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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Oct-2019Pathways to carbon-neutrality for the Australian red meat sectorMayberry, Dianne; Bartlett, Harriet; Moss, Jonathan ; Davison, Thomas ; Herrero, Mario 16-Jul-2020
2Jun-2019Marginal abatement cost curves: assumptions and methodology: Report to TreasuryGraham, Paul; Gordon, Jay; Herrero, Mario ; Kelly, Rob; Moss, Jonathan ; Newth, David; Reedman, Luke; Stewart, Iain; Rendall, Andrew20-Jul-2020
33-May-2019Background Marginal Abatement Cost Curve: Research ReportGraham, Paul; Herrero, Mario ; Kelly, Rob; Moss, Jonathan ; Newth, David; Reedman, Luke; Rendall, Andrew; Stewart, Iain20-Jul-2020
427-Aug-2018Economic assessments of practices and policies to address climate change and sustainable development for agriculture at global, regional and farm population scalesHenderson, Benjamin B; Cacho, Oscar ; Herrero, Mario 2-Aug-2019
53-May-2018Greenhouse Gas mitigation potential of the Australian red meat production and processing sectorsMayberry, Dianne; Bartlett, Harriet; Moss, Jonathan ; Wiedemann, Stephen; Herrero, Mario 2-Aug-2021
62018The power and pain of market-based carbon policies: a global application to greenhouse gases from ruminant livestock productionHenderson, B; Golub, A; Pambudi, D; Hertel, T; Godde, C; Herrero, Mario ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Gerber, P6-Feb-2018
72016Closing system-wide yield gaps to increase food production and mitigate GHGs among mixed crop-livestock smallholders in Sub-Saharan AfricaHenderson, B; Godde, C; Herrero, Mario ; Medina-Hidalgo, D; van Wijk, M; Silvestri, S; Douxchamps, S; Stephenson, E; Power, B; Rigolot, C; Cacho, Oscar J 29-Jan-2016

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Dr Mario Herrero
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Herrero, Mario
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School of Environmental and Rural Science
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