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128-Apr-2023Australian Youth Mental Health and Climate Change Concern After the Black Summer BushfiresLykins, Amy D ; Parsons, Melissa ; Craig, Belinda M ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Hine, Donald W ; Murray, Clara 19-Jun-2023
2Jul-2022What should we eat? Realistic solutions for reducing our food footprintAllenden, Nicole ; Hine, Donald W ; Craig, Belinda M ; Cowie, Annette ; McGreevy, Paul D ; Lykins, Amy D 22-Jun-2022
32022Featural vs. Holistic processing and visual sampling in the influence of social category cues on emotion recognitionCraig, Belinda M ; Chen, Nigel T M; Lipp, Ottmar V27-Apr-2023
4Dec-2021Beards Increase the Speed, Accuracy, and Explicit Judgments of Facial ThreatDixson, Barnaby J W; Barkhuizen, Claire L; Craig, Belinda M 1-May-2023
5Aug-2021Stable middle-aged face recognition: No moderation of the own-age bias across contextsCronin, Sophie L; Craig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V1-May-2023
62021Research productivity, quality, and impact metrics of Australian psychology academicsCraig, Belinda M ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Luck, Camilla C30-Mar-2021
7Nov-2020An own-age bias in mixed- and pure-list presentations: No evidence for the social-cognitive accountCronin, Sophie L; Craig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V5-Mar-2020
8Jun-2020Stereotypes and Structure in the Interaction between Facial Emotional Expression and Sex CharacteristicsCraig, Belinda M ; Lee, Anthony J17-Jun-2020
9Nov-2019Social categorization and individuation in the own-age biasCraig, Belinda M ; Thorne, Emily M12-Nov-2019
10May-2019Sexual Selection, Agonistic Signaling, and the Effect of Beards on Recognition of Men's Anger DisplaysCraig, Belinda M ; Nelson, Nicole L; Dixson, Barnaby J W12-Nov-2019
112019Emotional Expressions Reduce the Own-Age BiasCronin, Sophie L; Craig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V12-Nov-2019
122019You Look Pretty Happy: Attractiveness Moderates Emotion PerceptionLindeberg, Sofie; Craig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V12-Nov-2019
1320192:0 for the Good Guys: Character Information Influences Emotion PerceptionLindeberg, Sofie; Craig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V12-Nov-2019
14Nov-2018The relationship between visual search and categorization of own- and other-age facesCraig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V19-Jun-2019
15Sep-2018Temporal context cues in human fear conditioning: Unreinforced conditional stimuli can segment learning into distinct temporal contexts and drive fear respondingLuck, Camilla C; Bramwell, Shannon; Kerin, Jessica; Green, Luke J S; Craig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V18-Jun-2019
16Mar-2018The influence of multiple social categories on emotion perceptionCraig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V11-Jun-2019
172018Facial age cues and emotional expression interact asymmetrically: age cues moderate emotion categorisationCraig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V18-Jun-2019
18Oct-2017Facial race and sex cues have a comparable influence on emotion recognition in Chinese and Australian participantsCraig, Belinda M ; Zhang, Jing; Lipp, Ottmar V19-Jun-2019
19Feb-2017The Influence of Facial Sex Cues on Emotional Expression Categorization is not FixedCraig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V19-Jun-2019
202017The influence of social category cues on the happy categorisation advantage depends on expression valenceCraig, Belinda M ; Koch, Severine; Lipp, Ottmar V18-Jun-2019
21May-2015Stimulus set size modulates the sex-emotion interaction in face categorizationLipp, Ottmar V; Karnadewi, Fika; Craig, Belinda M ; Cronin, Sophie L18-Jun-2019
22Jan-2015A Happy Face Advantage With Male Caucasian Faces: It Depends on the Company You KeepLipp, Ottmar V; Craig, Belinda M ; Dat, Mylyn C18-Jun-2019
232014Emotional Expressions Preferentially Elicit Implicit Evaluations of Faces Also Varying in Race or AgeCraig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V; Mallan, Kimberley M4-Apr-2019
242014Different Faces in the Crowd: A Happiness Superiority Effect for Schematic Faces in Heterogeneous BackgroundsCraig, Belinda M ; Becker, Stefanie I; Lipp, Ottmar V18-Jun-2019
252014Searching for emotion or race: Task-irrelevant facial cues have asymmetrical effectsLipp, Ottmar V; Craig, Belinda M ; Frost, Mareka J; Terry, Deborah J; Smith, Joanne R18-Jun-2019
26Aug-2013In Search of the Emotional Face: Anger Versus Happiness Superiority in Visual SearchSavage, Ruth A; Lipp, Ottmar V; Craig, Belinda M ; Becker, Stefanie I; Horstmann, Gernot19-Jun-2019
27Dec-2012The Effect of Poser Race on the Happy Categorization Advantage Depends on Stimulus Type, Set Size, and Presentation DurationCraig, Belinda M ; Mallan, Kimberley M; Lipp, Ottmar V19-Jun-2019

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