty, Warwick J; Collins, Damian; Dalal, Ram C; Singh, Brajesh K10-Apr-2024
28Aug-2019The value of using mimic weeds in competition experiments in irrigated cottonCharles, Graham W ; Sindel, Brian M ; Cowie, Annette L ; Knox, Oliver G G 22-Aug-2019
29Jul-2019Life cycle inventories for the Australian grains sectorSimmons, Aaron T ; Murray, Alexandra; Brock, Philippa M; Grant, Timothy; Cowie, Annette L ; Eady, Sandra; Sharma, Bharat11-Apr-2024
303-May-2019Carbon storage and emissions from forest products in Australian landfills - DatasetCowie, Annette ; de Aquino Ximenes, Fabiano 17-Jan-2024
31May-2019Quantifying the climate change effects of bioenergy systems: Comparison of 15 impact assessment methodsBrandao, Miguel; Kirschbaum, Miko U F; Cowie, Annette L ; Hjuler, Susanne Vedel22-Mar-2024
3211-Mar-2019Carbon Storage and Emissions from Forest Products in Australian LandfillsDe Aquino Ximenes, Fabiano ; Cowie, Annette ; Barlaz, Morton17-Jan-2024
331-Mar-2019Mapping future soil carbon change and its uncertainty in croplands using simple surrogates of a complex farming system modelLuo, Zhongkui; Eady, Sandra; Sharma, Bharat; Grant, Timothy; Liu, De Li ; Cowie, Annette ; Farquharson, Ryan; Simmons, Aaron ; Crawford, Debbie; Searle, Ross; Moor, Andrew10-Apr-2024
34Mar-2019Better estimates of soil carbon from geographical data: a revised global approachDuarte-Guardia, Sandra; Peri, Pablo L; Amelung, Wulf; Sheil, Douglas; Laffan, Shawn W; Borchard, Nils; Bird, Michael I; Dieleman, Wouter; Pepper, David A; Zutta, Brian; Jobbagy, Esteban; Silva, Lucas C R; Bonser, Stephen P; Berhongaray, Gonzalo; Piñeiro, Gervasio; Martinez, Maria-Jose; Cowie, Annette L ; Ladd, Brenton17-Apr-2024
3515-Feb-2019Improving understanding of carbon storage in wood in landfills: Evidence from reactor studiesXimenes, Fabiano A ; Bjordal, Charlotte; Kathuria, Amrit; Barlaz, Morton A; Cowie, Annette L 22-Mar-2024
362019Determining the critical period for weed control in high-yielding cotton using common sunflower as a mimic weedCharles, Graham W ; Sindel, Brian M ; Cowie, Annette L ; Knox, Oliver G G 22-Aug-2019
3727-Dec-2018Carbon dynamics of paper, engineered wood products and bamboo in landfills: evidence from reactor studiesXimenes, Fabiano A ; Kathuria, Amrit; Barlaz, Morton A; Cowie, Annette L 9-Apr-2024
38May-2018Agricultural management practices impacted carbon and nutrient concentrations in soil aggregates, with minimal influence on aggregate stability and total carbon and nutrient stocks in contrasting soilsSarker, Jharna Rani ; Singh, Bhupinderpal Pal ; Cowie, Annette L ; Fang, Yunying; Collins, Damian; Badgery, Warwick; Dalal, Ram C10-Apr-2024
3914-Apr-2018Impact of Management on Soil Carbon and Nutrient Cycling and Storage Under Contrasting Farming SystemsSarker, Jharna Rani; Cowie, Annette ; Singh, Bhupinderpal 24-Jan-2024
40Apr-2018The decay of engineered wood products and paper excavated from landfills in AustraliaXimenes, Fabiano A ; Cowie, Annette L ; Barlaz, Morton A9-Apr-2024
41Mar-2018The accumulation of rhizodeposits in organo-mineral fractions promoted biochar-induced negative priming of native soil organic carbon in FerralsolWeng, Zhe (Han) ; Van Zwieten, Lukas ; Singh, Bhupinderpal Pal ; Tavakkoli, Ehsan; Kimber, Stephen; Morris, Stephen; Macdonald, Lynne M; Cowie, Annette 18-Apr-2024
42Jan-2018Impact of agricultural management practices on the nutrient supply potential of soil organic matter under long-term farming systemsSarker, Jharna Rani ; Singh, Bhupinderpal ; Dougherty, Warwick J; Fang, Yunying; Badgery, Warwick ; Hoyled, Frances C; Dalal, Ram C; Cowie, Annette L 22-Mar-2024
43Jan-2018Carbon and nutrient mineralisation dynamics in aggregate-size classes from different tillage systems after input of canola and wheat residuesSarker, Jharna Rani ; Singh, Bhupinderpal Pal ; Cowie, Annette L ; Fang, Yunying; Collins, Damian; Dougherty, Warwick J; Singh, Brajesh K10-Apr-2024
442018Quantifying the climate effects of bioenergy - Choice of reference systemKoponen, Kati; Soimakallio, Sampo; Kline, Keith L; Cowie, Annette ; Brandão, Miguel29-May-2024
452018Land in balance: The scientific conceptual framework for Land Degradation NeutralityCowie, Annette L ; Orr, Barron J; Castillo Sanchez, Victor M; Chasek, Pamela; Crossman, Neville D; Erlewein, Alexander; Louwagie, Geertrui; Maron, Martine; Metternicht, Graciela I; Minelli, Sara; Tengberg, Anna E; Walter, Sven; Welton, Shelley11-Apr-2024
4627-Oct-2017An Exploration of N2O Emission from Soils and the Role of Biochar in its MitigationQuin, Peter R ; Cowie, Annette ; Van Zwieten, Lukas ; Young, Iain 19-Jan-2024
47Oct-2017Climate change impacts on rainfed cropping production systems in the tropics and the case of smallholder farms in North-west CambodiaTouch, Van ; Martin, Robert John; Scott, Fiona ; Cowie, Annette ; Liu, De Li 22-Mar-2024
48Sep-2017Tillage and nitrogen fertilization enhanced belowground carbon allocation and plant nitrogen uptake in a semi-arid canola crop–soil systemSarker Rani, Jharna ; Singh, Bhupinderpal Pal ; He, Xinhua; Fang, Yunying; Li, Guangdi D; Collins, Damian; Cowie, Annette L 11-Apr-2024
49Jul-2017Carbon balances of bioenergy systems using biomass from forests managed with long rotations: bridging the gap between stand and landscape assessmentsCintas, Olivia; Berndes, Goran; Cowie, Annette L ; Egnell, Gustaf; Holmstrom, Hampus; Marland, Gregg; Agren, Goran I10-Apr-2024
5019-Jun-2017Under what Circumstances is Biochar a Sustainable Use for Rice Residues Compared to Conventional and Alternative Uses?Mohammadi, Ali; Cowie, Annette ; Kristiansen, Paul 18-Jan-2024

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