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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Jul-2024Feedlot finisher diet composition affects inhibition of methane by 3-nitrooxypropanolCowley, Frances C ; Khan, Umair H; de Almeida, Amelia K 17-Jul-2024
22024Review of the potential impacts of freight rail corridors on livestock welfare and productionKearton, Tellisa R ; Almeida, Amelia ; Cowley, Frances C ; Tait, L Amy 20-May-2024
32024Bioactive metabolites of Asparagopsis stabilized in canola oil completely suppress methane emissions in beef cattle fed a feedlot dietCowley, Frances C ; Kinley, Robert D; Mackenzie, Sigrid L; Fortes, Marina R S; Palmieri, Chiara; Simanungkalit, Gamaliel ; Almeida, Amelia K ; Roque, Breanna M15-Jul-2024
431-Jul-2023Relationship between carcase traits of Bos taurus genotypes and ultrasound measurements across six stages of growth from weaning through to long-feedlot finishingI R C Alvarenga, Tharcilla ; Almeida, Amelia K ; McPhee, Malcolm ; Siddell, Jason p; Walmsley, Brad ; Greenwood, Paul L; Wolcott, Matthew L 7-May-2024
52023Effect of 3-nitrooxypropanol on enteric methane emissions of feedlot cattle fed with a tempered barley-based diet with canola oilde Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Cowley, Frances ; McMeniman, Joe P; Karagiannis, Alex; Walker, Nicola; Tamassia, Luis F M; McGrath, Joseph J; Hegarty, Roger S 15-Jul-2024
62023A regional-scale assessment of nutritional-system strategies for abatement of enteric methane from grazing livestockde Almeida, A K ; Cowley, F C ; Hegarty, R S 15-Jul-2024
7Dec-2021Meta-analysis quantifying the potential of dietary additives and rumen modifiers for methane mitigation in ruminant production systemsAlmeida, Amelia K ; Hegarty, Roger S ; Cowie, Annette 20-Apr-2022
8Jul-2021Is meat from cull cows tougher?Alvarenga, Tharcilla I R C ; Palendeng, Mario; Thennadil, Suresh; McGilchrist, Peter ; Cafe, Linda M ; Almeida, Amelia K ; Hopkins, David L20-Apr-2022
9Jun-2021Metabolizable Protein: 2. Requirements for Maintenance in Growing Saanen GoatsSouza, Anaiane P; Vargas, Julian A C; Fernandes, Marcia H M R; Almeida, Amelia K ; Resende, Kleber T; Teixeira, Izabelle A M A14-Apr-2022
10Mar-2021Associations of feed efficiency with circulating IGF-1 and leptin, carcass traits and meat quality of lambsMontelli, N L L L; Alvarenga, T I R C ; Almeida, A K ; Alvarenga, F A P; Furusho-Garcia, I F; Greenwood, P L; Pereira, I G14-Apr-2022
11Sep-2020Effect of feeding an immune modulator to multiparous Holstein cows during the dry period and early lactation on health, milk and reproductive performanceCasarotto, L T; Laporta, J; Ferreira, K; Davidson, B D; Moy, K; Almeida, A K ; Chapman, J D; Mclean, D J; Kirk, D J; Barbu, N I; Ouellet, V; Dahl, G E25-May-2020
12Aug-2020Genotype effects on energy and protein requirements in growing male goatsAlmeida, A K ; Kebreab, E; Resende, K T; Medeiros, A N; Teixeira, I A M A25-May-2020
13Aug-2020Late-gestation heat stress impairs daughter and granddaughter lifetime performanceLaporta, J; Ferreira, F C; Ouellet, V; Dado-Senn, B; Almeida, A K ; De Vries, A; Dahl, G E24-Jun-2020
14May-2020Macromineral requirements for maintenance in male and female Saanen goats: A meta-analytical approachVargas, Julian Andres Castillo; Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Souza, Anaiane Pereira; Fernandes, Marcia Helena Machado da Rocha; Harter, Carla Joice; Resende, Kleber Tomas de; Teixeira, Izabelle Auxiliadora Molina de Almeida27-May-2020
15Jan-2020Energy requirements and efficiency of energy utilization in growing dairy goats of different sexesSouza, A P; St-Pierre, N R; Fernandes, M H M R; Almeida, A K ; Vargas, J A C; Resende, K T; Teixeira, I A M A31-Mar-2020
16Nov-2019Performance, feeding behavior and digestibility of nutrients in lambs with divergent efficiency traitsMontelli, Natalia Ludmila Lins Lima; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Ribeiro, Carolina Resende de Freitas; Grobe, Morgana Dayane; Abrantes, Melina Aparecida Felipe; Lemos, Guilherme Silva; Garcia, Iraides Ferreira Furusho; Pereira, Idalmo Garcia23-Oct-2019
17Jul-2019Ageing-freezing/thaw process affects blooming time and myoglobin forms of lamb meat during retail displayAlvarenga, Tharcilla I R C ; Hopkins, David L; Ramos, Eduardo M; Almeida, Amelia K ; Geesink, Geert 30-Oct-2019
1816-Mar-2019Applying the California net energy system to growing goatsTeixeira, Izabelle A M A; Almeida, Amelia K ; Fernandes, Marcia H M R; Resende, Kleber T31-Mar-2020
19Feb-2019Energy partition and nitrogen utilization by male goats fed encapsulated calcium nitrate as a replacement for soybean mealSilveira, R F; Fernandes, M H M R; Almeida, A K ; Araujo, R C; Biagioli, B; Lima, A R C; Teixeira, I A M A; Resende, K T27-May-2020
20Jan-2019Prediction of voluntary dry matter intake in stall fed growing goatsde Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Tedeschi, Luis Orlindo; Resende, Kleber Tomas de; Biagioli, Bruno; Cannas, Antonello; Teixeira, Izabelle Auxiliadora Molina de Almeida27-May-2020
212019Predicting empty body weight in Pelibuey and Katahdin suckling lambsChay-Canul, A J; Salazar-Cuytun, E R; Ojeda Robertos, N F; Garcia-Herrera, R A; Chizzotti, M L; Almeida, A K 29-May-2020
222019Energy requirements for maintenance of growing Saanen goats considering degree of maturitySouza, A P; St-Pierre, N R; Fernandes, M H M R; Almeida, A K ; Vargas, J A C; Resende, K T; Teixeira, I A M A29-May-2020
237-Dec-2018Net macromineral requirements for maintenance in male and female Saanen goats: A meta-analytical approachTeixeira, I; Vargas, J; Almeida, A ; Souza, A; Harter, C; Fernandes, M; Resende, K20-Aug-2020
242018Multivariate relationship among body protein, fat, and macrominerals of male and female Saanen goats using canonical correlation analysisVargas, Julian Andres Castillo; Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Harter, Carla Joice; Souza, Anaiane Pereira; Fernandes, Marcia Helena Machado da Rocha; de Resende, Kleber Tomas; Teixeira, Izabelle Auxiliadora Molina de Almeida20-Aug-2020
252018Exigencias de proteina e energia durante a fase de crescimento de caprinos sem padrao racial definidoResende, Kleber Tomas; Ribeiro, Silvio Doria de Almeida; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Rodrigues, Marcelo Teixeira; Garcia, Jose Americo; Teixeira, Izabelle Auxiliadora Molina de Almeida21-Aug-2020
261-Oct-2017Sex effects on macromineral requirements for growth in Saanen goats: A meta-analysisVargas, J A C; Almeida, A K ; Souza, A P; Fernandes, M H M R; Resende, K T; Teixeira, I A M A24-Aug-2020
27Oct-2017Predicting empty body weight in growing goats: A meta-analytic approachCampos, Leticia Marra; Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Biagioli, Bruno; Resende, Kleber Tomas; Teixeira, Izabelle Auxiliadora Molina Almeida20-Aug-2020
28Oct-2017Energy and protein requirements of weaned male and female Saanen goatsFigueiredo, F O M; Leite, R F; St-Pierre, N R; Resende, K T; Almeida, A K ; Souza, A P; Teixeira, I A M A24-Aug-2020
291-Aug-2017The potential benefit of corn dried distillers' grain (co)products (DDG) fed alone or in combination with ionophore and condensed tannin to mitigate methane emission in cattleFonseca, M; Crossland, W L; Norris, A B; Almeida, A K ; Tedeschi, L O20-Aug-2020
301-Jun-2017Sex effects on net protein and energy requirements for growth of Saanen goatsSouza, A P; St-Pierre, N R; Fernandes, M H R M; Almeida, A K ; Vargas, J A C; Resende, K T; Teixeira, I A M A20-Aug-2020
311-May-2017A glimpse of the future in animal nutrition science. 1. Past and future challengesTedeschi, Luis Orlindo; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Atzori, Alberto Stanislao; Pierre Muir, James; Fonseca, Mozart Alves; Cannas, Antonello24-Aug-2020
32Feb-2017Fasting heat production of Saanen and Anglo Nubian goats measured using open‐circuit facemask respirometryFernandes, M H M da R; Lima, A R C; Almeida, A K ; Borghi, T H; Teixeira, I A M de A; Resende, K T de19-Aug-2020
331-Oct-2016Energy and protein requirements of indigenous goatsAlmeida, A K ; Resende, K T; Teixeira, I A M A; Ribeiro, S D A; Rodrigues, M T; Garcia, J A19-Aug-2020
341-Jun-2016Using body composition to determine weight at maturity of male and female saanen goatsAlmeida, A K ; Resende, K T; Tedeschi, L O; Fernandes, M H M R; Regadas Filho, J G L; Teixeira, I A M A19-Aug-2020
35Apr-2016Energy requirements for growth of pubertal female Saanen goatsFigueiredo, F O M; Berchielli, T T; Resende, K T; Gomes, H F B; Almeida, A K ; Sakomura, N K; Teixeira, I A M A24-Aug-2020
362016Características da carcaça de cordeiros alimentados com dietas contendo feno de amoreiraCirne, Luis Gabriel Alves; Sobrinho, Americo Garcia da Silva; de Almeida, Fabiana Alves; Santana, Valeria Teixeira; Endo, Viviane; Zeola, Nivea Maria Brancacci Lopes; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane 24-Aug-2020
37Nov-2015Protein requirements for growth in male and female Saanen goatsde Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; de Resende, Kleber Tomas; da Silva, Simone Pedro; Soares, Diogo da Costa; Fernandes, Marcia Helena Machado da Rocha; Teixeira, Izabelle Auxiliadora Molina de Almeida19-Aug-2020
381-Aug-2015Energy requirements for growth in male and female Saanen goatsAlmeida, A K ; Resende, K T; St-Pierre, N; Silva, S P; Soares, D C; Fernandes, M H M R; Souza, A P; Silva, N C D; Lima, A R C; Teixeira, I A M A24-Aug-2020
39Jan-2015Protein and energy requirements of castrated male Saanen goatsFerreira, Angela Cristina Dias; Yanez, Enrique Alejandro; de Medeiros, Ariosvaldo Nunes; de Resende, Kleber Tomas; Pereira Filho, J M; Machado da Rocha Fernandes, Marcia Helena; Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Molina de Almeida Teixeira, Izabelle Auxiliadora19-Aug-2020
40Dec-2014Energy Requirements in Early Life Are Similar for Male and Female Goat KidsBompadre, T F V; Boaventura Neto, O; Mendonca, A N; Souza, S F; Oliveira, D; Fernandes, M H M R; Harter, C J; Almeida, A K ; Resende, K T; Teixeira, I A M A19-Aug-2020
41Jul-2014Allometric growth of non-carcass components in crossed lambsFurusho Garcia, Iraides Ferreira; Rodrigues Costa Alvarenga, Tharcilla Isabella; Olalquiaga Perez, Juan Ramon; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Gallo, Sarita Bonagurio; Pereira, Idalmo Garcia; Alves, Nadja Gomes; Pereira Alvarenga, Flavio Augusto24-Aug-2020
42Jan-2013Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the non-carcass components and the meat of lambs fed sunflower seeds and vitamin ELins Lima, Natalia Ludmila; da Silva Sobrinho, Americo Garcia; de Almeida, Fabiana Alves; Endo, Viviane; Brancacci Lopes Zeola, Nivea Maria; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Moraes Sampaio, Alexandre Amstalden19-Aug-2020
43Feb-2012Performance, carcass characteristics and non-carcass components of Texel × Santa Ines lambs fed fat sources and monensinSoares, Sandro Braga; Furusho-Garcia, Iraides Ferreira; Pereira, Idalmo Garcia; Alves, Danilo de Oliveira; da Silva, Guilherme Rodrigues; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Lopes, Clenardo Macedo; Barbosa Sena, Janaina Adna20-Aug-2020

Credit Name
Amelia Katiane de Almeida
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de Almeida, Amelia Katiane
Almeida, A K
de Almeida, A K
Almeida, Amelia K
Almeida, Amelia Katiane
Almeida, A
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Research Fellow
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Amelia is an Animal Scientist (UFVJM, Brazil), her Masters (UFVJM, Brazil) and doctorate (UNESP, Brazil and Ohio State University, USA) were focused in animal nutrition and applied data analysis. Amelia is a promising researcher that has consistently presented research findings at international meetings, as well as publishing articles in high quality peer-review journals (23 in total). She has successfully supervised 2 graduate and 2 undergraduate students in the last 5 years. She has been successful in writing sound and competitive proposals: during her trajectory, she approved 7 grants as principal investigator and 10 as collaborator. Nowadays, Amelia has key role in providing capability to her team at University of New England and keeping the team at the leading edge of ruminant nutrition research, especially as it relates to efficiency research, working in her project entitled “Multilevel improvement in efficiency of livestock production”. The ultimate goal of Amelia is to integrate scientific knowledge of animal production to solve present problems.
School of E&RS - Animal Science
Faculty of Science, Ag, Business and Law
de Almeida
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School of Environmental and Rural Science
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